festool rotex 125 vs 150

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If you are a looking to keep your sander collection simple but a Rotex and an ETS 150/3 EC, either 125 or 150. So, if you have followed my blog for the past year, you likely saw these. again, not a pro, and wouldnt mind putting the $ difference into paper. The Rotex will handle any rough sanding imaginable and the ETS will give you as fine a finish as possible with the right grits. not a pro, biggest average item, coffee table, book case, that kind of thing. To be more specific, the tool is operated on a gear-driven engine with the 3.500-7000 RPM motor. Just my two cents as a wood butcher since 1971. Je serai bien parti sur la Rotex 150 mais ca dépasse mon budget. Product number 576032 730,00 fcp_ProductsPriceExMwst Purchase online Please check your cookie settings in order to use the comparison. Festool RO 90 FEQ Rotex Sander. want one that does quick as well as smooth for finish work as well, best trade off between the two. Go to dealer search. RO 125 vs RO 150, which one, and why. This is the perfect tool for stripping paint and removing rust on doors, windows for home-users. Hi, here in NZ currently festool has the ETS 150/3 or 05 on special not the 125 tho, and as I already have the rotex 125, should I stick to that size when I next get a sander ets 125 so I can interchange pads and abrasives or since it's on special get the larger 150? Go to the cookie settings. Commander des pièces détachées Festool livraison 1 à 2 jours ouvrables après commande par téléphone auprès du service de vente de pièces détachées Festool ☎ 070 24 804 24010. Festool Rotex 125 and 150 Reviews. On a forum, I saw a question about the differences between the Festool RO-125 and the RO-150 Rotex sanders. Festool RO 90 vs RO 125 vs RO 150 vs ETS 150 Review. 1. What, if any is the difference for finishing. I wanted to post a link to my blog entry about it only to realize that I never made one with the various review videos of those two sanders. The Festool RO 90 is one of the must-have items for any remodeler or hobbyist out there. Logged PT Dealer employee. Pour un travail de finition et de désafleur sur des petites surface, j'ai l'impression que la ETS me suffirait, surtout qu'elle est à moitié prix (252 euros contre 495 euros pour la Rotex 150) Haut. J'ai peur que la Rotex 125 est un diamètre un peu trop petit pour une utilisation plus globale que la ETS 125/3. Multi-Mode Sander ROTEX RO 125 FEQ-Plus.

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