high vibrational language

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Not only do you hear silence more clearly after you chant but you feel the deeper meaning of the silence as well. This vibrational language can be witnessed by observing the way you feel in any given moment. Sharon Cajun Country, Louisiana, United States Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved. Learn tools to support your Yogic Practice. One beautiful aspect of the language is how many of her sounds are what is called soft. You will learn how to work with and develop the building blocks of Luminous Soul: Yoga Philosophy, Mantra & Meditation. Manorama awakens one to the healing sounds of Sanskrit and the sounds of chanting in a profound way. "I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing and that is that I know nothing" - Socrates. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) About Me. Module 1 They resonate a high vibration. “NEUTRALITY   ENABLING   SATISFACTORY   TRUST   RELEASE   WILLINGNESS   INSPIRING   HOPEFUL   OPTIMISM, INTENTION   ACCEPTANCE   MERCIFUL   HARMONIOUS   FORGIVENESS   TRANSCENDENT   REASON   WISE, MEANINGFUL   UNDERSTANDING   ABSTRACTION   LOVE   LOVING   BENIGN   GENTLE   COMPASSION   REVERENCE, REVELATION   JOY   ONE   COMPLETE   SERENITY   TRANSFIGURATION   PEACE   ALL-BEING   PERFECT   BLISS, ILLUMINATION   ENLIGHTENMENT   SELF   IS   INEFFABLE   and PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, bring you to the highest vibration we are to know.”. Sat/Sun, Oct 12th & 13th, 2019 CONCENTRATION     HEALTH     PEACE     STRENGTH     POISE     ENERGY     HARMONY     ACTIVITY, GOODWILL     VITALITY     NON-RESISTANCE     POWER     JUSTICE     LIFE     FREEDOM    YOUTH, GUIDANCE     SUCCESS     WISDOM     HAPPINESS     UNDERSTANDING     ALERTNESS     INSPIRATION, RESOURCEFULNESS     INTELLIGENCE     PERSISTENCE     MEMORY     PURPOSE     LAW AND ORDER, ACHIEVEMENT     FAITH     MASTERY     CONFIDENCE     DOMINION     SPIRIT     LOVE. Newer Post Older Post Home. Take for example, when you go to a loud music concert… Afterwards the music and festivities have stopped, and you are suddenly aware of sound and silence in a new way. When you chant a Sanskrit mantra you can’t miss feeling its vibrational force. Join us and learn about the intricacies and beauty of Sanskrit through the study of mantras, grammar and sutras. HIGH VIBRATION LANGUAGE Posted by Sharon at 5:53 PM. 9 am – 12 noon, Did you like this article? The more you remain with this inner stillness that the chanting gave you access to, the more you feel less separateness, or put another way the more you feel unity. The following words come from a post borrowed from the book, Power Vs. Force. Develop real confidence. Sanskrit mantras are powerful vibrational fields of sounds. This means that there are considerably more resonant sounds on the building block level of the language. In the Sanskrit Studies Method, Sanskrit Level 1 Year-Long Teleclass Training, you will immerse in the Sanskrit language and the path of yogic wisdom. © 2016 Sanskrit Studies, Luminous Soul & Manorama A key element that makes a mantra powerful is its vibrational quality. How To Attract More Money Using The Law Of Attraction, How To Make The Law Of Attraction Actually Work, Your Inner Being And The Law Of Attraction, How To Start Using The Law Of Attraction Right Now - No Experience Necessary, Everything Happens As A Result Of Your Asking. to the recognition of you as stillness. Why Is Life Giving You What You Are Getting? In this way, you can communicate with the Universe by manipulating the way you feel. No comments: Post a Comment. Join Manorama and finally step into the deepest expression of who you are in the world. In these sessions, Manorama shares key Luminous Soul principles, mantras and stories that support yogic clarity, connection with self and harmony in life. You hear it said again and again, “Sanskrit is a language of vibration.” The speaker says it with awe, conviction and mystery, but what does it actually mean? This following word list I stumbled upon many years ago and unfortunately I do not have the author’s name responsible for putting the list together. This vibrational language can be witnessed by observing the way you feel in any given moment. Why Are You Experiencing What You Are Currently Experiencing? There are many amazing things about Sanskrit. The next time you chant a mantra pause afterwards and feel pure energy. If so, please share it with your friends. Notice how quiet your mind has become by singing these vibrational sounds and perceive how, from the place of yogic stillness, you feel a joyful unity with all. The way you feel in any given moment is what the Universe believes you are currently asking for. Alphabetically, the language is made up of 49 letters. This October Manorama will share with you the beauty and mystery of the Sanskrit language. Email This BlogThis! This ability to hear the silence is not nothing. I wish to make an extreme statement……………….. Summer Love Poem – dedication to my mother and father, Shattered Duality – I am an Alien: Self Help Inspiration from Nature Intelligence, Graduated Manifestation with Quantum Entrainment, Intuition and Knowing: Honeybees and Oak Leaves. Be inspired. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Chanting Sanskrit mantras stirs up energy. But what is at the core of a mantra’s strength? In a soft sound, the vocal cords rub together creating a friction and heat that results in a more resonant sound. When you connect with what you are essentially on the manifest level, you can more easily feel what you are beyond manifestation. So to come in contact with a language of vibration is to come in contact with what we are essentially. The way you feel in any given moment is what the Universe believes you are currently asking for. Remember according to Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, “Silence in Yoga is not just the absence of speaking… It is also the absence of thinking…” When you chant in Sanskrit you gain access to the silent mind and since it is only on the level of the mind that there is separateness, in the state of inner silence you feel united with all.

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