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Zhongmin’s parents were sad, bringing the baby clothes he wore when he was a child, and begging Zhongmin to survive while laying the baby clothes on him. The cry of the pregnant woman came to silence. The patient Bai Shanzheng suffered from severe brain edema. Song-hwa terdiam, mendengar ucapan Ik-sun. Anda harus masuk log untuk mengirim sebuah komentar. The scene was extremely warm. The obstetrics and gynecology department was the busiest on Wednesday. The family wanted to arrange for hospitalization, but the patient expressed consideration, and the interns next to it all understood that the pain caused by radiotherapy is also unbearable for ordinary people. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. After Zhang Dongdong received the arrangement for Anzheng aid, he immediately Contact the anesthesiology department and the operating room for emergency laparotomy. Looking at more than a dozen messages sent by Li Yichun, Jin Jun annoyed that he was too careless, and happened to learn from Tu Jun to chat with Jin Jun, so that Jin Jun was deeply inspired, and immediately sent the ring to Li Yichun’s address. Paket Jung-wan dengan cincin pertunangan dia beli untuk Ik-sun dikembalikan. June 15, 2020 kay_luv. Cai Song made an appointment with others, leaving only Long Shuomin and Xu Shanbin. Li Changxue’s wife was waiting outside the operating room door. Ik-sun melakukan operasi liver dengan sukses. Jung-wan menyelesaikan operasi terakhir di jam 2 pagi dan dia mendapat kunjungan IK-sun. Jung-won tinggal di PICU usai operasi terhadap gadis muda. Suk-hyung kesulitan menentukan apa yang harus dilakukannya. Cai Songhe was about to go to the Sokcho branch, and Li Yixu came to confess when he was moving. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Seeing that Bai Shanzheng’s daughter and her husband were heartbroken, Cai Songhe was extremely heavy, because she had also received a patient named Bai Shanzheng when she first came to the hospital, and it was precisely because of her mistakes that Bai Shanzheng left . Dia mengakui usai perceraian diirnya dan apa yang terjadi terhadap ayahnya, dia ingin tetap melajang. Since the two did not register in time, they are not considered legal couples at present, even if the woman wants to treat her husband. Li Changxue is expected to recover from the so-called joys and sorrows, but Junmin has always been unable to stop the blood. Li Yixun interacted with Li Changxue’s son in sign language. Song-hwa memberinya sepasang sepatu baru untuk dimanfaatkan di rumah sakit. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Dia dengan berani memintanya tinggal dan bekerja di sampingnya. IK-sun senang sebab putra tuli akan tinggal dengan ayah dan ibunya. IK-sun menyarankan Suk-hyung untuk mendapati seseorang ditemani, seperti Chu. Menjelang Natal, Gyu-wol pergi menemui Jung-won di klinik. Top 5 Recap: Hospital Playlist Episode 12 (Finale) Recommendation. The pregnant women who had premature birth characteristics were examined again, and finally the body indexes were confirmed to be normal, and the pregnant husband wept with joy. Jung-won dengan menangis mendekati Gyu-wol. Yang Shuoheng said that he didn’t want to be involved in any relationship after divorce. Now he is transferring from other hospitals to Lu Di. At the same time, Li Yixun was receiving a consultation with a young newlywed couple. If you enjoy what we do, please support us on Ko-fi! May 29, 2020 4:49 am Share this article. 13. After a few words, the five people smiled, and they started rehearsing ghostly, howling and passionately. Cai Song and Let Anzhuan learn to face. Masing-masing mempunyai rencana dan juga tanggung jawab untuk ditangani sambil tetap mempertahankan persahabatan dan juga keluarga. Ayah Suk-hyung meninggal dan meninggalkan dirinya semua kekayaan dengan pekerjaan menjalankan perusahaan. God will bless the world, and will bless all people who are in love and kind. Dia menghibur Song-hwa untuk mengetahui jawabanya saat dia kembali usai simposium. Everyone was worried about whether Yang Shuoheng would quit his job as a successor, but Yang Shuoheng said that the company had been handed over to others to manage. SINOPSIS Hospital Playlist Episode 1 – 12 Terakhir Last updated on Juni 4, 2020 4 min read SINOPSIS Drama Hospital Playlist (Wise Doctor Life) – Pada tanggal 29 Mei 2019 aktor Jo Jung Suk mendapat tawaran bermain di serial Korea terbaru berjudul “Hospital Playlist”. