how to silver a mirror diy

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Paint? These can be made in any one of three different ways: When silvered, if held up to the face, it can be looked through from the front, seeing everything in front of it clearly, but to anyone on the other side or front of the mirror, it looks like just an ordinary mirror showing their image and they are unable to see your features at the back. Buying resilvering chemicals to do just one mirror wouldn't be worth the cost. have been thwarted. This may well be the reason why a resilvering kit is so hard (if not impossible) to find. Antiques restorers and glass shops are both good places to get a new backing for a mirror. If your local dealer does not handle this glass he can easily get it for you. Safety glasses, gloves and a breath mask are recommended. The ordinary mirroring solution is used but let it set to deposit only half as long as you do ordinary mirroring, and pour off the balance of the water. However, none of these websites provide any direct links, nor do they provide the name of any site that supposedly sells these kits. To do this, you will need a special paint stripper that can be used on glass. There is also the problem of disposing of all the waste material from stripping off the old backing and silver. Then clean your glass, as directed. 2 Silvering solutions into your graduate glass or glass pitcher in equal parts; stir them as quickly as possible with your glass strip, and then pour them onto the glass by first starting at the centre and letting them flow out, then start at one corner and keep going around in a circular way until the entire surface of the glass is covered, and let the solution lay on it in an even layer. DIY backyard landscaping--Allergic to bees & no hornets. 2. In this way the solution passes through the blotting paper before it gets into the bottle, which is called filtering. [ :-) ]. Although stripping the backing and applying a new backing will lower the value of an antique mirror, it is the only way to improve the mirror's performance. As soon as the solution is cool it is best to pour it out of the porcelain lined vessel; into some glass vessel or other porcelain lined vessel, as the vessel that you boiled this solution in will be quite dirty, and when it is allowed to settle in another vessel the solution will be much clearer when you go to filter it. Knowing how to resilver a mirror does not make it an easy do-it-yourself project. But you can also restore the mirror yourself." Allow this to dry thoroughly and then finish by applying the final coat of gray paint. I have an antique mirror that needs resilvered in some areas. Then add 32 grains of the Nitrate of Silver, additional. The first step in re-silvering is to remove old coatings. WWYD? How to hang christmas lights from my rain gutters?? How do I fix a bar fridge that doesn't work. Thanks! I found an old 'recipe' for making your own mirrors that I thought I'd share. The glass to be silvered must be thoroughly cleaned as the least speck of dust, grease, dirt or finger marks will show and cause you trouble. When it is all dissolved, pour the mixture back into the pint of water first measured out. The chemicals needed to resilver a mirror are also extremely expensive. When dry apply backing paint. How do I fix these lathe and plaster walls? In making the mirroring solution use 1/2 to 3/4 less Silver Nitrate and Rochelle Salts, but do not reduce the amount of water used. If you don't want to risk shipping your mirror, the best solution would be to try to find a local glass company that specializes in resilvering mirrors. Make sure there is no cleaning solution residue left behind or any fibers from the cloth. Then pour No. Bad floor with ugly linoleum that pops up at seams. Mirror Silvering Solutions Take one pint of distilled water, pour 4 ounces [118 ml] of this into a glass, and into this put 40 grains of Nitrate of Silver. They have branch offices in most all of the larger cities - see classified phone book. After the solution is filtered into the bottle it should look like clear water. Reflections Again Mirror Resilvering is located in San Jose, California. For removing old backing paint, take strong lye and put it in a little water, and pour this on the old paint while the mirror is in a level position; and let it stand until the paint becomes soft; then take a small mop and mop it up. Apply this paint to the silver coating as soon as it is dry with a camel's hair brush as lightly as possible - as the silver coating can easily be rubbed off. Once the felt is fastened on, put the polisher into water and let it soak. If it is too heavy to work freely, add a little turpentine. The following steps show how the process is done: The first step is to remove the painted backing that protects the silver and copper coatings that give a mirror its reflective surface. Remove the Old Surface Material. Another place that restores and resilvers mirrors is called A Moment in Time. If you give it a try, drop me a line so I can share your experiences with the wider world. ¤ Copyright 1999-2020 Chris Molloy ¤ All rights reserved ¤. Make sure the glass overall is in good condition before you attempt to resilver the mirror. All Rights Reserved. Any ideas? Very often after dropping 30 drops of Ammonia, it does not clear. The reasons vary from discolorations to gray marks, scratches or some type of other flaw. If the silver coating is not heavy enough it needs a second coat, which you can do by pouring on the solutions as you did the first coat, after the first coat has been rinsed off with distilled water and allowed to drain for a few minutes. Make a polisher by taking a piece of wood 4 by 4 inches [10 by 10 cm] and about 9 inches [23 cm] long and bore a hole in each end and near the top to take a broom handle, the handles should be about 4 inches [10 cm] long on each end of your polisher, so as to allow you a good hold. The foil will adhere to the glass. You may wish to satisfy yourself as to the validity of this assumption and/or of my converted values before committing yourself. is a very good firm to do business with. One coat is enough, but if you wish to apply a second coat you can do so before the first coat gets thoroughly dry. See how here: I hope you get an answer as I have the same problem. Begin with an industrial-grade paint remover, and work the surface to be cleaned with liberal amounts of solvent. Is this something that I can do myself? I've included metric conversions for all quantities. These mirrors, although new to the public at the present time - are old to manufacturers, having been made and installed in designated places several years ago. It is important to first determine if it is worth the trouble to have a mirror resilvered. How to re-silver an old mirror To re-silver an old mirror you must remove it from its frame, strip it down to plain glass and clean the old glass very... Use Multi-Strip and a plastic scraper to remove the backing paint. In doing these conversions I have assumed that the original 'recipe' refers to US quantities, e.g. The best way to do this is by taking some polishing Rouge in powdered form, the same as jewellers use for polishing silverware, or powdered prepared Whiting which you can get at any drug store. Resilvering a mirror is not a very feasible do-it-yourself project for the average person. To do this, you will need a special paint stripper that can be used on glass. Do not let the first coat get dry before putting on the second coat. When it is all thoroughly dissolved, take your medicine dropper and drop 26% Ammonia Water into it one drop at a time; at first it will turn dark; keep dropping the ammonia until it becomes clear again, which will generally take about thirty drops; stopping the addition as soon as it clears. For greater safety and durability, place a glass of the same size over the mirror back. Next, you must remove the original silver coating. If you are lucky enough to be able to find a mirror resilvering kit, the process is not complicated. Repurposing palm shaped ceiling fan blades? It is not necessary that you should have a steam table in order to make good mirrors. The biggest problem with doing this yourself is being able to find the materials. The types of mirrors that most people consider resilvering are usually antiques, a rare or unusual mirror, a beveled mirror or a mirror with sentimental value. Note: this solution will boil away a little when preparing it, but do not add any more water to it. When polishing and cleansing your glass all you have to do is to take the bag from water, and squeeze a little of the Rouge or Whiting upon the glass; then take your polisher from the water, and with both hands take the polisher by the handles and proceed to polish the glass all over the surface that is to be silvered, being careful to polish the glass right to the edges.

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