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Chicago workshop What WE Make got its start in 2013, when founder Dan Quinn and his wife set out in search of furniture made from reclaimed wood for their new apartment. Bonus: With new flexible payment options from Klarna for select items on Etsy, US-based buyers can start making over their favorite spaces now and pay for their furniture finds later (terms and conditions apply). Not only was I able to get a unique piece at a big-box price, I dealt with an actual person on the design of the product, and it was even brought to my door by the designer himself. “[They’re] understanding that buying something that is mass-produced doesn't necessarily focus on the details needed that will allow the piece to last for years.”. Congrats on the feature! Sellers can list handmade products, vintage items, and craft supplies. I’ve switched up my materials a lot to go in tune with the market trends, but it’s still the same common theme of flat-packed furniture. “And often, vintage pieces are of better quality. I was sawing, sanding, and doing everything right there in our living room. “Handmade furniture is an extension of the heart of the maker,” says Kwadwo Som-Pimpong of one-man woodworking shop Crafted Glory Design. They’ve gone through the big-box retailers and are now on the hunt for a piece that will last and bring some charm into their lives.” Visit the HangarOne Design shop. Appears to be well made and sturdy. Financially speaking, Etsy is a really great way to start a business because it’s essentially free until you start selling. Vadim Moroz from VadimMorozArt said 3 years ago. I wish you much success :), Gail Anderson from gailanders3 said 3 years ago, Wow...simply beautiful! Not only do they cleverly fold flat to save customers on shipping, but their simple design allows them to be incorporated into many decors. Looks like a road trip to Baltimore needs to happen soon. We love the extensive offerings of fabrics that are stain repellent, hypoallergenic, and kid- and pet-friendly. One Stop Steampunk Shoppe from OneStopSteamShoppe said 3 years ago, Lovely furniture! Etsy’s trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, says that the site has seen an increase in those looking for more bespoke furniture. Just ask Ilana Mayes: The modern, sculptural shelves and home accents in her shop, TheCraftySwirl, add a stylish splash to your space without taking up much real estate, or requiring any fussy installation. I didn’t really know that much about Etsy when I started. After I sold a couple pieces on Etsy, I realized that I needed a space to work, so I cleared out my parents’ garage and started gathering tools. Chris, And flatpack, no less! I’ve spent the past four years building, designing, and running my business. “When I first started my company, I was practicing about five times a week. “I think that if you can feel expressive in your home, it translates into every aspect of your life.” Visit TheCraftySwirl shop. Back then it probably took me 10 hours to produce one bar cart, but it’s a lot less than that now that I’ve streamlined the process and have a better understanding of woodworking and joinery. Etsy is the home for internet arts and crafts, people think … That kitchen cart in the opener is to die for! I like the uniqueness of the apartment. ), and they were able to make any adjustments like having holes cut in the back for cables or additional holes drilled in to raise shelf height. Congratulations to all the incredible artists featured here. You can’t create ideas, they come to you—so I don’t force anything, I just completely let it happen. Casara's Percy sofa is inspired by the designs of Adrian Pearsall. Whenever I’m doing traditional wood, I like to go up to this sawmill about 30 minutes outside the city. So if you’re looking to refresh your living room or elevate the setting for your next special-occasion family feast, why not give an Etsy furniture seller a try? Rachel Mosely is an editor and writer living in Brooklyn, New York. If it’s lasted 40 years, it’s likely it will last another 40.” Visit the Dovetails Decor shop. Clare Foshee from silverbronzecat said 3 years ago. You can sell multiple décor items, including furniture, art, carpet, wall art, mantels, and much more. It cost nothing to launch besides my 20 cent listing fees. Congratulations on the feature! Susan Coughlin Murray from smARTSshop said 3 years ago. Maybe it takes 20 of those moments to get one good idea, but it’s that feeling of hope for this new thing that nobody has ever seen before, that’s so different than all your previous thoughts. :), DominatoR from dominatordesign said 3 years ago, Josie from ConcreteAlphabet said 3 years ago. Learn about the day-to-day activities of an etsy entrepreneur business owner, the typical target market, growth potential, startup costs, legal considerations, and more! And it’s something that I’m good at, and I have a constant, steady stream of ideas. Debra Gilstrap from gilstrapdesigns said 3 years ago. The blend of new and old is a winning combination not only for Lynda, but for her customers as well, she says. Awesome story, so interesting to hear about your creative process. : ), Rachel Bingaman from BingArt said 3 years ago. Congratulations on the feature! Congrats on the feature and success of your shop! Blessings as your business grows. When times are bad, it feels like the universe conspires and I get a ton of Etsy orders. Fabulous! Great work! Read on to learn more about this business-savvy builder, and find out how he stays inspired—then shop the Herb’s Furniture Company collection. Good workshop! “I find a lot of my customers are second- or third-time furniture buyers. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. “In terms of tools, all you need are a hammer and a wide-head nail, hook, or a screw.”  That frees up Ilana’s customers to focus on filling those versatile shelves—distinguished by their weathered stains, contemporary details (leather straps, cord ropes), and clever features (like pre-fit cutouts for potted plants)—with their most prized possessions. I was a finance major in college, and I’ve always been interested in starting a business. Jerry sources the walnut and oak wood used to create his mid-century inspired pieces, like his best-selling Z chair, from the Northeast and has workshops in Europe to help keep up with the demand across the globe. I picked up welding about two years ago, and I’ve progressed with that to make metal joints instead of just doing primarily wood. Best of luck with your shop. So what are you waiting for? Brad is among a growing group of Etsy shop owners who have figured out the messy business of shipping furniture and other large-items through uShip. Small Businesses on Etsy Are Making Custom Furniture More Attainable. For example, taller shoppers can work directly with sellers to extend the length of their bed frames for a better fit. I would even use a piece or two in my vintage decorating. Ashley Griffith from HelloNatureShop said 27 days ago, Love the shelves with the plants! Though you can find just about every variety of chair (swivel, dining, bench, ottoman) on offer in Lynda Bryant-Comstock’s HangarOne Design, there’s a common thread among them: the artful blend of style and substance. Awesome Chris, excited to see you featured. Congratulations on your feature your furniture is all so beautiful. Nicole from KarmaCodeOne said 3 years ago. Cathy from msbijouxbeads said 3 years ago. “In an increasingly automated world, the value of craftsmanship has become even more significant and shoppers are turning to Etsy to discover handmade items that can’t be found anywhere else,” she says. I work in a workshop in a random factory in Baltimore, making this furniture that I’m shipping to random people.

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