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Ideally, it’s best to determine beforehand which players will be building up to two stacks and which won’t be getting any. Please read the sidebar rules and be sure to search for your question before posting. You will need to collect five motes to gain the ability to dispel this column of energy, so coordinate with your team on whether you’re going for Dark or Light Motes first. The very last part of The Last Wish is a linear gauntlet in which your fireteam has to successfully transport Riven’s heart across the Queenswalk. Each encounter has its own unique mechanics, and much like in an actual raid, those mechanics aren’t made explicit. You’ll notice four large floor plates at the four corners of the room and at the center of the room. Have a non-Operator player grab the debuff, preferably someone without the Scanner augment. Slaying a Knight Echo while you are literally in the light will cause this enemy to drop Light Motes while finishing it off in the dark produces Dark Motes. Keep repeating the above process until the hatch at the center of the area unlocks. When the fight begins, you’ll see a bunch of large glowing plates floating at fixed points around the arena. Reward can be claimed from the chest which is present on the dark side of the area. The first is gained for finishing with time left on the clock. Castle Nathria raid and Season 1 due in December. This is the last section and encounter of the raid. The Interference quest can be found on Io, in the upper left corner, and can be started once you have completed the above Means to and End quest. Thanks to the mission 'ending' timer being extended, you can continue doing this to get an entire lore book - even if you haven't played Means to an End previously. After you successfully kill the clone, pass down the Scanner to the ground team and then repeat the same process again. Three players have to move in, take the crystals, and shoot each other with the beams they emit to form a triangle around Shuro Chi (this can be accomplished if each player simply shoots the player to their right). Operators should wait to spawn nukes until Suppressors have shot at Taniks from one or two drone positions. When you arrive, you will be attacked by Taken Thrall and orange bar Taken Knights called Echos. Three quadrants make up Taniks' arena: spawn/white, left/blue, and right/orange. Collect five of the corresponding motes and deposit them in front of the column of energy near one of the three Kell Echos. Standing in the bubbles these haven pillars create prevents you from taking environmental damage. If you want your Menagerie run to be as quick and seamless as possible, it pays to be goal-oriented. You are just chasing him throughout the desert until he leads you to a new area where you’ll need to drive your Sparrow. The quest comes in three stages, and concludes … After your damage phase is over, you will return to the arena, only on a different wall (which is now your floor) and start the encounter over again. Unfortunately, Riven’s death isn’t the end of the encounter. Charles Burgar is an expert on all things tech and gaming. A timer will also count down and when it reaches zero the player holding the heart will be teleported to the Ascendant Realm, forcing them to fend off waves of Taken and causing another player to be designated as the heart carrier. Eventually, an Ultra enemy will appear. The entire process of cleansing the three plates has to be done a total of three times, and for each subsequent phase more and more Might of Riven Knights spawn, increasing the risk of a full wipe. On the rare occasion that Toland is above you, expel the energy in a column along the wall to activate the lift in the center. The arena is very small, so equip hard-hitting weapons like shotguns or fusion rifles. You’ll find the entrance to The Last Wish in the Dreaming City region so naturally unlocking access to the Dreaming City will be a crucial first step if you want to take on the raid yourself. The second is earned by ensuring no haven pillars are destroyed. Once you get the movement down for this encounter, it’s actually quite easy, just make sure to kill the Taken Hobgoblins above you as they’re the biggest threat in the room. It's unknown whether Interference will return to the original 'loop' of the three variants, or if it will stay on Clear the Air as time goes on. Taniks will deploy two bubbles that have debris orbiting the outside of them. Every Destiny 2 Menagerie run is guaranteed to begin with the Lamplighting encounter, and they encounter itself is pretty straightforward. When the encounter begins, a specific player will be designated and they’ll have to be the one who picks up Riven’s heart first. For your Kinetic and Energy slot weapons, you can use whatever you feel most comfortable with, but for your Power weapon you’ll definitely want to bring a rocket launcher or grenade launcher with a Boss Spec mod. There are three major mechanics tied to this encounter: Servitors, damaging Atraks-1, and the Replication debuff Atraks drops. Note that all Nuclear Core carriers will gain a stack of Radiation every few seconds. Here’s where Prophecy gets absolutely bonkers. In our experience, two full Contact events will complete this step, taking around 15-20 minutes in total. However, here’s the twist. Your entire orientation of the arena will change, as you will now be running on what was previously the wall Toland was at. Any players who aren’t in the Ascendant Realm or holding the heart have to kill the Elite enemies that spawn since doing so will cause Taken Strength orbs to show up for the player in the Ascendant Realm. Morgeth himself won’t become vulnerable to damage until a central Taken Strength orb spawns in front of him and a player grabs it. Kill the Eye of Riven and then grab the Taken essence it drops. Taking place on Europa, the Deep Stone Crypt is Destiny 2’s eighth raid. Also, after every two phases, Shuro Chi will teleport to another floor of the spire arena, forcing players to solve a bit of a puzzle to progress and prevent a wipe. The minimum power level a player will need if they want to survive the trials of The Last Wish raid is 550, but since the raid’s encounters scale all the way up to 580 power it doesn’t hurt to go higher. Start by killing any enemies that spawn in the large central room. Bring the Sparks back to the pillars to progress the encounter. On the left side of the room, the Scanner needs to find panels through the floor and then call them out to the Operator. Your email address will not be published. Every encounter in the Deep Stone Crypt will require teammates to obtain augments, a new buff type that will grant players a certain passive effect. NEXT: 10 Things To Do After You Beat Destiny 2: Beyond Light. Here’s how to beat every encounter in the new Prophecy dungeon: The first step of the Prophecy dungeon is to open up two doors that are blocking your path. Similar to the last encounter, depositing these Nuclear Cores will disable a random augment. You do this by pressing the Right Trigger (console)/Left Mouse (PC) to expel the motes the cleanse that energy. Crazyreyn. One part of the team will be tackling the dark side of the room while the other part of the team will make their way through the light side of the room. Each Knight Echo will drop three motes, but you only need five to be shifted into third person and visualized carrying a mote. Follow the path to reach the third encounter. If you activate all the plates before the timer runs out, you’ll win the encounter. As they descend to the underground, have the topside Guardians kill enemies until the Scanner buff drops. 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