falcon jet price

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The price of a jet depends on the production year. This is a one owner since new airplane that features the … Captain Eric Mitran It is strongly recommended that you have a member of our team accompany you on such an inspection. We will formally contact the Dassault sales team, who are in charge of the legal and technical documents we would need to provide in order to proceed for a sale. Depending on numerous factors, the average price for a pre-owned DASSAULT Falcon 50 is $2,099,250.00. API winglets, FANS 1A, CPDLC, Swift Broadband, ESP Platinum, MSP Gold, Transferrable Warranty, CPDLC; FANS 1/A; ADS-B Out; WAAS & EGNOS LPV, JSSI Premium, Honeywell EASy II plus, 4th Gen, Engines and APU enrolled on Honeywell MSP Gold, EASy II Cert 4 - WAAS/LPV/SVS/CPDLC/ADS-B Out/TCAS, Engines, APU, Airframe on Programs, ADS-B, EASy II+ Software Load 16.4, WAAS / LPV, ADS-B Out, ESP Platinum, MSP Gold, CPDLC ATN, ADS B OUT, FANS, Upgrade to LX (Winglets at DAS) in Aug 2019, ADS-B, WAAS/LPV, ATG 5000 | Swiftbroadband, There are 69 (new or used) Dassault Falcon Jet on the Aircraft Exchange. LOWEST PRICED FALCON 8X IN THE WORLD! Fair market value of a specific Dassault Falcon 7X should be negotiated between the buyer and seller with consideration of the aircraft’s specifications. It is our mission to be the go to leaders in the aviation industry. All rights reserved. For more information view our updated Privacy & Cookie Policies. We also display the latest JETNET data which shows the range of prices for Dassault Falcon 7X currently listed with an asking price. Even though Dassault spends a lot of time and energy working to make sure that their planes are as safe as possible, accidents and crashes can still occur. Direct Line: +61 (0)8 9350 1070 You can see current prices for the last 5 production years in the AircraftBluebook tab below. Our strong partnership with Dassault will bring you all the security, expertise and competency built by hundreds of people over the last 60 years. Our team will meticulously address your entire list of requirements and a full case study will be conducted with your inputs to evaluate your actual needs and match them with the best type of aircraft. Traditionally, when less than 10% of a fleet of aircraft is for sale, the market favors the seller, whereas when more than 10% of the fleet is for sale buyers have the upper hand in used jet price negotiations. View all new & used Falcon 20 / 200 Jet aircraft for sale at ASO.com. Falcon 7X’s Price? not available These Dassault Falcon Jet Jets aircraft for sale are available immediately. aircraft’s specifications. within its fleet); any modifications and upgrades that were made; Dassault Falcon 7X were produced from 2016 to 2020. The average asking price for a Falcon 50EX is $3,246,250. Sign up for free aircraft sales alerts and digital aviation magazines now. and its maintenance condition. The client still has the choice to stop the whole process if it does not meet their satisfaction at any of these stages. “TURN KEY” CONCEPT Step 3: Contact with the Dassault sales team There are 69 (new or used) Dassault Falcon Jet on the Aircraft Exchange. This is a purely technical stage and will be undertaken by an independent contractor to assess the technical specifications of the aircraft and to inspect for any defects and maintenance issues. Get the expert support of one of the world's leading aircraft brokers to ensure that your purchase runs smoothly. The Falcon 8X is the flagship of the Dassault business jet range and a genuine contender for the leading long-range business jet crown. The eventual price will account for a variety of different factors, including the aircraft’s model year; how it has been equipped and configured (compared to other aircraft within its fleet); any modifications and upgrades that were made; and its maintenance condition.

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