how far is france from england by plane

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From there some great bike routes to Paris, “The Pont de Normandie is a cable-stayed road bridge that spans the river Seine linking Le Havre to Honfleur in Normandy, northern France.   One of the nice things about the Portsmouth crossings is that they are longer. Loading our bikes on the Eurotunnel minibus. A romantic tour of the wine route or a family cruise? Caen is not bad, but has traffic at ferry times (which will be you). Many smaller cities and towns are served by airports that connect through the capital. Or simply tuck the kids up for a good night's sleep in your comfortable en-suite cabin. The most popular is from Dover to Calais however there are a number of different destinations available for vehicles and foot passengers. Take a look at our 'Ferry to France vs Plane' infographic and follow our family across the Channel to their holiday homes in the Loire Valley in Western France. The Eurotunnel crosses from Folkestone to Calais using the Channel Tunnel and for most people is the cheapest option. The distance calculator can help you prepare for the road by helping you figure out how far a city is from you. A return journey in a car (up to 9 passengers included in price) leaving on Saturday and returning the following Saturday showed, Price for cars includes 9 passengers making it a great deal for full loads, The quickest service from England to France at just 35 minutes, The most regular running schedule with up to 4 crossings per hour, No luggage or fuel supplements so nice for people with a lot to carry (like the hundreds of trucks you’ll be travelling with), You’ll have your own transport to explore France and the rest of Europe, Unlike the ferry it’s not impacted by weather conditions, Can be expensive for cars if travelling alone, The Eurostar also uses the Channel Tunnel but is a high speed train, It really does feel just like your normal train journey, just with a long dark tunnel in the middle, probably a mild ear popping and the need for passports. We went Newhaven late afternoon to Dieppe (it was a group ride, which is why I forgot and we had a sag wagon, so less relevant, I suppose). The boat to Brittany does sound nice, although we were glad we stayed out first night in Wissant, it was very beautiful. It’s advised you buy a ticket before arriving at the dock as this ensures there is enough room for you to board and you’re more likely to get a cheaper price. The Eurostar also uses the Channel Tunnel but is a high speed train for foot passengers only; taking you from 3 UK stations to 8 different European destinations. A one-way journey costs £20 per bicycle and needs to be booked with 48 hours notice.  —  Being the UK’s nearest neighbour and boasting one of the best transport infrastructures in the world, France is wonderfully easily accessible to us Brits, whichever way you choose to travel. Important to note the Eurotunnel is NOT available for foot passengers. There is only one ferry company that currently works this route which is the DFDS Seaways service. We did a lot of research to see which option would be best so all of this information is completely up-to-date as of March 2019. Tickets can be bought in advance through the Eurostar website or bought from stations on the day (subject to availability). We headed south once we reach the Somme River, followed that along to Amiens (which was beautiful), then flew past Paris and are now in Fontainebleau. All you need to know before you set off for France. France’s air connections with the UK are growing every year, and today it’s possible to fly from and to more cities than ever before, both in and out of season.  —  It really does feel just like your normal train journey, just with a long dark tunnel in the middle, probably a mild ear popping and the need for passports. I’ve never heard of an issue, although I wouldn’t leave the laptop on the handlebars. Visit outstanding cultural attractions or take a hike amongst the peaks? The cheapest flight from London to Paris was £121 (found on Skyscanner, flying on the coming Saturday). I have watched cyclists board the ferries and they have you ride up the ramp and off the other end. Tickets can be bought in advance through the, For one person leaving on the coming Saturday and returning the following Saturday showed, Firstly, bikes need to be booked in advance through, You can find a more detailed breakdown on the, Ideal for foot passengers or people travelling individually, Takes you right to the heart of European destinations, Option to leave from 3 UK train stations and more than 8 European stations, Only for foot passengers, can’t take vehicle besides bicycles, Quite expensive compared to other options, Taking bikes on board can be a long process, There are a number of different ferry options taking you from England to France. For cycling I have always chucked the bike in the car and driven – that way I can bring back more wine . Eco-conscious travellers can choose FlixBus (External link) , whose efficient coaches are proven to have an excellent carbon footprint per driven passenger-mile. (External link) is your European rail expert. A former travel magazine journalist and self-confessed language geek, she loves using writing to inspire – but also spends a lot of her time rescuing people or articles from their losses in translation. Bikes are charged at £20 each way regardless of when you travel. Nice.   Note some of these ports are easy by bike (St. Malo recommended) and others (Le Harve maybe not (you’d want to avoid le Pont de Normandie at all costs!). Tickets are bought in advance through the Eurotunnel website or can be bought in the check-in area (subject to availability). However swimming it involves a longer distance as one is continually buffeted by currents or the wind and pushed away from the most direct line. Best of Luck!! If you’re a cyclist, you’re probably not in a hurry, so board in the evening, park the bike, unload valuables, get to your (prebooked) cabin, and chill. Arrive closer with our choice of cruise ferry and high-speed sailings direct to the holiday regions - avoiding the long drive through northern France. We looked at transport options travelling from England to France leaving on the coming Saturday and returning the following Saturday. But once in Dieppe we just rode a few Km to our hotel. Although, it can be a headache staying in the undercarriage with your bicycle or wandering off to the upper decks. Several other cities also have an international airport: Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Strasbourg and Toulouse, and these cities also have good air links with Paris. Most importantly for us, Eurostar, Eurotunnel and ferry options use 10% of the carbon emissions used by planes. Of the two times available at that price one leaves very early in the morning, the other very late at night. The doors close, train moves under the sea, and 35 minutes later you’re in France. Low-cost carriers easyJet (External link) , Flybe (External link) , Jet2 (External link) and Ryanair (External link) offer an extensive range of flights from the UK to France, alongside services from British Airways (External link) and Air France (External link) . A one-way ticket cost £101-£191 depending on departure times. The bike service was faultless and highly recommendable for cyclists or groups travelling in vehicles. Now this might have been just that type of cyclist who says “I’m a vehicle and have all the associated rights” who didn’t want to wait for a van or other shuttle – not sure.

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