interjection exercise for class 3 with answers

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2. 4) Ssh! They are very unique because they don’t affect the grammar of sentences that they are found in. 2) __________ What a splendid view this place has! 9) __________ Why are you people shouting? 12) Listen! The printer has jammed again, and today I must get to class on time! Answers. Now – adverb (Most words indicating time, place, manner, reason etc. Bravo! Instructions: Choose the best interjection that is appropriate for the sentence. A good shot! But she failed math miserably! 10) Listen! 5) __________ Let me look at the beautiful sunset! Aaron carried four bags of heavy groceries up seven flights. Free grammar and writing worksheets from K5 Learning; all worksheets are pdf documents. 14) Listen! 13) _________ There is something going on in our neighborhood! 20. Well done, thou good and trusted friend! For ex- look, listen, behold, hush SSh, etc. That's 8 pages plus answer key! 16) Hush! Etc. 2) _________ They are calling your name from the stage! Please note: While answer sheets have been provided, in some cases, answers will vary by student. Interjections Practice Questions – Take the given Interjection Exercises and check your level of proficiency in interjections. 1. Examples: ouch, god, my . Definition with Examples. 17. Thought – verb (Thought is the past simple form of the verb think.It also has an –ing form: thinking. This interjections lesson has voice actors reading the examples. 1) _________ This is the last time I am reminding you! September 28, 2016 A preposition is a word that shows the relation between two or more words in a sentence. Ugh! Interjections Quiz | Answer Key View Answers. The word is a verb when it has present, past and participle forms. ) Verify your answers with those provided in the end. It provides definitions, examples, and practice problems at the end of the lesson. That's 8 pages plus answer key! 2. 11) __________ I am going to the bed now! 12) _________ The sunrise is so beautiful here. In these worksheets, students identify interjections in sentences. Interjections of attention are used to draw the attention of someone. Example: Hi, Yeah, Ouch Underline the interjections in the sentences below: 1. Fill in the Blanks/Exercises/Activities/worksheet on Interjections of Attention with Answers: Complete the given sentences with appropriate Interjections of attention and verify your progress with the answers provided in the end. 14) __________ I want pin drop silence in the class! Usually starts a sentence. 17) __________ Maintain silence! A.Tell what emotions is expressed by the interjections in each expression below: Behold, the enemy marcheth! Fun Project Idea: Have your students perform the Schoolhouse Rock "Interjections!" Hip, hip Hurrah! Oh ! Interjections: (i) Some of the more interesting parts of speech are the interjections. INTERJECTION EXERCISES Recommended pages from our site - Selected by our team. All this helps her to write in more informative way. This is the last time your name is being called! Interjection- ANSWER KEY An interjection is a word used to express an emotion or feeling. Interjection- ANSWER KEY An interjection is a word used to express an emotion or feeling. Kanak, a Post Graduate in English literature is a Content Writer by profession and has good taste for writing. Interjections are words that express surprise or strong feelings. are adverbs. Here, “Hurray” is a/an- a.Preposition b.Conjunction c.Interjection d.Noun 1) Behold! 18. 4) Listen! 9) Listen! The teacher is coming this way! You have to do home work on your own! Fill in the Blanks-1) Listen!, 2)Behold!, 3)Hush!,4)Listen!, 5)Behold!, 6)Hush!, 7)Listen!, 8)Behold!, 9)hush!, 10)Listen!, 11)Hush!, 12)Behold!, 13)Listen!, 14)Hush!, 15)Listen!, 16)Behold!, 17)Hush!, 18)Listen!, 19)Listen!, 20)Behold! The examples include, greetings like (iii) Hi, (iv) Hello, (v) Goodbye, (vi) expressions like Great, (vi) Oh, (vi) Wow!, (vi) Bravo! The teacher is coming this way! For ex- look, listen, behold, hush SSh, etc. Geez, even Donald knows that the French Revolution had four principal causes. 16) _______There is someone trying to enter the room! These worksheets are great to accompany the Grammarheads Interjections song, PowerPoint, music video or just to supplement your general grammar curriculum. 15) __________ How long is it going to take for the bus to arrive? 18) _______ This is the final chance you have got! 10) Alright! 18) ___________ You are given the responsibility of keeping the class quiet! Principal is coming this way! Where is thy sting? True or False Exercises/Worksheet/Activities on Interjections of Attention with Answers: Carefully go through the following sentences and determine whether they are true or false also verify your answers with those provided in the end of exercise. Please note: While answer sheets have been provided, in some cases, answers will vary by student. 6) _________ I am stunned with the beauty of this place! You want Sophia to run the register? Answer: Attention Interjections of Attention are used to draw attention towards the speaker and they are completely different from the Interjections of Greeting. Interjections Lesson – This animated PowerPoint slideshow explains interjections. I am coming to your home tonight! 5) ___________ You have to come to the party at right time!

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