german dried sausage

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Landjäger is a semidried sausage traditionally made in Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Alsace.It is popular as a snack food during activities such as hiking.It also has a history as soldier's food because it keeps without refrigeration and comes in single-meal portions. Braunschweiger (/ˈbɹɑʊ̯nˌʃwɑɪgɚ/; named after Braunschweig, Germany) is a type of German landj äeger sausage is a semi-dried sausage that’s traditionally found in Southern Germany, in addition to Switzerland and Austria. This smoking process dries the sausage so that it becomes a great meat snack just like the Jerky. The Dried Sausage is sold by the pound with 4 pieces of sausage … As a meal, landjäger sausage … … Behind their meat case they hang landjäger, a thinner variation of dried sausage with German roots. My first encounter with Texas dried sausage was inside Kuby’s Sausage House, in Dallas. It’s popular on hiking trips and just as an everyday snack food. We took our German Style Smoked Sausage that is seasoned with the finest spicesand slow smoked with mesquite wood and just left it in the smokehouse a little longer.

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