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They liked the idea of trading with Europeans who valued beaver pelts, which were in high demand in London. any business activity within the map itself, placed at the top center of the map. Late Weymouth historian Ted Clarke said the settlement was built on a promontory, likely a glacial esker. They chose a site where the Fore River spills into the bay, an area in North Weymouth known as Wessagusset. The natives were murdered and fighting continued outside the blockhouse, killing three natives. It is proposed a first video: clicking on the PLAY button the video will start. Abigail Adams Park is a relatively new park with free parking and near two small stony beaches on the Back River. There were rumors of possible native reprisals. The names of key participants are used as names for streets in the neighborhood a bit to the east of the Weston Colony location . It’s rough, but it works. Please find in what follows the full listing of the Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and other accommodation available in Wessagusset Beach. Inside the video window there are several commands and a Playlist button. General Information: Located off North St. Current Activities Click on an activity name for details or the date for the activity schedule. Meanwhile, the mighty Massachusetts were knocked down,  decimated by disease and were pushed into oblivion. A map of the Massachusetts Bay circa 1632-1634 (discovered in the British Museum), indicates the location of the settlement. But the Hunt’s Hill site was removed to provide fill for Marine Park in South Boston in 1899 and is now covered with water. The action at Wessagusset was immortalized (and fictionalized)  in Longfellow’s “The Courtship of Myles Standish”. The weather forecasting are available for the town of Weymouth , that is 3.21 miles far from Wessagusset Beach . Some folks put it at Great Hill in North Weymouth. Wessagusset Colony (sometimes called the Weston Colony or Weymouth Colony) was a short-lived English trading colony in New England located in Weymouth, Massachusetts.It was settled in August 1622 by between fifty and sixty colonists who were ill-prepared for colonial life. Besides Wessagusset Beach in the County of ( Norfolk ) there are the following places of kind Beach . The SEC Capital Grant Program awards competitive grants for locally grown ideas and projects that support these goals. The Zip Code of Wessagusset Beach is 02188. The company’s sailing vessel could be tucked into the west side of the esker, providing significant protection from storms. Wednesday Oct 1, 2014 at 12:01 AM Oct 1, 2014 at 1:19 PM. You can use the << and >> keys to scroll through the videos. Wessagusset Beach is also 3.09 miles far from the closest airport or heliport, the Clean Harbors Heliport . Why is that the most likely site? This post is a simplification and to some extent interpretation of complicated events with conflicting versions  of what happened. See 29 photos and 5 tips from 306 visitors to Wessagusset Beach. Copyright 2019 Douglas Smock, North Weymouth, MA. Although Summer is already over, we still enjoy going to the beach. Increase access to the shoreline for people of all ages and abilities. The Weston Colony in Wessagusset set up a few buildings with a stockade— a mini Plymouth—and recouped some of the investment in their voyage. The “Historical Sketch of the Town of Weymouth, Massachusetts” compiled by Gilbert Nash in 1885 said tradition put the site on an inlet to the Fore River about three to four miles from the Hunt’s Hill site. Many other questions remain, such as what  was the role of Massasoit, the embattled Rhode Island tribal chief who sought a military alliance with the English settlers in Plymouth to improve his chance of survival? Each video can be displayed in full screen. It was then inhabited in summer months by members of the Massachusetts tribe, who wintered in the Blue Hills. Some say the Wessagusset episode deserves a place in American history because it is where the survival of the Plymouth Colony was cemented. The SEC serves all 78 of Massachusetts’ coastal communities and helps these communities use their unique economic assets to grow the economy and unlock job creation. The Wessagusset Beach area in Weymouth contains several locations where parking and close proximity to the water go together. The SEC also assists coastal communities in preparing for the impacts of climate change. The park, created at the urging of the Weymouth Historical Society, is called the Wessagusset Wetland and Woodland Historic Conservation Site. Wessagusset Beach is a place of kind Beach belonging to the County of ( Norfolk ). Historical Sketch of the Town of Weymouth, Massachusetts, It’s the 11th Hour For the Compressor Fight, Calpine May Close, Why We Retirees Should Vote Yes On Chapman, The Case For A New Chapman School- Part One. This project seeks to double the length of accessible open space between the two beaches and enhance opportunities for passive recreation along the Town's historic waterfront. Press the Playlist button to access the complete listing of available videos, along with their titles. The SEC was re-launched by Governor Charlie Baker in August 2015 with a mission to deepen the Commonwealth's maritime economy, promote economic development, and support resilient infrastructure from the North Shore to Cape Cod and the South Coast. English authority prevailed and the rest is history. Another memorial in the park is dedicated to John Sanders, the second governor of Weston Colony. In the meantime, they also reduced the profitable beaver pelt income received by the Plymouth colony and created some unrest among the natives for theft of corn. Like the Pilgrims, they arrived poorly supplied and unprepared. Wessagusset Road Weymouth, MA 02189. Finally, I wonder why there isn’t any official recognition of Wessagusset as a state or national historic site. In another, it should be recognized and remembered as a place of respect and reverence for Native Americans. Puritan settlers soon flooded into the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

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