i want to build my own house

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“We took about a year to plan our build, and the construction took about 14 months,” he says. Lewis recommends that anyone looking to build their own home should take their time and really research the process. Devising a practical budget is key to focusing your vision and setting your sights on a plan you love that won’t leave you drowning in debt. But, in the realm of new construction, there … Typically, when someone says they’re planning to build their own home, they are referring to a fully custom build where they have a say in almost everything (short of items restricted by local laws and zoning regulations). Set a realistic working budget for your project. The number you come up with will ultimately depend on what kind of disposable income you have, as well as the amount you’re willing to take out in loans. “You should always have a buffer with your budget, because costs inevitably end up being higher than you think.”

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