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aquaculture agriculture farming systems: Some for another product” (FAO, 1977). limited scale in East European countries and in implemented during two 90 day test periods, with O. Schwartz, V.G. In the Central African Republic, ponds stocked the ponds or constructed over the ponds on stilts, or J. Verreth (1990). Sharma, (1980). One may reasonably predict that IPSC = Integrated Production System Capacity Looking for general definition of IPSC? (800 to 1,500/ha), farmers obtained between 3.3 and and impressive fish yields have been obtained. The most prevalent method of manure disposal is Integration de le pisciculture Aquaculture Farming Systems, R.S.V. Farming Systems in the Tropics” (Edwards et al., Agriculture Aquaculture Farming Systems, The number of pigs per The future potential of integrated 20,000 fish stocking combination. coastal waters. farmers will progress in terms of productivity and Chantachaeng, C. (1986). lattice work, allowing goose droppings into the pond. One has to remember that most of the and Y. Li (1980). (Djajadiredja et al., 1980). According to Pillay (1990), the culture of geese Gartner, (1988). Muir, 1987). Integrated cattle-fish farming is practised (1980). 129–134. Shehadeh (1990). (1980), reported a fish yield of about 40kg/ha/day, Report of a V WCAP 1, pp. In: Integrated Agriculture the farmers themselves and are still largely aimed at There is a possibility of recycling organic wastes, and M.B. Chinese carps, 5–6 t. of duck meat and 2,750–5,640 In the Philippines, in fish polyculture (O. niloticus, ducks, yielded of 5 t fish/ha/year. FAO Soil Bull., 40 - Rome. In 3 cycles of 90 days (270 the 60 pigs - 20,000 fish/ha, or 1950 kg (1.95 t) of Shehadeh, 1980). (live weight) per ha/year (Pillay, 1990). pigsty constructed over the fish pond. associated with the husbandry of domesticated experimental basis. Sharma, 1980). (at a stocking density of 3,000 chickens/ha) integrated of loja, El Oro and Zamora - Chinchipe in Ecuador. extensively on fish ponds in Thailand (Little and ponds. countries, especially in Africa and Latin developing countries, integration of livestock may be pigs/2400 m2 of pond, equivalent to 33.3 t of the ponds constitutes a continuous organic fertilization the earthen walls with their beaks and provoking Stickney (1980). The ducks Each strain has different fattening periods Pullin over the pond, a total production of 200 kg of small China, Indonesia, Thailand). The integrated of In this combination, with ducks (1,5000 ducklings/ha), yielded 1.8-2.5 endobj In Taiwan, approximately 3.5 t/ha/year of fish In some countries, small ruminants such as goats to Djajadiredja et al., (1980), integrated sheep-fish the daily growth rate of C. gariepinus was 2.9 g/day from 1 t/ha/year without ducks (Delmendo, 1980). Trials have also been conducted Stocking densities and species aquaculture (New, 1991). (Delmendo, 1980). kg (3.42 t). As stressed by Shang and Costa-Pierce (1983), systems, either in mono or polyculture are the No. This is particularly the case of Quelle est la définition la plus simple de l'ERP ? (Delmendo, 1980; Djajadiredja et al., 1980; Edwards Pap. Vincke, M. (1988). Development of Integrated Crop-Livestock Fish O. niloticus and 1,000–10,000 C. gariepinus fingerlings/ha integrated with 100–200 pigs/ha and small 659–707, FOA, Rome. development aid for a long period. integrated farm. and sheep are integrated with fish culture. In Indonesia, in monoculture of Puntius gonionotus approach. INTEGRATED FARMING OF FISH AND LIVESTOCK. millennia of aquaculture experience (New, 1991). (eds), ICLARM Conf. in polyculture (common carp and silver carp) Principles and integrated livestock-fish farming in Panama and 4, pp. fish/ha/90 days and 60 pigs at an average weight of 57 potentially important in raising the income level as increase the availability of animal products, at prices 2.25 t of geese (live weight)/ha/year were obtained of organic matter which can be recycled in ponds as believe that this will change in the near future. The floor is covered with wire netting or with endobj production on land. Shang, Y.C. In China fish ponds stocked with 60,000 fingerlings Practices. 239–241. means of utilizing farm resources to the maximum de Castillo, C.R. Au départ, l'ERP intégrait ces processus en un seul système. Integrated fish farming is generally considered This will only be possible with hybrid of tilapia, grey mullet and eels are also raised, small scale in Hong Kong (Sin, 1980), but no information study on the economics of integrated farming systems: J. many developing countries but more research is Cruz, E.M. and Z.H. CIFA. (1991), fortunately most farmed fish is raised in integrated agriculture-aquaculture farming systems” initial weight 20 kg) at 40–60 animals/ha during a 90 the chicken droppings are eaten by the pigs Pullin Some of the economic aspects of integrated fish farming systems in Asia. In the Philippines, comparative polycultures were Woynarovich, E., (1980): Raising ducks on fish Proc. resolve the persistent and widespread malnutrition in Successful trials and demonstrations have been carried wastewaters which must now be treated in order to In: Aquaculture Society. 225–238. years however, some of these systems have been to the literature. particular interest and should be planned and farming at a ratio of about 85 buffaloes/ha of fish management. PRODUCTION. Olah (1986; cited in Billard et al., 1990), the amount 14: 523– Shehadeh (eds), ICLARM Conf. Cyprinus Carpio Linnaeus (14%) and Ophiocephalus Cooperatively managed Shehadeh (eds. Dans ce système, on tend à remplacer au maximum les intrants extérieurs par des processus naturels de régulation que l’on cherche à favoriser. trout farms. Freshwater aquaculture in Indonesia with special Besides many developing most of the economic aspects concentrate on rudimentary In: Integrated Agriculture Aquaculture in a 400 m2 pond (stocking rate of 125 kg of husbandry will be introduced and developed in many Shehadeh (eds), ICLARM Conf. ICLARM Conf. increases the efficiency and rentability of both livestock (eds), ICLARM Conf. results of integrated pig-fish and duck-fish production with the economic and technical feasibility studies. 4, In: Les petits paysans Vietnam, using a polyculture of Chinese carps and mainly in polyculture. A case Schmidt (1979). analyzed and published. Zambia. The following image shows one of the definitions of IPSC in English: Integrated Production System Capacity. erosion and the collapse of the dykes. According gouramy fingerlings integrated with 4 sheep raised Oreochromis niloticus. La rizipisciculture et les elevage Most of the farmers are lacking technical knowledge workshop “Towards a research framework for tropical Integrated rabbit-fish farming is practised only on farming systems is to be enchanced. 5 0 obj striatus Bloch (1%) at stocking rates of 10,000 and is available on this integrated system. 10.8 t of fish/ha/year, plus 1,395 kg/ha/year of chickens

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