explain any five objectives of business

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Thus, every business must aim at creating a healthy environment that encourages its workers to make a positive contribution . It compares the output generated by a certain input. This can also be helpful in getting your workforce requirements fulfilled from this training. Objectives are what provide a clear target and help as the driving forces for achieving your business goals. A business is set up in a society. Solution Show Solution. Secondly, make sure they appreciate the care you invest in your business. Or even methods which shortcut the process flow. The market is fixed on its demand and there isn’t much more that you can sell. Objectives can include end-goals such as revenue and steps towards goals such as efficiency. A business is expected to serve the people of the nation without any sort of prejudices and social discrimination. It is a continuous and never-ending process. If you want your enterprise to grow & prosper, you need to have clearly defined objectives for driving your business ahead. A motivated and satisfied worker contributes the maximum to the achievement of the goals of a business. They fuel growth and development and generate greater earnings for shareholders. This calls for an internal-external dichotomy: If you want to optimize productivity, you need to know what and where and how to tweak. The profit-earning capacity of a business decides its growth prospects. Remus Serban, Reply Make sure you are also paying a good deal of support to the social and economically backward sections of the society. Every business should aim at giving something in return to society. In effect, you can be more productive. You should avoid inferior product quality as it can cause serious concerns to the health of the customers. They are the ones who help you earn a profit. Steps To Get A Business Card, 10 Important Business Objectives And Tips To Achieve Them, How to Get a Business Loan -A Complete Step-by-step Guide, 24 Types of Businesses Explained - Business Classification, General Partnership Explained - All You Wanted To Know, 15 Types Of Business Letter Used by Small Business, 13 Types of Business Risks You Might Face While Running a Business, How To Build Business Credit? Your prime objective as a business owner should be to make optimum use of all the resources available to you. Objectives are defined as the purpose for which a business has been started. Starting with Apple’s exquisite new HQ, and to Google’s free haircuts. Firstly, increased quality at decreased prices. In addition, invest in new media and new types of advertising. Unsurprisingly, the happiness of employees has increased. That profit, in particular, is the ultimate goal of any business. Although business is run solely to earn a profit, nowadays, with growing diversity, the objectives of business have expanded. Ensuring regular supply of goods, 5. Developing the right social and public responsibility is now part of your brand. Or, essentially, to make production more cost-efficient. You, as a business owner, have used the resources provided by society. The minimum requirements for business include raw material, machines, workforce, and other requirements. Reply Human objectives of business are given below: i.Labour welfare: Business must recognise the dignity of labour and human factor should be given due recognition. Here, however, you have the essentials on what your business needs the most in order to be successful. Concept: Objectives of Business - Economic and Social. Overpricing is yet another practice you need to avoid as an ethical business owner. Moreover, analyze markets and establish consumer behaviors. In addition to helping business owners and the employees make a living, the profits can also be helpful in growing the business further by reinvesting them back in the business. Surely, not all businesses have such preoccupations. And therefore part of your customer satisfaction. Profits are one measure of success for any business. At least in Sweden, it makes employees more productive. Moreover, each business wants to stay ahead of its competitors. Maximizing value of man-hours from employees. You can follow me on Facebook. Some business houses plan vocational training at schools and colleges. 2 years ago How can I become. A business with this objective must aim at providing products of superior quality to consumers at a comparatively low price. This is your solution of Business Objectives: 5 Most Important Objectives of Business Class 11 Notes | EduRev search giving you solved answers for the same. Some business owners may have better laid out plans for their enterprises then others. The following are the multiple objectives that a business aims at achieving simultaneously. Economic Business objectives are perhaps one of the major objectives for launching a business. In fact,  focus on your branding. Another objective of a business is to focus on providing both social and psychological satisfaction to your employees. Profitability is, to many, a key factor to understanding what a business does and why. Which now has to be active and effective. These can be further classified under the following subsections.

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