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How many times did I play this skipping game as a child, and never thought to combine those fruits until now. BARNBABE13, the recipe submitter says, "The berries add a hint of tart to the sweet peaches. I'm gonna show you my favorite technique for stuffing pork chops, as well as one of my favorite stuffings for pork. Buckwheat Queen. They add scarlet-hued swirls—and a tiny bit of tartness—to this show-stopping pavlova, which is finished with whipped cream, fresh peaches, and pomegranate seeds. "If the sweetener in the yogurt and dough was not enough for your taste, dip top of warm fritter in a small bowl of cinnamon-sugar or powdered sugar," says mtnfalcon, the recipe creator. DIRECTIONS. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream. Allrecipes, Credit: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Grease a 9-inch square baking pan. As long as it adds up to two pounds, any stone fruit you can lay your hands on will work beautifully here. Yogurt gives the almond-infused cream in this dessert a little tang, and peaches that have been macerated with lemon thyme just long enough to meld and soften seem to exist expressly for topping it off. Sometimes the simplest combos are the best, and that's certainly the case in this easy summer dessert, where toasty meringue meets sweet-tart, juicy peaches. Frying peaches in hot oil, tempura-style, unlocks their inner juiciness while giving them an amazingly crunchy crust. Always a hit at summer parties! Serve warm with fresh whipped cream. Scales well. Look for granola that holds together in clumps. Poached in an Italian aperitivo with fresh lemon verbena, the fruit is absolutely the centerpiece of this easy summer peach recipe—so don't sweat it if you don't have an ice cream maker. Actually stumbled across this when making Fuzzy Navels. Think of semifreddo as ice cream that you can make without the use of an ice cream maker: Whipping egg whites into a glossy meringue introduces enough air into the mix that it stays soft and creamy when it freezes. This one can easily be doubled, too, if you're feeding a crowd (or if you just want more galette). raves MMCCLOREY. " A little ice cream or whipped cream on the side never hurts. Leftover crumble? Make this spiked caramel sauce once and find yourself making it again and again. Here's one where the caramel is added directly to the pie, yielding a filling that is absolutely unforgettable. Here the fruit is raspberries. "Easy and fun to make," says Gfranma. The crust is very sweet and cookie-like. This recipe makes a very rich peach cobbler. So, this is basically a technique video and will work no matter what stuffing you decide to use--although this peach stuffing was absolutely delicious. A wonderful punch made with white wine, mango and orange slices. Fresh peaches are perfect in desserts like cobbler and pies, but there's so much more you can do with them. Puff pastry, apricot preserves, and fresh peaches are all you need! "This simple 3-ingredient dessert will save the day when you need to whip up something quick but impressive at the last minute," says foodelicious. ", "When choosing peaches, be sure that they do not have any green on the skin -- this means the fruit hadn't developed before being picked." An old favorite from the Gourmet magazine archives, this dessert looks elegant served in tall, clear glasses—but boozy peaches and vanilla ice cream are a match made in heaven no matter how they're combined. In medium bowl, combine the flour, 1 cup of sugar, baking powder, and salt; mix well. Which is pretty much any time, right? "This pie is wonderfully tasty and creamy," says IVANDIEPART. Slab pie ups the crust-to-filling ratio, so it's sure to appeal to all the pastry lovers out there—and it yields enough to feed a big family, with enough left over to eat all week. This refreshing twist on the classic wine punch features white wine and peach vodka with slices of fresh white peaches and grapes. Versatile indeed, this easy summer recipe looks good as a summer salad or as a light dessert. Nobody's stopping you from making an all-peach galette, but a mixture of fruits looks especially pretty—and tastes especially good. This peach dessert recipe was written so that you can throw everything in the slow cooker as you sit down to dinner, and have a gorgeous, fragrant, boozy confection waiting for you when it's time for the final course.

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