effective leadership approach from a biblical perspective

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Looking to develop your leadership effectiveness? S��,I�����w�:f�z��ɢ7���rW�R�Y����Ӌ�y��VAO'(ɆZ���d�#��t�i �}āo���3>tb[Z=��G���_z�)�W'{�Q����8�U^e�7L��V�L��҂��TR���bG�ӽ�*3u�69�\&#G�k�dV��rj�W(U[_�l/m�)q��9���j�H�/5]3�ە*+s�!�(�>3T"�+�{�x��d_����9V�ȍ�'�o�x��e�6��$��d�`B��DMn0f��B���¶���� �dF|�S�����������&��l����)��s�-�)+nwp��M��()����s�~4E|�]����/fjHn~�^�hS�! Be careful not to limit God. <>>> 3: 10-11; 4: 1-8). Some of these include being of good behavior, not greedy for money, not given to excessive drinking, not quick tempered, but being self controlled, a responsible steward, one that holds fast to the Word of God and has a good reputation outside the church. Reviewing Leadership: a Christian evaluation of current approaches is a summary The first qualification for Christian leadership is Christ-like character. And they achieve that by  overcoming extraordinary painful challenges in the process. endobj It had to be a real choice, with the inherent risk that Jesus could not go through with it. "Brothers, think of what you were when you were called. The Christian worldview of leadership is distinctly different from most secular views on the subject. Effective Leadership Approaches From Biblical Perspective Essay 1344 Words | 6 Pages. May 8, 2016 Jesus offers Himself as a paradigm or model for them to follow. Conclusion: Christian leadership begins with God’s calling, and that call comes in two parts. He reiterated his purpose even before he ascended into heaven after his resurrection (Matt. In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus prayed "Yet not what I will, but what you will." 2 0 obj <> As Christian leaders we need to follow Jesus example to make sure we come aside from the business of life and ministry to make our connection with the Father. Since the people brought their questions, problems and disputes to Moses, the decision-making process quickly became a bottleneck and ground to a halt. What are the characteristics of Christian leadership? After 14 years of preaching the word of God, he devoted himself to speaking and writing, Biblical Character Analysis: With a core leadership of able, God-fearing, truthful, unselfish men, the new nation would build a firm foundation. Is it someone who is only focused on their own personal accomplishments and success? 4 0 obj Be careful not to short-circuit this preparation time due to impatience. God uses life experiences to develop perspectives and passions essential to the capacity of leadership to which He calls. Jesus lived his life and did everything he did with a clear sense of purpose and thus was Spirit-driven (Mark 1: 35-39; Luke 4: 43; 5: 32). However, it is saying that these things must be evident most of the time. Paul: "Believe in something bigger than yourself." On the other hand, God is a God who understands and uses weakness to achieve His purpose. On the one hand, many churches and Christian organizations are conservative in their target setting. We can also learn from Scripture and receive guidance on how He wants us to lead the people we are overseeing. ( Log Out /  Christian leaders are willing to pay the price to lead in Christ’s affliction. They are not proving to be people of their word who can be taken at their word. Students of leadership must come to understand both the skills common to effective, Christlike leadership and the skills unique to who they are. God’s ways and timing are best. When a leader’s character is marked by integrity, then respect and cooperation follow and he or she has a positive godly influence on others and this is real leadership. If leadership is defined as the ability to influence a group of people, are individuals born leaders, or can they, Analysis of a Theoretical Framework for Leadership Unlike business entrepreneurs whose primary purpose is to increase shareholder value, social entrepreneurs primarily aim at increasing community value. Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow | Learn more... With a UCG.org account you will be able to save items to read and study later! Where would He begin? Due to the differing worldviews as a leader from a secular or biblical perspective, the ways of life as a leader divert the values that guide us, beliefs that direct us, and principles that motivate us to act or behave a certain way. Developing this intimate relationship with God through daily prayer and reflective Bible study is vital if Christian leaders are going to be all they can be in God. Moses solved his immediate problem and gave his people a sound start on nationhood. 2: 1-10; Phil. Integrity is “the quality or state of being of sound moral principle, uprightness, honesty, and sincerity.” In the world today, ‘integrity’ is not valued as the most important thing in life and business.

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