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Vous pouvez modifier vos choix à tout moment dans vos paramètres de vie privée. Muscle weakness, spasms or cramps This is simply false, as evidence by the ACSM’s 2007 backpedaling, in which they finally conceded that body-weight loss during performance is normal, and now suggest a 2% loss of bodyweight to be acceptable during performance. of Gatorade … And anything that helps can also cause harm. But if we leave it up to “experts” like Bryan Anderson and the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, will enough coaches and athletes learn to avoid over-hydration? And the research often appears on print long after it has been completed. Loss of energy and fatigue Puffy eyelids; Side effects not requiring immediate medical attention. By using our website, you consent to our use of cookies. Let me present some numbers that are not new but reflect what physiologists and medical doctors have known for decades. Just ask the NFL sports medicine staffs. His death was a predictable consequence of excessive hydration and extreme hyponatremia. Pingback: The National Athletic Trainers’ Association’s Moral and Academic failure | THE RUSSELLS. We are giving away up to 500 free copies of Tim Noakes’ history of hyponatremia, Waterlogged to anyone who asks in the CrossFit discussion board thread. However, the sports beverage can actually be harmful to one’s health when not used as originally intended. But, a drop as little as 2% body mass reduces performance and puts you at a high risk of heat related illnesses. The science behind hyper-hydration is significant. Drinking three Gatorades a day would provide an addtional 474 calories to your diet. So you do the math, in a 3hr game that’s 18.6 grams of sodium lost and 3.9 grams gained by drinking enough Gatorade to replace the volume of sweat that he lost. ( Log Out /  In essence, this prescription is likely useless in preventing the condition. On August 6th Zyrees Oliver, a 17-year old with a 3.8 GPA, attended high school football practice in the 90-degree Georgia summer heat. Did you poll ATCs on their practices in preventing dehydration? Overhydration, or drinking too much water, is a potentially deadly condition. My athletic training based education taught me about over hydration. Gatorade is a healthy beverage but if you drink too much, you may gain weight and retain water. Teaching children to drink when they aren’t thirsty ignores the precision of the body’s thirst mechanism and is dangerous considering the threat of hyponatremia. That said, they will report on the quality evidence available. Symptoms of too much fluid in the body. Latest Total Wrist Replacement Device Receives FDA’s Approval To Treat Painful Arthritis, Nail Biting to cause Serious Health Issues. New Study Warns About Legal Marijuana to be stronger Than Standard Painkillers Dose. In chronic hyponatremia, sodium levels drop gradually over 48 hours or longer — and symptoms and complications are typically more moderate. Same basic concept, organization puts out info, the public gets hold of it and messes it up. The tie between commercial interests and hydration confusion isn’t just a CrossFit conjecture. Over drinking Gatorade has the exact same effect as over consuming water when it comes to hyponatremia. It gets worse. All of my athletes should start dropping any second, correct? For instance, the second main ingredient in Gatorade (after water) is sugar. I am so sorry I have been out of the loop since posting nearly continuously on FB last week about Zyree’s unfortunate and completely preventable tragic death due to over-drinking. A little something else we must keep in mind http://www.sicklecelldisease.org/index.cfm?page=sickle-cell-trait-athletics This is based on the idea that all dehydration, even voluntary dehydration in athletes is dangerous. does drinking too much tea have any bad effects? Both of these are stimulants, and in high doses ... Eating/drinking too much of anything could affect the color and character of your stools. Headache Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. “The volume is irrelevant.” Really? First of all- I have absolutely no affiliation with CrossFit and as far as I’m concerned this could be anyone’s blog. Anderson thinks that the key to preventing over-hydration, is preventing dehydration? Sodium is an electrolyte, and it helps regulate the amount of water that’s in and around your cells. Coma. His aunt Dr. Tammy Chavis reports that he drank approximately 2 gallons of water, and two gallons of Gatorade. Could it be that they are not sponsored by the sports drink industry? Double that loss it still only amounts to about about 1.5 gallons (taken OVER TIME). Having 15 years experience is great but might I suggest you read some of these pertinent research articles of real football players (collegiate and NFL) practicing in real football practice outside in the heat that I’ve published in your professional journal (JAT). Can drinking a lot of water cause you to have loose stools first it was ok I eat a peanut butter sandwichstools was ok then it was loose why ? Twitter @Areeba94789300, Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. I have been an ATC for over 30 years, and an educator for almost 20. To make it more simple, he loses 6.2 grams of sodium per hour and replaces (with Gatorade) 1.3 grams of sodium per hour. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. It’s not fair to single out one athletic trainer, though. what usually results from drinking too much soda? False marketing at it’s best. I suspect you do have more cases of hyponatremia than you realize but you would need an expensive analyzer to know for sure. However, to develop and publish consensus statement it takes an entire task force several years of research review to identify and select the appropriate RCT’s, SLR’s, and meta-analyses of high enough quality for inclusion. I agree, it is dated. It’s not clear if his excessive drinking preceded or followed the cramps. People who drink too much water while taking part in marathons, ultramarathons, triathlons and other long-distance, high-intensity activities are at an increased risk of hyponatremia. Nonetheless, the press reports that “Relatives said doctors told them Oliver suffered massive swelling around the brain from overhydration.” They also indicated that he had water intoxication (over-hydration). The “yeah our advice killed people but look how many people we saved” defense has no basis in history or science. Total Defense Immunity Blend Review: Why do you need it? Please find me an example of athletes dying from dehydration prior to the 1980’s. That’s how it works, and like Josh tried to tell you, any book, any position statement, always lags behind because they are written based on the printed evidence at the time. This would certainly not approach the fluid needs of a 300 lb football player but would make a child hyponatremic. Even a 300lb lineman would need less than a gallon to replace lost fluids. You simply need to drink less. I’m sure they won’t, considering the primary author of the 2000 NATA position stand, Casa, has his research and foundation funded by Gatorade… but that’s just a coincidence I’m sure. Being that EAH has historically been very rare in comparison to cases of dehydration, the position statement written in 2000 is reflective of that. That is because the drink contains sodium, calories, sugar, and citric acid in huge amounts. Please take a look. But why is it necessary to tell people not to drink too much water and Gatorade? I think as this particular case develops there is more than he drank 4 gallons of fluid causing his death, or that any organization is responsible for something that clearly oversteps the bounds of sanity is even more ludicrous. They simply reported on the data and data to the contrary to over-hydration was non-existent and limited. OK he was cramping for weeks before something else is lurking in the darkness of this story. NATA guidelines for rehydration have failed to properly address the thread of hyponatremia. Unlike soda or alcohol, excessive Gatorade-drinking simply isn’t fun. Go figure, I am an athletic trainer and my education has taught me that EAH and EAHE is a major concern. To accuse an entire organization and it’s professionals of being partially responsible for this, and assume that the relationship between the NATA and Gatorade influences our behavior regardless of health outcomes is an insult and irresponsible journalism. When to take her to a doc? Lately, my brother and I have been drinking a lot of Gatorade (and I mean A LOT, about 2 32 Fl Oz bottles a day) and my mom said that it isn't good for us.

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