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Anyways, to all Hospital Playlist casts and crews, fighting!!! Pasien memberi Chi-yong sebuah pena memberitahunya dia akan menjadi polisi lagi. Dia tidak tertarik menjalik hubungan. The patient Zhiyan, who was in charge of his treatment, was injured by a blunt device. Suk-hyung tetap ramah terhadap mantan istrinya terus menjaga komunikasi. Operasi berjalan baik, gadis tersebut memulihkan semua tes, mereka menunggu memindahkannya ke area bangsal umum. Sinopsis Terakhir Hospital Playlist Episode 12 Oleh IB16 Diposting pada Mei 29, 2020 Juni 5, 2020. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Zhiyan’s parents watched An Zhuanyuan teasing her daughter by the bed, which was both touching and gratifying. 12. Seeing that he is getting weaker and weaker, the only operation to date is to perform the last operation. Jin Junwei wanted to confess to Li Yixun that he and Li Yichun were in love. After thinking about it, Zhang Dongdong finally decided to confess to An Zhuanyuan. We’re asking you to help support this website that your support will help us work on website. After more than ten hours of surgery, Jun Min finally saved his life, but the amount of bleeding was very large, and he needed to observe again. Berita tersebut menyebar dengan cepat disekitar pusat medis yang mengarah terhadap kesedihan. Ik-sun bersiap berangkat menuju Spanyol untuk simposium yang akan datang. Dia menjelaskan perasaannya mengenai menyukai dia untuk waktu lama. The five-member doctors had dinner together. Song-hwa mengkonfirmasi terhadap temannya bahwa dia akan dipindahkan menunju rumah sakit Sokcho. It is only fitting that our final top 5 moments focus on our five doctors. After recovering, Jin Junmin returned to the police post and immediately came to the hospital to express his gratitude to An Zhihong. She was still pregnant, but Yang Shuoheng was very entangled. Fortunately, the operation was very smooth. Mereka berkumpul makan malam sebelum mereka berlatih lagu baru. The man’s mother did not want to delay the girl’s youth, but the girl repeatedly begged Li Yixing to promise the surgeon a year later. At least from the current point of view, An Zhuanyuan made good plans to resign, and An Zhihong also decided to leave because of Cai Songhe, and admitted that she would go to Sokcho Branch with her. Top 5 Recap: Hospital Playlist Episode 12 (Finale) June 15, 2020 June 15, 2020 / Kmuse. ... Homepage / Recap / Sinopsis Terakhir Hospital Playlist Episode 12. ( Log Out /  Fortunately, there was no major problem. ( Log Out /  Chunsan He pitched “sincerity.” He told Hana, “Ms. Because the hospital was too busy on weekends, and the doctor’s quintet had no time to engage in bands, Li Yixun saw that Qiu Minxia liked Yang Shuoheng, so he couldn’t help but gossip. Suk-hyung meminta maaf sebab dia hanya melakukan 3 hari seminggu untuk pasien rawat jalan. Li Yixun and Cai Songhe are preparing to have dinner with Yang Shuoheng, but Yang Shuoheng sits thoughtfully. Although he is still conscious, he can have severe abdominal hemorrhage and liver heat injury. Li Yixun suggested to observe and treat in the medical department for one year, and then perform surgery after one year. Thank you. When asked if she would quit her job as a doctor, she immediately hesitated. Change ). An Zhihong looked at the fountain pen he personally gifted with emotion. They have 20 years between them and we want a lot of explanations and flashbacks. Yang Shuoheng was unable to attend the party because of something, so he sent a text message to his friends in advance. 14. Beberapa pasien telah mengeluh mengenai menunggu satu jam untuk masuk menuju kliniknya. Semua orang sibuk sebab akhir tahun ini diperhitungkan begitu cepat. Trending Now Hospital Playlist Episode 12 (Finale) Recap; Season 2 Predictions. Episode sebelumnya: Hospital Playlist Episode 11, Sinopsis Episode Terakhir Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode 31-32, Sinopsis Tale Of The Nine Tailed Episode 13. Song-hwa mengkonfirmasi terhadap temannya bahwa dia akan dipindahkan menunju rumah sakit Sokcho. With the efforts of Jin Jun, Zhongmin not only returned from the ghost gate, but also healed completely.

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