how to measure guitar bridge pins

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Our retail storefront is No spam, nothing to sell,just sharing good info. I want to have my bridge plate slotted, and have a set of non slotted pins installed. Marking the front edge means that you won't be removing the reference line when routing the slot. Alvarez Guitar Bridge Pins = Size 1T. I purchased 2C FWI bridge pins from Custom Inlays - they were perfect. Below is a guitar bridge pin size guide chart but below the chart is important information about specific guitars. You can sort this problem by adjusting the saddle on the guitar or moving your roller in your BM roller bridge backwards or forwards, increasing or decreasing the scale length, there for adjusting the intonation. This will be the point in between the upper and lower bouts. The Gibson Epiphone almost always takes the 1.3T (3 degree pin but smaller in shaft diameter than the 1T) but Epiphone pin sizes can vary so it is best to measure the diameter at the top of the tapered shaft before buying. Otherwise 1.3T, Simon & Patrick Guitar Bridge Pins in bone and fossil ivory = Size 1.3TTacoma Guitar Bridge Pins in bone and fossil ivory = Size 1TTakamine Guitar Bridge Pins in bone and fossil ivory = Size 1.3T Pro-Series Only. Generally, these pins are suitable for for Martin guitars that were made before 1994, also Larrivee, Blanchard, Garrison, Goodall, Ryan, Lakewood, McPherson, Santa Cruz and Taylor guitars.These also work with Collings guitars made prior to 2002. For compensation, a guitar's bass strings need more length than the treble strings. Size 2C is the same degree of taper but with a reduced shift diameter (0.215" at the top of the … Our size 2A pins will fit the same way. This measurement should pinpoint exactly what size you need to order. Guitar pins can be made unslotted if your guitar has a slotted bridge. I position the bridge either in the middle of the end of the scale length to have adjustment equal both ways if I need to move the roller, or, I position it towards the front of the bridge so I can have more movement backwards. Locating the saddle slot on steel-string acoustic guitars if you measure the scale with a ruler or tape measure 12 inches it comes to the 12th fret on the guitar which is half way on the scale, here you will find the harmonics, if you gently touch and pluck the string, for example B, the harmonic should be B. In theory, there's a difference between settings for short and long scales, but the difference is so tiny that it's impractical to adjust to such tolerances (the short-scale settings would be .060" for treble and .150" for the bass side). 230 UNSLOTTED guitar bridge pins. To set the correct intonation, you must be very accurate in adjusting and locking the position of these pointers. Bone, Ebony, Fossilized Walrus Ivory (FWI), Mammoth Ivory, Walrus Jawbone, and Buffalo Horn are just some of the better pins on the market today. The bass pointer should be set for 5/32" (.156"). You must add a little more string length for the guitar to play in tune. These guitar bridge pins come standard as unslotted pins. Many people believe the true scale length of a guitar is the length of the guitar strings that are able to freely vibrate, this is even how Wikipedia defines scale length but this is not entirely correct. Also it's worth trying to get the height of your string action while your have this taped together. and runs about .220 at the shoulder. Most guitars come equipped with standard plastic bridge pins. I have a new 2010 HD 28 Custom. The final bit of class for those who want a totally tricked out guitar. Tip: Place masking tape along the front edge line, and then locate a second piece of tape at the back edge of the slot to be routed. Short Scale Acoustic Guitars – Everything You Wanted to Know. The only modification that changes your sound more dramatically is a change in saddle material, which can also be a good idea. 3. When you play the harmonic above the 12th fret and on the 12th, they should both read the strings note its tuned to. To further complicate matters, as each string is of a different thickness (gauge) the amount of stretch will vary based on each individual strings properties, even considering the changing length of the string when fretted. If your saddle width is not 3/32", adjust the pins to take this into account. The bass pointer should be set for 5/32" (.156"). Don’t despair, all guitars suffer from this flaw to some degree. Martin Authentic Guitar Bridge Pins in bone and fossil ivory = Size 2A.230 in Bone and Fossil Ivory.

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