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If you’re just starting out in this profession, you need some guidance on how to actually organize and execute the events themselves. Multitasking – one minute you may be booking a circus act, the next talking to the CEO of a global company – the event planner role is a minefield of multitasking. Main Takeaway: With the advice in this video, making a wedding seating chart will be a breeze. The Event Management Certificate program is designed to help you acquire the skills necessary to plan and manage festivals and special events; upgrade skills for entering the workforce; and meet your schedule as a full- or part-time learner. Fashion events – from London Fashion Week to Chanel Haute Couture show to Nike pop up events. Courses and Training All of our courses offer a learning experience which is actually … Event Management Training Who We Are. You may even discover a step or two that you’ve been missing this whole time! Refer to our Privacy Policy or contact us at privacy@cvent.com for more details. In this great event planning video by YouTube’s Miss Event Planner, you’ll get practical advice from a successful event planner on how to get up and running as well as how you can structure your daily routine. Main Takeaway: This is a challenging subject. We’ve gone ahead and outlined one in this video that you can tweak to suit your own specific needs. As such, event management is…. This includes keeping track of all details required to do your own work efficiently, whilst also enabling other people to understand exactly what’s required of them – and when! The good news is, the event marketing experts at Splash have broken down their strategy in a way that is easy to understand and duplicate. This next great event planning video also comes to us from Miss Event Planner (what can we say, she has fantastic advice). Those who wish to advance into management positions in a given industry often take courses to keep their knowledge up-to-date and remain competitive in the workplace. Getting started literally requires just a first step and most commonly it’s on one of the following paths: Volunteer How to START + RUN your Event Planning Business!! Course content on this free event management course centres on three topics of importance, which explore contemporary event management as a concept, the fundamentals of event creation and a variety of effective and efficient event marketing strategies. But there are a handful of common and perfectly avoidable ones outlined in this video that you can keep in the back of your mind. Prepare for a career in event management with the skills you need to manage events of all sizes. Establishing timelines – determining what has to happen and when. Program Overview Humber’s Event Management graduate certificate program is one of the most comprehensive event management programs available. What’s working in event management really like? Managing budgets – probably second only to having clear objectives comes effective budget management. Canada If you’re passionate about a career in events then volunteer. Another Social Tables original, this quick video covers exactly what you need to do to bring your event idea to life. Industry Skills. Creativity – creativity isn’t only important for designing the ‘look and feel’ of every event, but also in coming up with solutions to the inevitable problems. Seamlessly manage and optimize group sales performance across your entire portfolio. Part Time Diploma. When you search for YouTube event planners, be highly selective in your research, and seek out lists like this to ensure you’re getting advice you can trust. Here are some tips for planners in this niche: There are lots of ways to arrange meeting rooms. Managing risk – events are complex, as having many elements contributing to an event means multiple possible points of failure. Information for students now attending TRU. From caterers to lighting, diverse suppliers need contacting, short-listing, negotiating costs with and finalising contracts. Services, Information The Event Management program is a recognized member of the International Live Events Association (ILEA). Knowing how to answer this question will help you make decisions about marketing, ticket sales or registrations, and maybe even your event plans themselves. Constant change – The events industry is always evolving to meet new demands as people’s expectations of events change. NAIT's Event Management Program will prepare you to apply a multitude of project management skills within a variety of dynamic environments such as trade shows, conferences, meetings, milestone events, award ceremonies, new product launches, social and corporate events and non-profit events. If you have more than 1-3 years worth of event planning experience, you’ll definitely be interested in these more in depth and technical event planning videos. Unfortunately, like many things that seem simple creating a successful event requires a lot of hard work and a diverse range of skills and experiences from project planning to budgets. An eye for detail – in events, the devil is indeed in the detail and every detail matters!

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