is matter around us pure class 9 mcq with answers

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2. A heterogeneous mixture does not have a uniform composition throughout its mass. Answer: (b)    A solution is always a liquid. distillation (c) fractional purification (d) crystallization, Question.14: Complete CBSE Guide, chapter wise NCERT Solutions, CBSE Notes, Guess and Sample Questions from NCERT Textbooks with their answers for Class 7 - 12. (b) Bromine is a non-metal which exists as a liquid at room temperature. (b) Potassium chloride and ammonium chloride In rusting of iron, its chemical composition is changed. B. (g) Fine beam of light entering through a small hole in a dark room. aerosol (d) soil. Which of the following concerning the species X, Y and P are correct? (f) Settling of sand when a mixture of sand and water is left undisturbed for some time. (a)  Drying of a shirt in the sun. Answer: You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Question 1: (ii)  it has variable composition., e.g., brass is considered a mixture, because it shows the properties of its constituents, copper and zinc, and it has a variable composition (amount of Zn in brass can vary from 20 to 35 per cent). Sulphur dissolves completely in carbon disulphide. (ii)  Burning of wood We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. (i) Decantation (or filtration) process is used to separate sand from common salt solution in (vi)  It should has high densities and melting point/boiling point too. A homogeneous mixture has a uniform composition throughout its mass. (d) Physical change as there occurs only the dissolution. element. Answer: (a) heterogeneous and shows Tyndall effect Answer: homogeneous mixture of two or more metals or of metallic elements with non-metallic elements. Method Simple distillation can be used to separate two volatile components with appreciable They always remain in a state of zig-zag motion, called Brownian movement, which counters the force of gravity acting on colloidal particles and hence, helps in providing stability to colloidal sols by not allowing them to settle down. Answer: Colloids are big enough to scatter a beam of light passing through it and make its path visible. Explain. Give reasons for the same. Answer: cream is colloidal solution of, (a) gas in liquid (b) liquid in liquid (i) Pure substances contain only one kind of particles. (b)   Name a non-metal which exists as a liquid at room temperature. it WAS helpful but it would be more helpful if it was in mock-test format. (e) Phosphorus is a non-metal other than carbon which shows allotropy. Ramesh dissolved 10 g of sugar in 100 g of water while Sarika prepared it by dissolving 10 g of sugar in water to make 100 g of the solution. Question 14: Tincture of iodine has antiseptic properties. Lead acetate                     Black ppt              Acetic acid The vapours of high boiling liquid gets condensed earlier (at lower level). Answer: Apart from this, colloidal particles are charged and repel each other. ( Log Out /  Which of the following statement is or are incorrect? If you want to join our unlimited test series, then please write us at about your class/course. A mixture of sulphur and carbon disulphide is (c) Metallic sodium is soft enough to be cut with a knife. Two substances, A and B were made to react to form a third substance, A2B according to the following reaction 2A + B → A2 B. Answer (c) Mercury 2. (e)  Two or more coloured constituents soluble in some solvent. Name the phenomenon involved. Will it be a pure substance or a mixture? (a)  A volatile and a non-volatile component. (i)   Melting of iron metal (d)Example  Mixture of ammonium chloride and common salt. Answer: Answer: (c) iodine in water                              (d) iodine in alcohol If you are a student of class 9 who is using NCERT Textbook to study Science, then you must come across Chapter 2 Is Matter Around Us Pure. atom. suspension. The advantages are as given below These cookies do not store any personal information. 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As the given element is sonorous and highly ductile, therefore, it is categorised as a metal. evaporation (b) fractional distillation (c) fractional crystallization (d) means 50 g of solute for every 100 mL of solution and not in 100 mL of solvent.

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