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After identifying the appropriate, target audience, it will be time to think about overall marketing commu-, nication strategy. To create this matrix, Armani clients will tell us about their revenue in different cities and locations and then by some market research we reach data such as client’s market share. Until now we discussed about IMC and its implementation, as you see above, as an advertising agency, one of the jobs that you might have to do is to planning the media which are suitable for execution of a firm’s IMC campaign. A similar process takes place for the other elements of the IMC program as objectives are set, an overall strategy is developed, message and media strategies are determined, and steps are taken to implement them. A careful and through description of your target aids in directing your communication plan. So to summarize, here are 14 principles that guide IMC: In developing an integrated marketing communications strategy, a company combines the various promotional-mix elements, balancing the strengths and weaknesses of each to produce an effective communications program. Communication objectives may include creating awareness or knowledge about a product and its attributes or benefits; creating an image; or developing favorable attitudes, preferences, or purchase intentions. Most markets have, multiple target groups, and as a result, there may be a number of com-, munication objectives required to reach them. You can’t not communicate. We will discuss about planning the media in next blog. If it comes from a marketing plan, one must, be sure nothing has occurred since it was written that could possibly be, outdated. New York: McGraw-Hill Education. This planning actually deals with all the strategies and policies adopted by management to sell their product in the market and achieving sales targets within the assigned time frame. The first step in strategic planning for IMC is to review the marketing, plan in order to understand the market in general and where a brand fits, relative to its competition. We’ll show how these principles are applied to IMC campaign planning and program management in the sections that follow. The promotional planner should recognize the different effects various types of advertising messages might have on consumers and whether they are appropriate for the product or brand. Two important aspects of the advertising program are development of the message and the media strategy. The Marketing Planning Process deals with guidelines regarding the launching of a product and making it the best seller in a specific period of time. 4-3 Understand customers purchase benefits •Why do consumers buy •What does it mean Product-specific research •Key selling points … ), After a review of the marketing plan, it is time to begin the five-step, strategic planning process introduced in Chapter 1. Mangosuthu University of Technology - Durban, Chapter 1 (lecture 1) Perpectives on marketing research.ppt, CHAPTER 1_ DEVELOPMENT AND ROLE OF SELLING IN MARKETING.pptx, Mangosuthu University of Technology - Durban • MANAGEMENT 241, John-Adair-Decision-Making-And-Problem-Solving-SZ-Lib.Org_.pdf, Mangosuthu University of Technology - Durban • MANAGEMENT MISC, Copyright © 2020. Message development, often referred to as creative strategy, involves determining the basic appeal and message the advertiser wishes to convey to the target audience. In G. E. Belch, & M. A. Belch, Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communication Perspective (pp. 5. HOLA is a unique and high-end jewelry brand that wants to introduce beautiful fashion statement. Once the message and media strategies have been determined, steps must be taken to implement them. Developing the IMC program is generally the most involved and detailed step of the promotional planning process. (2015). Adapted definition is: IMC is a process of strategic planning in order to determine the most consistent mes-sage and expose it to the target audience through the synergy of marketing communi-cation instruments and media. Decisions must be made regarding which types of media will be used (e.g., newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, outdoor, digital) as well as specific media selections (e.g., a particular magazine or TV program). Here you can see the abstract of an IMC planning process as shown in Figure 1. Unit 3, No. What is known about the market where the brand will compete, mation that must be current. For most firms, the promotional plan is an integral part of the marketing strategy. Understanding Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC),, Factors Affecting Advertising Budget and Have to Be Considered During the Last Steps of Any Media Planning Procedure, Budget Allocation Strategies and The Best Way of Budget Allocation in Settings Such as Iran, How OOH Media Measurement is Applicable in Iran; A Practical Guide for Brands. Determining the budget could be done in five manners such as Historical Method, Objective-Task Method, Percentage-of-Sales Method, Competitive Budgets, or All You Can Afford. The manager must know the reasons for the results in order to take the right steps to correct the program. The IMC planner wants to know not only how well the promotional program is doing but also why. These differences will influence the promotional strategy. “IMC is bringing together of all marketing communications activities” Kliatchko 2005 “IMC is the concept and process of strategically managing audience-focused, channel-centred and results-driven brand communication programmes over time.” Percy 2008 “IMC is planning a systematic way in order to determine the most effective and   Terms. Having these data in hand, Armani Media Agency could help clients to optimize their ads budget and expose their prospects in locations which are the best for that product. Interactive communication is the glue that joins brands and their stakeholders in respectful long-term relationships. 245 The IMC planning process In this chapter we shall be looking at the specific steps involved in the strategic planning process for integrated marketing communications (IMC). In fact, it is for this very, reason that a brand generally needs more than one level of communica-, tion, occasioning the necessity of IMC. Many media agencies like Armani Media Agency create a strategic media plan helping their clients to better manage and allocate their media budget in an IMC campaign and also to better get their target audiences. Section 4: IMC Planning Process: Target, Product Positioning & Communication Objectives. Taking time to focus one’s attention like, this on the details of a brand often enables the manager to see it in a, clearer light. The IMC Planning Process Communications Research Target Market Product Positioning Objectives Budget IMC Components. The promotional planner must think about the process consumers will go through in responding to marketing communications. Integrated marketing communications management involves the process of planning, executing, evaluating, and controlling the use of the various promotional-mix elements to effectively communicate with target audiences. Before a manager can begin to think of specific marketing com-, munications issue, it is very important to carefully analyze what is, known about the market.

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