how is aspartame made

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Monstanto also created deadly pesticide, now banned, DDT and Agent Orange, that the poor people of Vietnam are still paying for the after effects of today, 50 years after the Vietnam war, where it was used. Aspartame was approved for use in food back in 1981 by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and it has been a controversial food additive since that time (1, 2). In general, phenylalanine is modified by a reaction with methanol and then combined with a slightly modified aspartic acid which eventually forms aspartame. Copyright © 2020 What's True Incorporated. I was super excited to learn that the G8 was launching an enquiry into the safety of genetically modified food after meeting yesterday and discussed the safety of aspartame also, given it is often made from genetically modified bacteria, E Coli, in most markets that it is supplied to. Aspartame is made by combining phenylalanine, which is naturally produced by bacteria, with another amino acid. Evil peeps that ordinary people like you and I can wise up about, make better choices, and kiss goodbye! Aspartame Is Made from GM Bacteria Excrement-Truth!& Misleading! Did you know you could pay for your Low Tox Life courses with your choice of smaller, interest free payments? That question was finally answered recently, when the aspartame patent was made available online recently. Monsanto insists that it is completely safe. There are some natural gum options out there these days K – definitely want to ditch the regular stuff pronto which I’ve no doubt you’ll do super easily. This graphic might help them. Retrieved from, Romanowski.P. A Monsanto spokeswoman confirmed that aspartame for the US market is made using genetic engineering. It is, however, around 200 times sweeter than sugar. You'll also receive my DIY gifting e-book free. What is aspartame actually made from? They sound positively toxic. Aspartame is one of the most popular artificial sweeteners available on the market. Required fields are marked *. (2009) Aspartame Fermentation Process.[illustration]. Here’s the Independent UK’s article with all the details. Still, aspartame remains controversial, with many questioning its side effects. Interesting. We're happy to be partnering with Openpay to make that possible. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Do Only 3 Percent of Trump Voters Believe Joe Biden is the ‘Legitimate Winner’ of the 2020 Election? It makes you hungry, so you want more food. Retrieved from Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. That report was from 1999, and Monsanto sold its NutraSweet division (a brand name for aspartame) in 2000 and has not produced it since. Don't miss giveaways, secret subscriber recipes and upcoming event information. Claims about aspartame being made from GM bacteria poop come from a European patent that was filed in 1981. Oh, and it was invented by Monsanto in 1981. James Schlatter quickly filed a patent for the process in 1966. A “new” method described in the patent detailed “the introduction of foreign genetic material into microorganisms which then produce the protein or proteins for which such foreign genetic material codes.” The U.K.-based Independent reports that GM was needed to make the bacteria produce more phenylalanine, one of the two amino acids used to make aspartame: As the G8 summit of rich country leaders decided last night to launch an inquiry into the safety of genetically modified (GM) food, an investigation by the Independent on Sunday revealed that Monsanto, the pioneering GM food giant which makes aspartame, often uses genetically engineered bacteria to produce the sweetener at its US production plants. The use of genetic engineering to make aspartame has stayed secret until now because there is no modified DNA in the finished product. ‘More People Have Died of Suicide This Year Than Corona’, Activists Accuse Facebook of Ignoring Warning on Neo-Nazi Groups’ Spread. Aspartame Is Made from GM Bacteria Excrement-Truth! As an artificial sweetener, aspartame is of synthetic origin, meaning that it was made in a laboratory. But the idea that aspartame is made from GM E. coli poop over simplifies the complex process of making aspartame, which has changed steadily over the years. Aspartame was discovered as a low-calorie sugar substitute for soft drinks and food in the 1960s, and the process used to create it has been evolving ever since. On the day that James M. Schlatter, a chemist, unintentionally discovered it, he was working on an anti-ulcer drug. Aspartame is a low-calorie sweetener that is much sweeter than sugar. What is aspartame made from? Did a Majority of Americans in a Poll Say Trump Should Concede. Companies are notoriously tight-lipped about how they make food products, so there’s no way to know if some, all or none of the 1981 patent is still in use. Whilst I am proud of this fact, I am confessing that I like the occasional piece of chewing gum and am dreading what toxic stuff is in that! It turns into a poison in your body, and FDA scientists spoke out strongly against its approval, though the FDA ignored them and put it … If you don’t know what it is or understand it, then neither does your body. [Photography]. Aspartame can be made by various synthetic chemical pathways. