is astora straight sword good ds3

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And Astora Straight Sword btw if you have 12 faith Not as good as it used to be. A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 3. Players can find this sword in the shouldering lake on a corpse. Even some form of half decent scaling with an infusion would make me happy. Falls off sharply once you start encountering enemies with higher resistances, but if you upgrade it, it can last you through til the end of Sen's. If the Faith requirement is not met, attacks will bounce off heavily-armored enemies and any blocking opponent in PvP. after the nerf it got it's literally a useless weapon, no need for pick it up, not even at low soul level since you need to invest on faith and a long sword doesn't need that, it has actual scaling and it's is basically 10 times better. Req. Anyway, sorry for my english guys. (barbed sword deals more damage with bleed, but has less range, more stamina consumption and 20 less AR). The stat scaling is rank C and is not that good, but the base damage on the sword makes up for it. Param Here some tests. Fantastic weapon for cleric/sunbro builds early on, perhaps one of the best weapons you can pick up before heading to undead burg (assuming you took Master Key). 10 Meme Lord Stranger. I'm at the Church of Yorksha, and my straight swords uninfused, since that seems to be doing the most damage. If you wish to post videos, please click the link and apply in the thread), Parameter Bonus: Strength, Dexterity,Magic, Fire, Lightning and Dark bonuses - The scaling multiplier applied to the [Attack: stat]. You can still parry/backstab skeletons with it to kill them in at least 2 or 3 hits and they won't revive. I didn't know this sword counts as divine! seems legit. (BL=bleed, PO=poison) +10 upgrade, 60 luck, 12 str, 11 dex short sword BL 76 PO 85 AR 180 longsword BL 74 PO 83 AR 198 broadsowrd BL 74 PO 83 AR 210 astora sword BL 81 PO 91 AR 217 barbed sword BL 82 PO 42/80 AR 197 lothric sword BL 77 PO 86 dark sword BL 74 PO 83 So, if you're playing luck build and want some bleed/poison straight sword, barbed sword and astora sword are the best ones. Requires regular reinforcement titanite and souls +, Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a. It is possible to grab the sword without waking up the Dragon by approaching it slowly from the side of the New Londo shortcut. The Black Knight Greataxe is another fantastic choice for PVE. I used it for a little while, but spec wise your better off using Irithyll Straight Sword. On the sword's handle are engraved runes in an unknown language; these have not been reliably decoded. 80 C Minor starting and ending lag. It may be because my other weapon is a great hammer, but it doesn't seem to be doing the damage that I need at this stage. Found Nevertheless, it is still an excellent weapon to use before moving on to a better one for your build. But, if you're running a low stamina caster, it's still a great sidearm due to the low Stamina usage. For people who wonder if this sword shine anywhere or if it's just worse version of others straight swords. While I'm doing okay with it, I'm really just not sure if it's worth the extra titanite. All rights reserved. i mean it probably has one of the biggest damage among all straight swords, and yet people just rather using lothric knight sword :/. - Get this right after going to Firelink to make your trip to the Rite of Kindling just a bit easier, It's a good support for sorcerers. Like it was in the first game, it's a crutch until mid game, then it become pretty worthless. Dark Souls Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. At 20/20 +4, it's only 5 AR behind Raw Longsword or Sharp Lothric. Astora's Straight Sword is a straight sword in Dark Souls. Any help? Horizontal swings. Low starting and ending lag. The fact that it does has magic damage but has a faith scaling is a non-sense for me. When it comes to curved Greatswords, it is the most used for quality builds. I'll plug into mugenmonkey when I get back to my PC. If you're pumping DEX, it falls behind the Lothric Sword quickly. It has a great move set and works well with strength and quality builds especially. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. I used it on my level one run and it worked really well with a raw infusion but becomes useless when you get to the dragon slayer armor because the attack bounce off since you don’t meet the faith requirements. ಠ_ಠ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, this thing is a straight sword that can be infused and buffed and deal more base damage than the wolf knight greatsword and the stormruler which are greatswords, and yet people underrate it so much, i wish i would see more people using this... damn, can anyone explain why i dont see anyone use this even though it has this massive damage and yet still can be buffed and infused??? When an items durability is low, a message will come up saying "Weapon At Risk!" Low starting and ending lag. All weapons have motion values assigned to each attack, which are modifiers to AR that are associated with the attack being used. Jul 7, 2017 @ 1:26am Originally posted by decadence: It's ok for a straight sword. 10 Requires: Twinkling Titanite and 2,000 souls per upgrade. Raw ASS is still good, just not in the usual ways. 1 Availability 2 Characteristics 3 Trivia 4 Moveset 5 Upgrades 6 Gallery Astora's Straight Sword is located on a body by the Undead Dragon in the Valley of the Drakes. Outside of that not much to be done. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Invasions are about ugly victories and beautiful defeats. It is a useful starting weapon for Faith builds as it can be acquired within minutes of arriving at the Firelink Shrine (assuming the player has the Master Key). The Astora Greatsword is lightest Ultra Greatsword in the game, which gives players more flexibility when allocating points. The motion value of a backstab with a straight sword does not change with Hornet Ring. Vertical swings. 35 This sword is really nice when you pair it with a dragonslayer spear build. The weapon was quite overpowered at release but has since been nerfed. Minor starting and ending lag. #7. But if you don't have fun using it don't bother upgrading. 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