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Job Description: Technology Project Manager Whether you're looking to hire one or looking for a position yourself, use this detailed job description to find out what the role of a Technology Project Manager … The PM serves as a liaison between all functions: superintendent, client, field staff, vendors, subcontractors, and more. Present oral and written reports defining plans, problems, and resolutions to appropriate levels of management. coordinate people and processes to ensure that our projects are delivered on time and produce the desired results }�bl�G�i%�0Jl��w�a���*��E��a��[������W�GcY�v��1�4ai�(?W x6�5IեVh4�8�LkS�e=��Un�8@}V�>�&Ҡnuj!1� O��W_~߉����7lx0~� �u������;n!�n8���!h��(����+�h:7�%�h�����c�)v�;�C��ե���@,"�-42S���N��YkSY���\4��� ,� 0�&-1�~��d�2�4�a�� �hL��9 Supervision Received: IS&T Director and/or Senior Project Manager reviews %PDF-1.3 Project Manager Job Descriptions Prepared by IS&T Competency Group Last Updated 3/07 Page 2 of 5 methodology. }.�]]?���^�>�/^~l=�y���ջ�����������\�������osw�qXN{���p#���Њv����u��v{�f�{�5��z��s�h"�������z1l��n����{X���-ϼ����}���������hH1����6��a���0�������/?��/������n��������p�v�f=��v��+��W�������������w���_���7�Rc=l���0������7��qוF��������TG'�ٸ�C�"�3��� �U{��{z9�ޟ�8u���c�?�n�]ۍ�z>G��n���/�N�aգC�ʜ`&FK������î5��v[���]ۯ7��N���.4p��yuy3\7�w![���t���v0WYli���4�U#��|���_M����%f�? She/he establishes project goals and tracks �ڠ�w߬v:-�t Ť�=prhS���D��~R��1�Y�0Ix&��5 �`�%�5Z����Q9@\c ���������6��_�Ġv����T�v������Iv�zى�,���ITZ��Z���7PK��I>~���p���[�H��D�'�4���o/��߀��R�E_��� O3 &�Z����W@��_�EgϜ���ú/ޠߪ7��u�DRr;1�� I���|?���N���S�Jo`���ыV�. Job Description # • Work closely with the Grants Finance Accountantto ensure budget planning, management and reporting of resources is effective, timely and accurate • Work closely with the Security Manager toensure effective delivery and implementation of the project 4 0 obj x�]k��q�>�^�ԒԂ�X�C�H�R����yl>��Ȏs�8������������:������oU?�W�Y�����߷�o�_mʿ�i��v�]�8����~�߶�}�V�|X�~���y|��q}���i�}X�z��[��w\]������޼+-����a�\�m�u�~������f������ɏ!��ͺ_]? << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> %��������� PROJECT MANAGER Job Description The PM leads the project and sub-contractors to manage and deliver construction projects on-time, within budget. ��!s�bj��\����z�� \�h���&��$5�5�Y�LBa�k�zW�f4i��P��Aw�(Ih�%��( stream

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