isaiah 4:2 commentary

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Grotius supposed that it referred to Ezra or Nehemiah, but ‹mystically to Christ and Christians.‘ Vogellius understood it of the “remnant” that should return from the Babylonian captivity. (1) That He was perfect Man is demonstrable from God’s Word. Shall be beautiful and glorious - Hebrew, ‹Shall be beauty and glory;‘ that is, shall be the chief ornament or honor of the land; shall be that which gives to the nation its chief distinction and glory. ], "[The branch is] a name of Christ, used in a fourfold way: (1) "the branch of the LORD" ( Isaiah 4:2), i.e. The earth — The land which for the sins of the people was made barren, upon their return to Christ shall recover its fertility. The branch of the Lord.] "Commentary on Isaiah 4:2". A C Gaebelein entitles the chapter… Zion's Future Cleansing and Glory… Israel regathered and cleansed (Isa 4:2, 3, 4) Jehovah's visible glory revealed (Isa 4:5, 6) The Branch of the Lord (Jehovah) is the Lord Jesus Christ. The branch of the Lord . [Note: E.g, Chisholm, "A Theology . Even as sweating great drops of blood in Gethsemane"s gloomy garden, and as hanging in torture and agony upon Calvary"s cross, faith can see a beauty in the glorious Redeemer, even in the lowest depths of ignominy and shame. It is indeed the same word as is translated "beauty" in the holy garments made for Aaron by Moses ( Exodus 28:2), and clothed in which he ministered before the Lord when he went into the holy place. Oh, what a glory does faith see sometimes in his eternal Deity, in his divine Sonship, in what he is in himself as the brightness of the Father"s glory and the express image of his Person, and in what he is as made unto us wisdom and righteousness, sanctification and redemption! "[The branch is] a name of Christ, used in a fourfold way: (1) "the branch of the LORD" ( Isaiah 4:2), i.e. "Barnes' Notes on the Whole Bible". Ver. The fruit of the earth shall be excellent; "In that day" connects this section of the oracle with its earlier parts and shows that all of it deals with a future time (cf. Shall be excellent - Shall be “for exaltation,” or “honor.”. 2012. Isaiah, as with a single bound, retires from the dreary scene he has pictured, and is again rejoicing in engrossment with the future Messianic times. How glorious does he show himself to be in his atoning blood and dying love. Compare Isaiah 45:8; (note), where the same great event is set forth under similar images, and see the note there. The family of David, when the Messiah was to come, would be fallen into decay and almost extinct. righteousness shall look down from heaven. The idea properly is, that this shoot of a decayed family should be nurtured up by Yahweh; should be appointed by him, and should thus be “his” branch. ", "And the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and lovely for those who are escaped of Israel. The Messiah’s reign is to extend on to the end of the world. Christ is called "the branch", not as God, but as man, not as a son, but as a servant, as Mediator; and it chiefly regards his descent from David, and when his family was very mean and low; and a branch being but a tender thing, it denotes Christ's state of humiliation on earth, when he grew up as a tender plant before the Lord, and was contemptible in the eyes of men: and he is called the branch "of the Lord", because of his raising up, and bringing forth; see Zechariah 3:8 and yet this branch became "beautiful", being laden with the fruits of divine grace, such as righteousness, reconciliation, peace, pardon, adoption, sanctification, and eternal life; as well as having all his people as branches growing on him, and receiving their life and fruitfulness from him: and "glorious", being the branch made strong to do the work of the Lord, by his obedience and death; and especially he became glorious when raised from the dead, when he ascended up to heaven, and was exalted there at the right hand of God; and when his Gospel was spread and his kingdom increased in the Gentile world, as it did, both before and after the destruction of Jerusalem, the time here referred to; and which will he in a more glorious condition in the last days; and now he is glorious in the eyes of all that believe in him, and is glorified by them; and when he comes a second time, he will appear in his own and his father's glory, and in the glory of the holy angels.

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