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Although climate governance among country governments remains the core of global governance, the participation of sub-national entities, including cities, NGOs, enterprises, and local governments in climate governance has become more intensive. They found over 100 e-government articles, but only 57 with empirical content. Global Governance: Volume 26, Issue 3, 2020 If you are a current ACUNS member and would like to access the journal please log-in to the membership portal and visit the access the […] Book Reviews Global Governance showcases the expertise of leading scholars and practitioners concerned with the processes of international cooperation and multilateralism. The first of these examines how global governance is improved through the adoption of administrative law-type mechanisms.4 The second focuses on analyzing and identifying ways of managing democratic deficits.5 This article aims to contribute to these Several articles in the Paris … The authors then examined the articles using 12 analytical categories. Reform ought to substantially minimize, if not totally eradicate, the acute material inequalities that enable powerful individuals and states to implement their own imperialistic agendas of intervention, agendas often couched in a language of ‘human rights’. Thinking Globally, Acting Locally The defining feature of the U.S. response to Covid-19 has been localized action against a global threat. AGH integrates the three traditional areas of health care, international health, and public health and reflects global changes in … Drawing upon relevant theories of political agency, particular attention is given to addressing the relationship between leadership and collective action. Instead, emancipatory reform of the global human rights order entails the abolition of unjust rules of global economic governance. From the viewpoint of five academic institutions closely engaged with Geneva, a leading city in global health and global governance, the present article attempts to reflect on the core principles, definition, and significance of AGH. THE NEW CONTEXT FOR HEALTH. This article examines the role of political leadership within the realm of global governance. Multiple stakeholders bloom the elements of equity and rationality into global climate governance. Two growing bodies of scholarly literature have emerged focusing on enhancing global governance. Under our … The authors conducted a comprehensive review of articles on the subject of e-government that were published in refereed scholarly journals through the end of 2004 to serve as a baseline for future analysis of this emerging field.

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