jackson audio golden boy pedal

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The pedal's digital control divides the gain control setting into four levels of 25%, … The Golden Boy Transparent Overdrive (designed in collaboration with Joey Landreth) is the most versatile and transparent overdrive ever made. Every time you press both footswitches simultaneously, the gain of the pedal will jump up 25% until you get to 100%. The choice is yours! Transparent Overdrive, Bluesbreaker/King of Tone Circuit, 3-Band Active EQ, Boost Circuit Check out this link for some detailed wiring:  https://www.midi.org/articles-old/trs-specification-adopted-and-released. It's 2020 and it's time to expect more from an analog overdrive pedal! TIP: Add the BOOST to push the overdrive even harder for endless sustain! JACKSON AUDIO / GOLDEN BOY! 現在最もホットなギタリスト”Mateus Asato”使用のペダル / JACKSON AUDIO ”PRISM”でお馴染み 3人の40年以上にわたるアンプ製作やサウンド・デザインの経 … To activate/deactivate the boost circuit simply press the BOOST footswitch. When in this mode, the BOOST led will flash to indicate that you are in program mode. Based on the legendary Baxandall EQ that is featured in countless studio EQ’s, the GOLDEN BOY EQ takes this circuit and tailors it for guitarists! Marrying 21st century technology with classic guitar tones of the past, we are elevating our players tonal experience and reestablishing what people should expect from a guitar pedal. “Brad (Jackson) … Changing clipping diodes are a great way to radically change how an overdrive pedal sounds and feels but oftentimes the change that you perceive has more to do with a change in volume than an actual change in tone….until now! “I got to know Jackson Audio through their Prism pedal,” says guitarist Joey Landreth when we quiz him about the R&D behind the Jackson Audio Golden Boy overdrive. When we were designing the GOLDEN BOY we knew we wanted to give the overdrive section a lot of tonal flexibility and most importantly make that flexibility useful on stage. One of the things that makes the boost in the GOLDEN BOY different from other boosts on the market is that it has 4 presets available. By default, the GOLDEN BOY ships with MIDI Channel 1 being the selected channel. TIP: Set the GAIN control to around 3:00+ to have 4 distinct overdrive settings as you cycle through the gain! Each preset is EQ’d slightly differently to allow it to alter how it interacts with the overdrive circuit in the GOLDEN BOY or any other pedal you may have in your rig. I have played the Golden Boy thru a strymon iridium for the last hour. ALT BOOST – Modified version of the MOSFET boost. The Golden Boy takes that classic tasteful circuit adds some 3D depth, marries it with the modern ideas of Brad Jackson and turns it into an absolute Swiss Army knife for just about any pedalboard." With the GOLDEN BOY, you keep playing and use your foot (or MIDI) to adjust the gain for you! Once you arrive at a clipping preset that you want to use, press and hold the DRIVE footswitch for more than 1 second and clipping program mode will exit. The GOLDEN BOY allows for 4 different presets of clipping diodes which themselves drastically alter the tone and feel of the way the overdrive clips and distorts. I have a collection of clones that I love. 恐れ入りますが当店ドメイン「b-west.net」からのメールを受信できるように設定する必要があります。詳しくはご契約のスマートフォンWebサイトでご確認下さい。Gmailアドレスをお持ちの方はGmailメールアドレスからお問合せください。, メールからお問い合わせはguitar@b-west.netからお問い合わせ下さい。営業時間内で、お急ぎの場合は電話からは078-452-4524まで, