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FREE SHIPPING & RETURN. Premier Just Smoke Gray Acrylic Yarn, 131 yd. Taylor Healthcare’s EMS components are specifically designed to offer you the highest quality disposable accessories to insure the comfort and protection of your patients. $2.86 Check what we’ve got in store for you this week and start filling your carts. Plus, the material is machine washable and…. _________________________________________________________________Check out my blog: http://katieskottage.com/Sign up for my newsletter and receive fun, helpful resources: http://katieskottage.com/free-resources/_________________________________________________________________Lean how I'm making and saving extra money as a stay home mom: http://handsfreebitcoin.com/_________________________________________________________________Find me on Social Media:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katies.kottage/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katieskottage/PInterest: https://www.pinterest.com/katieskottagedotcom/ Pitch with mylar up over my bunk in the desert, reflects a lot of the heat. Premier Just Aqua Blue Acrylic Yarn, 131 yd. Easy payment method. They each measure 30x30-in. This knock off DIY will save you a ton of money on metal flowers! I never thought if the dollar tree, now I can get started! $8.59 Now are you ready to go create something beautiful? We spent almost exactly $50 on all the items we are listing – however, many of them can be used for multiple kits. I love how beautiful this turned out! Thank you for the great resources! Not all emergency blankets are necessarily ultra-lightweight ‘space’ blankets though. Essentials Round Gold Iron Baskets, 7.875x4.75 in. I’m preparing to teach a short discussion on 72-hour kits. $3.04  EA, List Price: ). Let memories be born. It warms to a minimum 100°F/37.8°C in 10 minutes and will maintain that minimum heat for 8 hours.  CS of 10 EA, List Price: Carrie of A Mother’s Shadow has a great Dutch Oven Guide!  EA, List Price: Below are my favorite DIY’s that will make your home look like that dreamy industrial farmhouse paradise. The bright yellow poly coated spun-bonded blanket offers quick identification and protection from the elements as it can be used in all weather conditions. from $16.79  EA, List Price: I cannot wait to do this myself! A must-have for any dollar tree fan!  EA, List Price: Expose the artist in you with these arts and crafts supplies. Dollar Store Spring Decor: How To Make Spring Flower Arrangement. Cleaning Supplies SHOP NOW. Anyways, you can make a pretty good emergency kit with items from the Dollar Tree. They make a simple piece look way more up to date. Whether you prefer to knit or crochet these balls of acrylic yarn can help you learn the skill and make plenty of beautiful garments. Lightweight material drapes easily and can be disposed of after each use. Each 60g skein gives an impressive 131 yards of cozy cream yarn. Lara from Overstuffed has a Password Keeper to help you keep track of your online passwords as a means to help you avoid being a victim of identity theft. Ideal for police, fire, emergency and industrial safety use. It’s amazing what you can do with a little inspiration!  EA, List Price: 5 meal planning myths that you have to stop believing (#4 is important! ), Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Enamel Tub Planter.  EA, List Price: That is where some good DIY Dollar Tree crafts come into play. Kobayashi Consumer Products, LLC. The nylon outer layer protects against the weather while the soft fleece inner layer keeps your patient warm. Your patients will appreciate the soft warmth, superior comfort and generous coverage of Taylor healthcare’s blankets and patient wrap. has practical hurricane tips for when things you need are sold out! Required fields are marked *. I love the Dollar Tree and the fact that they have so many versatile products that can make into almost anything on a seriously small budget. (818) 731-8965, Rhinestone Stickers Of All Colors, Shapes, And Sizes, Foam Glitter Alphabet and Number Stickers, Pure Aid Extra Strength Cold and Hot Pain Relieving Patch 3 Count. I am keen on this decor style. Gray.  EA, List Price: The emergency blanket is a durable all purpose product. Come, let your creativity flow. ‘Tis not so – read this post about the best products at the Dollar Tree to see what I mean. …fun and useful way to satisfy your need to knit and crochet with bright red yarn by Premier Just™. I love the Dollar Tree and the fact that they have so many versatile products that can make into almost anything on a seriously small budget. Related posts: 25+ DIY Halloween decor (that is beautifully spooky) 2019. Its compact design that stows conveniently in your backpack or IFAK pouch. Blanket storage bags measure 21x25x11 in. They are individually packaged in poly bags, making them a practical, affordable choice for EMS providers and disaster trailers. It looks JUST like Rae Dunn! Free shipping on 15 items or more. Here are a few items we thought were helpful: Obviously, this just scrapes the surface. Kristina from Mother’s Niche has an Emergency Car Kit printable so that you are never stranded helplessly on the side of the road, not knowing what to do, nor having the tools and supplies to help in this emergency. I’ll talk more about that in a bit. DIY Rae Dunn Inspired Dollar Tree Hacks For Under $10.00! These disposable 100% polyester cot blankets provide excellent patient warmth to the patient while priced to be used in those situations where body fluids are present.  EA, List Price: $2.90 I love the rainbow personally, but this DIY makes it so easy to create really classy looking magnets. This DIY is from the Dollar Tree blog itself! Reflective surface provides high visibility, Reflects sun and heat for cooling in hot climates, Constructed with foam lamination over poly, it retains body heat longer and is water repellent, Traps 80% of body heat to combat shock and hypothermia, A multipurpose, warm, non-woven blanket to meet many needs, Flame retardant whipstitched on four sides bend, These versatile blankets effectively retain body heat, Can be used in place of a thermal blanket to keep patients warm and comfortable, Napping will provide unsurpassed softness with minimal pilling. This one is stellar! $7.49 $2.12 I know I am! Available in either flat pack or vacuum pack. AllCare offers a variety of disposable blankets: emergency barrier trauma blanket; quilted blanket; baby bunting; premium polyester blanket for patient warmth and protection under various emergency conditions. Plus you literally get everything from the Dollar Tree. Each 60g skein gives an impressive 131 yards that can quickly become clothing, blankets, or other useful cloth for around the home. Dollar Tree Buffalo Check Tray is quite suitable for my house. If you don’t have one local they do ship. Janine from Confessions of a Mommyaholic has a handy printable about teaching your children about emergencies and what they need to know before an emergency situation happens.

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