importance of preschool education

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This was a well-thought hub on preschool education can benefit in your kid's learning. A longtime educator details the things that moms and dads do that drive preschool teachers insane. Questions they may be asked and suggested answers. Bravo to you for being there for your child! National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies. Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on February 23, 2016: Rebekah, congrats on HOTD! As a newly retired teacher, I encourage anyone with whom I come in contact that has small children to capitalize on the moment. U.S. Department of Education. Most kids I've noticed also won't say a word or ignore other kids that talk to them. In a classroom setting, teachers help children strengthen their language skills by introducing new vocabulary during art, snack time, and other activities. In our family we were introduced to many new experiences through travel and learned to socialize very early on as my father's job met spending a lot of time with a diverse age group. Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on February 13, 2012: So glad you shared this. my older son went into preschool. Verywell Family uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. hello! A baby has other needs to develop before the later preschool years when reading and literacy can be more easily taught and learned. And there are some excellent, caring, educated teachers out there who can make a world of difference in children's lives. Depending on where you live and the quality of the preschool, average costs range from $4,460 to $13,158 per year ($372 to $1,100 monthly), according to the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (NACCRRA).. again said "Coz they are caring enough and answer my all questions". anglfire693 from Detroit, Michigan on December 04, 2009: Very informative! I enjoyed reading it and like your writing style. letting your toddler undergo preschool is a plus. Being at home is a rare privilege for moms nowadays and acually wasn't my first choice- just string of circumstances led to it. It's interesting to me that my daughter picks certain people to interact with and avoids others- cross my fingers she may have natural good judgment, but I know what you mean. Preschool teachers should be creative and fully equipped enough, not only to prepare the students in intellectual aspects, but also emotionally. A teacher explains how the decline of hands-on learning should distress preschool parents. @ izetti, thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. My child isn't old enough for preschool as yet but she has been in daycare one day a week since 3 months of age. To often I think parents rely solely on the preschool to do the work with their child. Preschool teachers don't necessarily 'teach' manners, but show how they are used and help the children learn how to utilize social skills in different situations. We owe them the very best that we can offer. Structure is vital for the young preschooler and the child thrives in a loving, structured environment with stimulating colors, sounds, textures, classroom layout, varying activities and books. Great hub! Like you said they could find more friends, it good for social skill. If we want preschoolers to express themselves through art and feel empowered while doing so, we're going about it all wrong. Once they are settled into the structure and routine of the preschool classroom, it begins to build a solid framework for their future school career which will be much more structured and demanding. There's too much emphasis on rote learning, technology, and getting ready for kindergaren -- not enough on hand-on learning, exploration, and movement. I went to preschool too, long time ago. Their little brains help them process these codes of familiarity and it gives the child a sense of security and belonging. I know some of it is personality, but social skills will make the difference! I agree with the insight in your article. President Barack Obama. Out of the four of us children only my younger sister attended preschool. I was a teacher earlier and thus I can relate to your suggestions regarding importance of pre school education. Children learn best through activities they find interesting, such as songs, storytime, and imaginative play. Their brain absorbs information and stores it, often feeling saturated with new input (another important reason your child needs at least 10 hours of sleep). On the other side, we may raise children who mistrust their world. I made sure she developed social skills by including her in preschool programs. I'm happy to hear you have found this hub useful to parents. Parents who have children lacking in these skills need to first observe their own parenting to see what they are mirroring to their children. I appreciate your contributions! Social skills such as learning how to listen, nice talk, brave talk, taking turns, acceptance of multi-cultural differences, apologies, when to say please and thank you, how to speak in a group, helping each other, learning compassion and empathy. But that is precisely one of the functions of the brain. More kids are going to pre-school than ever and social manners seem at an all-time low. Very informative! You don't want to start teaching your dog to sit and stay when he or she is 5 years old. This hub will definitely create an awareness among people regarding the importance of preschooling. Children’s language skills are nurtured in a “language-rich” environment. I don't mind a reference to this copyrighted material with proper citation and authorship. He has always been able to "fit in the crowd" and makes new friends very easily. Choosing a preschool program is a difficult choice for parents seeking a quality early childhood education curriculum for their children. Even though studies consistently show that exploring and playing build literacy skills, they're getting minimized in favor of teacher-directed lessons.

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