how smart is superman

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As well as that, how good of a tactician is he? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. How smart is Superman when solving a math problem? 18 comments. Yes, … He did, however, have to battle Superman in a boxing match to help save Earth. He is multilingual to the point where I am almost 100% positive he speaks & understands every known language on earth. 7 Muhammad Ali Deduced It (Somehow) Muhammad Ali is not a villain in any way, shape, or form. And I mean Superman's powerful and smart enough to pull off pretty much anything you want him to. Batman is incredibly smart. Kal-El tells her that he does not. RELATED: Shazam: 20 Powers DC's Captain Marvel Has (That Only Real Fans Know About) (NOTE: We will be using the name "Shazam" … He has an eidetic memory, which means he can instantly recall everything he’s ever seen, read, heard, or experienced. Batman can outsmart most heroes and villains, but when it comes to pure competition of intellect and genius, Mr. … Sort by. Terrific truly is, as he's not slighting Batman with the response - Holt is just that smart. The panel shows Superman knows how smart Mr. This thread is archived. WizardofHoth 4 years ago #1. Batman is usually the justicce leagues go to smart guy, but shouldn't superman, with his hightened sense and faster mind, be able to absorb a massive amount of knowledge? Terrific wins - … In Superman: The Animated Series, Mxy harasses both Superman and Clark Kent. He can pull off the most insane solutions. Perhaps more than any other super power of Superman, that gets used or at least mentioned and written about least of all, is his intelligence. It is not explicitly said how Mxy would know Superman's identity, but his endless power could have something to do with that theory. Superman is the child of the greatest mind on the most intellectual planet in the galaxy. Being not shown so much in the comics probably because to provide plot armor to Batman or to nerf Superman, doesn’t mean that he is a stupid farmboy. Compared to the average humman anyway. Yes, he's sometimes a super genius … 74% Upvoted. So I'm wondering if Kal El can do the same by solving an Earth math problem whether calculus or trig or whatever? Yes. User Info: TheRealKal-El. User Info: WizardofHoth. That's kind of a big thing with him. TheRealKal-El 4 years ago #2. In the 1980s Supergirl movie she can easily somehow solve an Earth math problem. save hide report. While Superman and Shazam's rivalry goes back decades outside of comics, fans have also wondered who is the most powerful within the comics, as well. He is cited to have an IQ of 192, which is very impressive, but doesn’t really mean much other than explaining how his brain can fit all this info. So who is the more powerful hero: Shazam, Earth's Mightiest Mortal, or Superman, the Man of Steel? share. Superman responds, by saying "he says he's not," which the youngster asks "and you believe him?"

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