hardtail bridge vs tremolo

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I have tried the wood block method and it was horrible. I bought a cheap Alder body from eBay for a great price, however I wanted to fit a hardtail bridge instead of a vintage six-screw tremolo … I don't use tremolo and not interested in … There are a few different types of floating bridges, but two are very common, the Fender Tremolo and the Floyd Rose Floating Bridge. The ancient dilema continues: Hardtail VS tremolo Discussion in 'Pickups, Electronics ... Rather than limiting yourself by using a fixed bridge, get a wilkinson, you can always tighten the spring tension to make it behave like a fixed bridge … converter block has hardtail holes drilled for the original hardtail bridge without having to put a piece of block to stop the trem. Fender Tremolo: this is well-known as the first true floating bridge. Hey there, looking to purchase my first PRS. I've never tried the converter block, but I think it would be better to let the block float like the usual strat but with a hardtail bridge … The strings pass through the body and are locked on the bridge. This tutorial is an update on the original by @Brian - all credit goes to him! I am going to build a new Strat. Floyd Rose Bridge: this is an adaptation of the Fender Tremolo. I'm leaning towards the 85/15 pick ups but I'm wondering if there is a model withOUT the tremolo bridge. I love Strat tone, but I don't use the tremolo much at all.

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