ferocactus herrerae brevispinus

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you will receive the same or similar plant as shown on the picture . Description: Ferocactus peninsulae f. brevispinus is a solitary fast growing barrel ribbed cactus that differs from the type species in having a much shorter but stocky hooked central spine. Quantity: 0,90 € More info Field Number: MZ1118, Ricardo El Cozon, Sonora, Mexico Origin (country) Mexico: Diffusion … MZ1118. Description: F. horridus “brevispinus” is a so litary fast growing little barrel cactus with quite short and … colours may vary due to season . Ferocactus herrerae v. brevispinus. How to Plant & Care for Ferocactus. Ferocactus, commonly called barrel cactus, lives anywhere from 50 to 130 years. Ferocactus 'herrerae v brevispinus' 20.00. plant displayed in 80mm pot . all plants will be posted bare … brevispinus "Chinned form" A large well grown plant is truly an achievement. This plant … Herrerae v. brevispinus Herrerae v. brevispinus f. monstruosus Histrix Histrix f. cristatus Histrix f. monstruosus Horridus Horridus f. brevispinus Horridus v. brevispinus f. monstruosus Johnstonianus … Ferocactus horridus var. More details. Packet .

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