importance of fashion retailing

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Merchandising is crucial to Next, as well as all other major retailers, for a number of reasons. The factories manufacture clothes, but consumers buy emotions, hope and dreams. Fashion retailing has changed the way global retail industry functions. Why is it so Important to Retail and a company like Next? Fashion retail is typically a consumer goods market. Definition of Fashion Retailing: Group of companies, part of the fashion supply chain that goes from the manufacturers to the consumer, offering fashion goods and services, through traditional seasonal spans and/or fast fashion timing, ranging from … What is Fashion Retailing? You must have persuasion skills, ability to explain the product features, intricate product knowledge and fashion marketing skills. Fashion adds an important design dimension to textiles or leather artefacts, which is capable of providing a continual and varied flow of new products. In the coming years, it will grow beyond the realm of apparels, permeating many other categories. SELLING SKILLS: the most important skill that a professional in fashion retail should have is the ability to pull off the sale of products.

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