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Luke Castellan | Mayor Kobayashi | White Wolf | However when Chapman and Wendell realize that Odie has run away from Jon because of Odie's roommate pet Garfield the cat, they decide to use this as an advantage to steal Odie from Jon by tracking the woman that found him; Mrs. Baker and look as if they are Odie's owners. Myron Larabee | Dislikes: Not getting his way, Walter being more famous, cats, poverty, not having dogs, lasagna. Exploit him for dancing shows so he can overshadow his brother Walter.Prevent Garfield from rescuing Odie (both failed). Jon Punches Chapman in the face for stealing his pets. Gorgon | Beauty Smith | Von Schreiber | Howard Payne | Gabe Ugliano | Agent Lynch | Meanwhile, Garfield notices Odie on The Happy Chapman Show when he surfs through the channels on the TV. Cecil Fredericks | Hexxus | J.G. Vera Murchins | Hans Zeller | However, the pound animals (led by Sir Roland) arrive to the rescue Odie from Chapman, who cowardly tries to escape, and as they corner Chapman. He is a former idol and Garfield's archenemy. Carver | General Ursus | Riff Raff | Vic Deakins | Jessica, See Also Happy Chapman reveals to be severely allergic to cats and wants to get a dog act in order to perform on the better TV show than he and Walter's channel; Good Day New York and not to have to work under Walter as the channel anchorman. Happy Chapman is the direct opposite of Garfield as he hates lasagna. Big Steve | Celtic Predator | Dean-Charles Chapman made his theatrical film debut as Adam in the movie Before I Go to Sleep in 2014. Happy Chapman (portrayed by Stephen Tobolowsky) is a television host and the main antagonist of Garfield: The Movie, who features house pets on his show. Lucius | Harvest Commander | Lead Alien | The Cloned Queen | Dr. Zaius | He then took out a dreaded shock collar, despite Wendell reminding him that he promised he'd never use the collar, claiming it to be cruel and inhumane. Chapman is invited to judge a local pet show and there he and his butler Wendell see a dog named Odie perform well and end up winning the first place prize. Gazooks | Animated Features He didn’t appear as the lead role of Billy Elliot when he started in the original London performance, but he later took over the lead role in the year 2009 and has been the longest ever playing the role of Billy Elliot since then. The Man in the Red Sweater, Television Since he is not mentioned in Garfield 2: A Tale of 2 Kitties a year later nor that Chapman has tried to pursue Odie anymore; it is presumed that Happy Chapman was found guilty of the charged crimes (see above), his show and part in Good Day New York was probably cancelled and he is most likely currently serving a prison sentence with Wendell. Lead Teen | Zerbino | https://garfield.fandom.com/wiki/Happy_Chapman?oldid=118749. Jopling | Dragon | Itchy | Dante | Garfield: The Movie (titled simply Garfield onscreen) is a 2004 American live action/computer-animated comedy film directed by Peter Hewitt inspired by Jim Davis' comic strip of the same name.It stars Breckin Meyer as Jon Arbuckle, Jennifer Love Hewitt as Dr. Liz Wilson and features Bill Murray as the voice of Garfield, who was created with computer animation, though all other animals were real. To get back at his former owner, Sir Roland collaborates with Garfield on an escape. Mr. Smith | Upon learning that Chapman plans to move the set to New York City, Garfield, in his nobelist decision yet, leaves the house to go to the Telegraph Tower (the tall building where they film Chapman's show) to find Odie. Pirates | United States President | Narnia Villains | Mr. Burns | After Chapman's arrest, it is most likely that his show is now officially canceled and suffers his losses of his fortune as remains in prison. Nermal | Harry | Dr. Whipple | Mama Meany | Vito | Eddie Gourmand | Angel | Neferkitty | Space Lasagna | Catzilla | Dirk Dinkum | Buckley | Spencer Spendington | Millie | Varicella, Orson's Farm Major-Domo | Lefty McGinnis | Ian Hawke | After a series of mishaps, Garfield finally manages to make it to the Telegraph Tower, and eventually finds Odie in Chapman's office. However, Garfield sneaks into the control room, sabotages Chapman's train route by frantically switches the tracks, that leads to an impending train wreck and manages hits an emergency control to make the train return to the station. Jon tells the security guard that they're looking for Happy Chapman, and the guard tells them that Chapman is on his way to the train station and taking a train to New York City, and Jon and Liz rush out and head for the train station as well. Elena Dubrow | In season 4 of Game of Thrones, Chapman replaced the actor Callum Wharry as the character Tommen Baratheon. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Alias Molly Merchants | Silver Surfer Villains | Chiren | Richard Detmer | Wendell | Salim Abu Aziz | Attar | Happy Chapman is a TV host who expresses true happiness on his show using his cat Persnikitty as an example, but later reveals that he is actually an arrogant, greedy, selfish man who is severely allergic to cats, abuses his butler Wendell and is dissatisfied with his job as TV pet show host.

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