how to ship glass panes

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Find products you are looking for by Write the word fragile in big, bold letters on every side of the box. Close the bigger box and secure it with packing tape. The best way to prevent glass breakage from bending forces is to brace it with some stiff material. One looks like a window with an outline, the other looks more like a wall of glass. Fill this empty space with bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Most flat glass is soda-lime glass, produced by the float glass process. This type of paper can’t absorb as much shock as bubble wrap or packing peanuts. It’s glass people! These methods of manufacture lasted at least until the end of the 19th Century. Your next enemy during shipping is vibration. If the glass breaks during transport, the glass shop will replace it. You can buy a partitioned box at a shipping supply store, or you can make one yourself by adding pieces of cardboard inside the box. Keep reading below for the ultimate guide that’ll teach you how to ship glass across the country. Some improvement could, however, be obtained as a general rule by scrubbing the surface with a fairly hard brush, the brush being dipped in a solution of acetic acid. Company Site. Save some extra packing material. 1. Position the glass in the middle of the box with about three inches of space around it on each side. Shop online for Canada's leader in custom Insulated Glass Units! Shipping is not a delicate process. In addition to your bending protection, you want to provide some vibration protection. This helps reinforce the entire structure and will keep most of the glass shards together if the pane breaks during transport. The second should be about six inches wider, longer, and deeper than your first box. There are various methods by which stains may be removed but they all require long and laborious treatment by at least semi-skilled labour and so are seldom economically justifiable for ordinary glass products. Position the glass in the middle of the box with about three inches of space around it on each side. clicking a category or use the alphabetical index. Seeds and agricultural products, fertilisers, Perishables and temperature sensitive cargoes, Oils, fats, acids, chemicals and petroleum products. Float glass is a sheet of glass made by floating molten glass on a bed of molten metal, typically tin, although lead and various low melting point alloys were used in the past. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it will save you time and money in the long run. It seems counterintuitive, but the safest way to move glass is by putting it in an upright position. Although strength properties are somewhat lower than carbon fiber and it is less stiff, the material is typically far less brittle, and the raw materials are much less expensive. First we lay the 1" thick rigid foam insulation on the table. For modern architectural and automotive applications, the flat glass is sometimes bent after production of the plane sheet. Stuff more bubble wrap or packing peanuts in the empty space around the smaller box. If the pane you’re moving is large or long, consider having the glass shop deliver your piece. Due to the fragility of the cargo, proper securing is essential to prevent damage. Place two strips of masking tape in an X shape across one side of the glass pane, and then follow up with four smaller x shapes within the quarters created by the first X. Flushing NY 11377. You can go over these areas with a few more pieces of tape to give it more strength. Glass is similar. It seems pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many people fail to properly package their glass products. Wondering how to ship shot glasses? When stacking your glass in your vertical rack, you want to place long strips of a rather firm material between each pane. You bought it, brought it home, and are getting ready to ship it in time for her birthday next weekend. If dealing with large, unwieldy windows or panes, we also recommend wearing steel-toed shoes to protect your feet in the event of a drop. Shipping fragile items like glass are our specialty. If you’re using a partitioned box, you don’t have to wrap your glass with as many layers of bubble wrap. Glass is most vulnerable to damage when it’s being moved. Transporting glass accounts for some of the cost involved. It is also suggested that buffing might offer some improvement if used for figured glass, provided that a very soft cloth buff is used which will penetrate the grooves in the pattern. You will only be able to use a standard vehicle to transport small panes of glass. It is then braced vertically on a pallet so it stays in that orientation. Whilst stains can be removed it can restrict its future use. The support material must not compress unduly when the case is mishandled, for example snatch lifted/dropped, otherwise scratching or breakage may result. If I can break AT LEAST a glass a year just by placing it too hard in the sink then you’re probably going to have to deal with glass damage through LTL shipping. Fill this empty space with bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Anytime you move glass, you run the risk of breakage and surface scratches, so the increased cost of prepainted glass reflects the risks and precautions associated with transporting a “finished” product. This will give you enough space to pack more packing peanuts on top of the smaller box as well. This will provide some protection against surface scratches. Trick mirrors for your amateur magician show? You don’t want the glass to withstand too much pressure. We’re trying to show you how to ship glass products safely, but unfortunately there’s not a fool-proof scheme to avoid damage to your freight. Even loosely applied tape will help protect against injuries.

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