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Less aspartame is needed to provide a sweet taste so (in the packet or bag) it is commonly mixed with other ingredients to make it more convenient for consumers to substitute aspartame for a similar amount of sugar. The 1981 European patent states that Schlatter’s peptide synthesis process was too costly and time-consuming. Once we really understand what’s in stuff, it’s a much easier thing to give bad stuff up, isn’t it? We have reported this one as truth and misleading because it’s true that patent was filed to produce aspartame from the excretions of GMO bacteria, but the eRumor oversimplifies a complex process and assumes that the process hasn’t changed at all since 1981. Copyright Alexx Stuart 2020 • Website design by Swish Design, Graphic Design by Northwood Green • Disclosure, Copyright & Disclaimer. The dying bee populations of the world are loving that stuff. Thanks Alexx! It’s all better than this weirdness. Maria Oh, and Round Up is their brain child too. According to Harvard University: The tumultuous history of the food additive aspartame began serendipitously thirty-five years ago. Summary of eRumor: Rumors have circulated social media sites that aspartame, an artificial sweetener used in soft drinks and food, is made from the feces of genetically modified (GM)  E. coli bacteria. Not. Check out our courses here or learn more about Openpay here. What is aspartame actually made from? What has happened since that fateful day in 1965 comprises the additive’s struggle from birth to maturity; not unlike a human being moving from inception to adulthood, aspartame has overcome many hurdles and incited much controversy on its path to a somewhat more stable maturity. Craziness in an aluminium can. It also ignores the fact that bacteria exists at the cellular level and doesn’t have a digestive system, which means it doesn’t “poop.”  Instead, it excretes unneeded nutrients and byproducts through a cell wall. He later recalled. So, do you know someone that needs to kick a fake sweetener habit? It’s so funny that the debate in the UK paper is actually about the danger of GMO aspartame vs non-GMO aspartame!! E course dates and upcoming events (which we give  you the option to opt out from without having to unsubscribe completely). I licked my finger and it tasted good. Aspartame contains 4 calories per gram (g), similar to sugar. ASPARTAME SWEETNER IN EQUAL Nutrasweet Brand, I need to look up humectant (442), Mannitol flavour and phenylalanine. The Truth: A patent that was filed in 1981 describes making aspartame from the excretions of genetically modified bacteria, but the claim that aspartame is made from GM E. coli poop today is misleading. It has one amino acid different.”. And with that, a new, low-calorie sweetener was born. That question was finally answered recently, when the aspartame patent was made available online recently. Yes, you read that right too. Real food = Happy Bodies, so go and enjoy a Kombucha, Kefir, Smoothie, Lemon and honey soda water or natural cordial syrup, home made. Hi Alexx, After a quick scan you see that it certainly isn’t something that is easy to understand or read and therefore there is no way it can be understood by our bodies – that’s my rule. Yes, you read that right. Its quite obviously not a food. Summary of eRumor: Rumors have circulated social media sites that aspartame, an artificial sweetener used in soft drinks and food, is made from the feces of genetically modified (GM) E. coli bacteria. (2009) Aspartame Synthesis Process.[illustration]. Today, it’s generally accepted that aspartame is made using GM bacteria, but it’s not clear that it’s E. coli bacteria. Aspartame is made from bacteria poop, and the bacteria that poop it out are genetically modified. Retrieved from As Mr. Schlatter mixed asparatic acid and phenylalanine, two naturally occurring amino acids that are the building blocks of protein, he stuck his finger in the mixture and for some reason decided to taste it.

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