grass fed pork

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As a member, you choose which of the amazing cuts your family enjoys. Others engineer things to raise pork as fast and cheap as possible. In pork, one big issue is fat quality. To read more on nutrition, health and disease, go to: There you will find short essays with substantiating links to scientific sources and additional commentary. Recent studies show that pasture raised meats of all sorts have significantly healthier fats, vitamins and minerals. Our mission is to make sure our animals are raised with the highest of standards because after all we are what we eat. The cattle must derive at least 90% of their feed intake from grass and spend a minimum of 220 days per year throughout their lifetime grazing pasture, in accordance with the Bord Bia Grass Fed Standard. This really is a big deal, these drugs are residual in the meat itself and banned in almost every other country for good reason. There are good suggestions in our General Store for handy Ziploc Vacuum Seal Bags. All meat products are zero glycemic. Eating meat from animals that themselves have only eaten a natural diet of grass, wildflowers, clovers and legumes, rich in essential vitamins and minerals and untainted by chemicals and pesticides, makes a whole lot of sense. What makes the COVID-19 virus so dangerous is that only personal immunity stands between infected people and death. They'll sell 'hormone free, antibiotic free' meat, but secretly use other growth drugs. Our grass-fed pork cuts are vacuum packed, frozen, and freezer ready for long-term storage. Our new Omega-3 Pork has 31.7 mg of EPA and 65.9 mg of DHA per four-ounce serving. Subscribers to the SGFM newsletter are notified about additional postings to the "Columns" section as they occur. I'll tell you what we do: We use it with our grass fed beef hind roasts and make some of the most amazing sausages. Then you'll better understand where we're coming from and why our Omega-3 meats are so special. This makes for a flavorful pork unlike anything you've had before! To prevent that, a small hole in a tight vacuum pack can be simply taped shut. Charlie McConalogue said that having special PGI status granted would have benefits for everyone in the supply chain, adding that the status would be of particular benefit to the primary producer "at this critical time for the Irish beef sector.". Stuart Family Farm is a family operated cattle farm specializing in the production of 100 percent Grass Fed, Grass Finished beef. It's always possible that some packs may arrive with a small tear or hole in the wrapping. When we say 'pasture raised' it means our animals thrive on actual green pasture. Note that the data on the wild-caught pig was in November. Click the images below to learn what makes our grass fed pork special. Copyright 2000-2020 © Slanker Grass-Fed Meat, All rights reserved. Buy Grass-Fed Beef. Raised on lush pasture, our animals are healthy and never would require routine antibiotics like most others which are raised in unsanitary conditions. All of our pigs are raised on grass here on the farm from young pigs that we procure from local farms. It's always possible that some packs may arrive with a small tear or hole in the wrapping. Or, shop online for Grass-Fed Beef, Lamb, Pork… They have access to locally grown, chemical free corn and barley if they choose to have a snack. All Rights Reserved. Please review their details and accept them to load the content. It takes a little longer but its better for the animals and it’s better for you. Let us know what you discover. This is especially the case with pork. 191 Northrup Street (just off Rt. Prices may be adjusted in response to seasonal changes (for instance swings in demand between roasts and chops) in order to keep inventories balanced. They are not cured which means no sugar or nitrates are added. Ingredients: pork, beef, water, salt, encapsulated lactic acid, dried jalapeno pepper, celery juice powder, … We never use soy and rarely (almost never) have any corn in the ration. Stuart Family Farm is a family operated cattle farm specializing in the production of 100 percent Grass Fed, Grass Finished beef. Most breeds of pork available today are from fast growing breeds. When we find a farmer who is converting her farm over to organic, we love supporting them by buying the transition grains. Grass Fed Eats is dedicated to providing our customers the highest quality meats. Our pigs are a mixture of several breeds, from the fabulously marbled Berkshires and Tamworths to the curly tailed Old Spots and white belted Hamphsires. When we started out farming, I couldn't believe how hard it was to just find organic feed to buy. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Our preparing perfect pastured pork tips are worth the read regardless of where your pork chops are from. Our stewardship ensures the welfare and vitality of the animals and the land; we look forward to sharing this exceptional pork with you.

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