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In Season 1, it was revealed that Harrison Wells, mentor and father figure to Team Flash, had actually been dead for years and was instead the evil speedster, Reverse Flash. Grace was a stepping stone for The Flash in that she was the series's first main female Big Bad, but other than that, she didn't really contribute anything. Things just went from bad to worse for poor Julian, who was actually the secondary antagonist of Season 3 all along, without even realizing it. Here are the best and the worst theories we've seen so far: Zoom is Wells. Come on and zoom! I want an entire hour that follows Patty and Joe swapping stories and jokes as they stakeout a potentially villainous metahuman operation! Related Topics. And we weren't necessarily expecting her to SO quickly work her way into our hearts. A one-stop shop for all things video games. But while it's a popular Arrowverse show, there are some supporting characters fans dislike. Caitlin has gone through a whole lot, watching her fiancé die. The latter was reluctant, as his old partner, Eddie, had only recently died and he didn't want to put anyone else in danger unless it was strictly necessary. Their motivation for killing was fairly standard, and didn't really have any impact on Barry or any of the main cast. Like, what was the point of her? Hunter Zolomon, on the other hand, was not. For us, it just makes us think of the 1999 PBS show Zoom, featuring middle-schoolers doing craft projects and speaking total nonsense. Sherloque was one of the more recent doppelgängers of Harrison Wells to have appeared on our screens, but for some reason, fans just didn't warm to him as they had the others. I am so onboard with this character. Come on and zoom! While this could work in a number of ways, one theory suggests that Zoom is the Henry from the timeline in which Barry's in handcuffs that we saw in the speedforce. Unfortunately, both Patty and Barry were keeping secrets from each other, and viewers knew that Patty only existed to keep Barry and Iris apart. It felt like they had taken everything great about Reverse Flash and copy and pasted the results in Season 2. Patty appeared in the second season of The Flash, requesting that she be allowed to help Joe with his metahuman task force. CLICK: How does Patty Spivot stay so darn peppy? If Zoom had already killed the real Henry, it would make more sense for him to take off like that. With a few notable exceptions thanks to the surprising return of Reverse Flash, the whole season just felt slow and not particularly exciting. Barry Allen's girlfriend and assistant when he worked for the police department. That isn't to say all the new cast members are automatically shunned, though. 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However, when he killed Iris (another big shock), he turned the Flash into a whiny, moody child for the rest of the season, which no one found engaging. Bound to totally emotionally wreck both Barry and Iris? However, the main issue with the fifth season was that the villains were just not that interesting. You are Wells. However, knowing this show and how it likes to totally emotionally destroy us, we can surmise that the person under that mask is probably someone we know and love, or at least someone who has the face of someone we know and love. Twice. RELATED: The Live-Action Flash Costumes, Ranked. When she geeked out over Barry's forensic reports. When she wouldn't take Joe's "no" for an answer. He loves to write, read and watch Netflix. But that didn't stop her from making the point that, just because you have superpowers, doesn't mean you have the right to use them to hurt others. Barry and Patty Spivot begin dating in the second season, she ... Gustin also portrays Savitar (voiced by Tobin Bell in his exosuit which is performed by stuntman Andre Tricoteux), an evil and scarred future version of his character who is season three's main antagonist. Kinda obvious? Share Share Tweet Email. For Barry, one of those was season two’s Patty Spivot (Shantel Van Santen). A mysterious man brings warning of an evil speedster intent on destroying The Flash, and a determined officer wants to join Joe's meta-human task force. At this point, viewers were just getting tired of watching Barry run around for a bit, get upset, run around a bit more and then do something really quickly that saves the day. After coming back from Flashpoint, Barry was stunned to realize that he now had to share his lab with another scholar, Julian. It's a stretch, sure, given the fact that he has never on The Flash, but just look at these sick moves and tell me this kid didn't make some deal with some sort of evil entity: The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on the CW. It's Julian's inability to properly connect with the main cast that lands him a spot on this list. © 2020 E! Firstly, Orlin Dwyer had a lame voice. Patty Spivot, standing up for the every-person. DC Future State's Black Mask And Scarecrow Revealed. Not all villains have to sound so gravelly and monotonous. On one hand, this seemingly perfect girl for Barry did come totally out of nowhere in a way that could make her untrustworthy, but we love her too much for her to be evil. There haven't been many changes to the main cast over the years, and as a result, the audience feels a lot more comfortable around them. RELATED: 10 Biggest (& Best) Romantic Gestures In The Flash. Once she had been rescued by Team Flash, Jesse stayed on Earth-1 for a while, striking up a relationship with Wally West. PHOTOS: Every TV superhero costume, ranked from super tragic to super epic. Luckily, Barry defeated Reverse Flash with some help from Eddie, and Harrison Wells was no more. ), so they can't all be correct (or can they?!). Julian Albert wasn't a hated character as such, but his first appearance didn't really count for much. Viewers never saw Julian arrive, so perhaps that was why they never really warmed up to him in the first place. (Extra points if they sing.) Instead of dying, he got sucked into the speed force and realized how screwed over he had been by all the other speedsters, so he vowed to become the fastest of them all. Here are 11 times Patty totally won us over in "The Flash of Two Worlds"... Internalized misogyny is real, friends, but Patty Spivot RESISTS. This really isn't saying that much, because both Cicadas were still pretty lousy antagonists. You may be hoping for a Snowbarry or Westallen endgame, but it's hard not to admit that Barry and Patty are pretty adorable right the heck now. When she understood that metahumans aren't inherently good or evil. Or the first person? Heartwrenching? However, Patty remained persistent and eventually she became Joe's partner. This Wells was arrogant, rude, selfish and actually, more of a jerk than his evil doppelgänger. Sound off in the comments! This is obviously not brilliant, but Harrison Wells from Earth-2 was both these things as well, and no one seemed to care then. Uh huh. The CW's The Flash is one of the most popular shows within the Arrowverse and, with its seventh season recently confirmed, it doesn't show any sign of slowing down soon — pun absolutely intended. It wasn't very original. "They're always so detailed, like, they paint a picture like you were somehow actually there when someone was being brutally murdered." If you watched Tuesday's episode of the superhero drama — "The Flash of Two Worlds" — then you know that Patty stole the show. Directed by Jesse Warn. 9 Patty Spivot. Another Harrison Wells, this time from Earth-2, came to our world to help Zoom steal Barry's speed. We've barely met him, and we don't care enough about him yet. For some, like Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), the name Zoom brings fear alongside an air of mystery.

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