eclipso vs superman

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Fights: In actual fights, Billy has evenly grappled against Superman, draws blood from Supes with his hits, and can restrain him in a full nelson with him being unable to break free. 0. Wasn't there supossed to be only 1 Mr.Mxy? 0. Font-size. Superman vs Eclipso. Also and I know you already think Supes has an edge, but you're using scans from the Eclipso Captain Marvel vs Superman fight to show they're equals, even though Superman gained an overall boost to his reaction time and processing speed during One Year Later, though I don't know if Billy received any amps after that Eclipso fight. 0. Mephisto. VS. Eclipso-First round takes place in a neutral realm.-Second round takes place in Mephisto's realm, but Eclipso is at his most powerful. Eclipso got fired after he flooded the Earth. Eclipso would frequently seek to possess beings of incredible power like Superman, Lar Gand, and Captain Marvel to achieve his ends. Lex is brilliant, Darkseid is great and terrifying, they fucking nail Superman and Batman and the characters all have great chemistry. Didn't find anything too special for Eclipso, so going with Trigon. Captain Marvel (being pretty naive) always looks for the best in people and believes him. Power. Both Superman and Billy imply he could kill Superman with his lightning if he wanted to. Billy has his magical lightning which can deal extreme damage against Supes, while Supes has Krptonian powers and sense to back him up. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, imply he could kill Superman with his lightning if he wanted to, sucker punching him with a magic infused punch, can restrain him in a full nelson with him being unable to break free, also clashed against the Emerald Eye, which blasted Superman down temporarily, gained an overall boost to his reaction time and processing speed during One Year Later. He's also been fast enough to blitz Superman. About that comment with Billy implying he could kill Superman while he's possessed by Eclipso with magic lightning, he literally says that it won't kill him in those panels. Strength. Superhero battle match: Superman versus Eclipso. Tweet Clean. Man, I kinda have some spite for that episode. Like how Superman killed Zod in the Man of Steel movie. I don't think you're reading this scan correctly. While Billy's Wisdom of Solomon would close the gap, Superman is generally much more tactical in fights than Billy is. Superman VS Eclipso (First Thunder) ... Tumblr; Pinterest; Like this: Like Loading... Post navigation. This seems more like Shazam and Supes were evenly matched until Freddy and Mary transformed and reduced his power to a third, which caused him to lose. @wf_mxyzptlk: From what I understand, there are three different Eclipsos. Yeah no, Billy has not even in his wildest dreams better physical stats. @roborexalpha: Stalemating an alternate universe Mxyzptlk who had enslaved the Spectre. However, the 1992 Darkness Within miniseries modified the character to be an evil and megalomaniacal entity. Superman typically comes out on top; but 99 times out of 100, they both realize they are on the same side and stop fighting. The character is the incarnation of the Wrath of God and the Angel of Vengeance that turned evil and was replaced by the Spectre.. Eclipso will appear in the second season of the The CW television show Stargirl after showing the character trapped in a gem in the season one finale. Press J to jump to the feed. Batman TAS, Superman TAS, and Batman Beyond (which are all in the JLU continuity as well) are very good too. Billy has also actually two shot Superman before by catching him off guard and sucker punching him with a magic infused punch. We have quite similar claims for Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman and others, doesn't give them Supes strength feats. Sign Up Login. On a somewhat related note, the best setup for the two fighting comes from the Justice League animated series.

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