how to make snack sticks with collagen casings

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2. Available in a Package of Three 15 Meter Long You don’t need to worry about testing the pH for this recipe as I’ve dialed it in for you but if you have a pH meter you would be looking for a pH around 4.5 – 4.8. Just stuff the whole 50 feet with snack stick meat. stuffing our 21 MM Collagen Casings, your Stuffing Horn should of We are Amazon Affiliates which means if you happen to buy something from Amazon after clicking one of our links we get a tiny percentage. To dry your casing out simply hang it at room temperature for a couple of hours before smoking or set your smoker to very low (110F-115F) with the baffles wide open or the door slightly ajar. Copyright © 2020 2 Guys & A Cooler - All rights reserved. meant? Our How To Make Deer Sausage, Deer Snack Sticks & Deer Jerky DVDClick here to watch a Video Clip of Our How To Make Deer Sausage, Deer Snack Sticks & Deer Jerky DVD. approximately 8½ lbs. Clean your meat of any silver skin, sinew, arteries and cut into small strips or cubes. Who doesn’t love a good snack stick. Ask The Meatman's and Ask The Meatcutter's Also, if your stuffing horn is long enough, it is best (and fastest) to put the whole 50 foot tube on the horn. Ask The Meatman's and Ask The Meatcutter's parent company. Do you still have questions that weren't Then cut the 50 foot long casing into pieces that will fit your smoker or oven. Put sticks in until IT hits 152-155 then pull out and put in ice bath until temp is under 100. Here is a picture of the stuffing horn we use with our Collagen Tubes for $35.97. Will stuff approximately be no larger than 3/4 of an inch in its outside diameter. (Snack Stick) Casings. Click Here to Ask The Meatman A Question! can you smoke these sticks in a pellet smoker like traeger or rectec? NO longer than 5 minutes. of plastic bag in your refrigerator. Snack sticks can be made out of almost any meat block but you can’t treat an all-beef or pork snack stick the same as the one you are making out of a deer you got last weekend! something you've read on this page you don't approximately 8, Elastic -- they will shrink with the product. Available in a Package of One 15 Meter parent company. Locker™. Ask The Meatman How To Make Deer Sausage, Deer Snack Sticks & Deer Jerky DVD™  for ONLY $19.97. MM in Diameter by 15 Meters (approximately 50 Click Here to Ask The Meatman A Question. 10 Casings per Package. If your stuffing horn tip is wider than this, the Collagen Casings will not fit. Tangy, smoky, and perfect on any occasion. Stuff your mince meat into the casings and hang them in an area where the temperature is 85f-95F for 24 hours (you can also place them in your oven with the light on during this fermentation stage), After 24 hours of fermenting place the snack sticks in your smoker and begin to apply smoke (we use an external cold smoker for this), Start at 125F for 1 1/2 hours, 135F for 1 hour, 155F for 1 hour, 165F till the internal temp reaches 140F (smoke is being applied lightly through the entire cooking process), Once finished cooking submerge in ice cold water and hang to bloom for 3-4 hours. help the collagen casings retain moisture. We Have A New Website - Ask The! * use That is why we have three types of casings with different purposes. FREE Shipping On EVERY Click on the photo at left to see a larger image. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Each casing holds approximately 1.25 lbs. We ONLY use these Collagen Casings to make Our Deer Snack Sticks here at Jackson Frozen Food Locker! We Offer A 100% Money Back Guarantee on EVERYTHING We Sell! Add your seasonings, the ice cold water, and the starter culture to your mince meat and mix till it becomes very tacky. These bacteria that we add in our snack sticks will consume the sugars in our recipe and release lactic acid. We Offer A 100% Money Back Guarantee on EVERYTHING We Sell!Have questions about ordering from Ask The Meatman? I used collagen casings in this recipe but if you happen to have sheep casings those work great as well. Why not go with the most popular smoke! As usual, various clips of the process and the result. mm = .82 inches. Required fields are marked *.

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