how to pack sofa for shipping

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Gather appropriate packing supplies – you are going to need corrugated cardboard sheets, bubble wrap, packing tape, plastic stretch wrap, moving blankets, sealable plastic bags, sofa covers, and mattress bags. Ok, so now you have a list of all the products, category wise, that you intend to either ship or keep behind. With most carriers, you need to disassemble the couch, buy packing … Some special equipment (a dolly, furniture … Most carriers and shipping companies make you go through a long list of steps to prepare your couch for shipment. ; Flat-pack … You can use either couch covers or packing blankets to wrap the furniture, depending on … How to Pack Furniture for Overseas Moving. Packing a Sofa. Separate the removable parts, wrap them individually and add cushioning to protect all sharp corners. Follow the packing guidelines below when shipping furniture internationally with the standard service. This shall enable you to make quick decisions of what’s worth shipping and what’s better off left behind. STANDARD SHIPPING. You'll need to pack your sofa in a way that won't damage the fabric during the move.

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