guitar action height acoustic

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If your action is higher than the standards here and you want to lower them check out my post on how to lower the action at the saddle end. – Kanarat, Thailand Spoon Writes: Thank you Kanarat for this very good question. It is also used to describe the general feel and playability of a guitar. The top of your saddle has been shaped a specific way at the factory and needs to stay that way. Generally a guitar’s string height is measured at the 12th fret. Acoustic Guitar String Action: What It Is and Why It Matters. What about the action (guitar string height) of this guitar and playability? To lower the action on an acoustic guitar, you have to physically sand a bit of height off the bridge saddle. The D-28 Authentic 1941 is by all accounts very comfortable to play. A typical action on an acoustic guitar is at around 5/64″ (2.0mm) on the high E string and 7/64″ (2.8mm) on the low E string. Most guitarists know that the playability and overall feel of a guitar is affected by the guitar’s scale length and neck width. This center measurement gives a good point of reference to tell how high the strings actually are. The slight increase in action height gives an acoustic guitar’s strings more room to vibrate. September 24, 2017. Thank you. And that includes my own opinion. Action at the Nut. Mottola's Cyclopedic Dictionary of Lutherie Terms is now available here. If you have an acoustic guitar, you can't adjust the action at the bridge quite as easily as you can with an electric guitar. From the top of the fret to the bottom the string is measuring about 40 thousandths and just about the same thing on our high E string. Acoustic Bass Guitar: low action: medium action: high action: E: G: E: G: E: G: 0.140" 0.110" 0.170" 0.140" 0.205" 0.170" Electric Bass Guitar: low action: medium action: high action: E: G: E: G: E: G: 0.125" 0.095" 0.155" 0.125" 0.190" 0.155" Check Out My Latest Book! Action is also measured at the first fret. Because you'll need to sand down or add a shim to the bridge itself, you must first carefully remove the strings from the bridge so you can pull the saddle out of the bridge slot. The ‘standard’ height of the action at the nut is 0.030 inches (0.76mm) for the low E string. [18] You do this by shaving the underside of the saddle (which is already flat), NOT the top. Acoustic guitar action refers to the height of the strings above the fretboard. This gives you a clearer tone and allows you to strum … Sometimes, if you pull the saddle out, you might find little wooden shims under it. The “third dimension” influencing playability is string action, the height at which a guitar’s open strings float above the frets. How about the action at fret 12th of the sixth and first strings? So, we take our String Action Gauge - - I'm going to get down, level with the guitar, and look at our low E string.

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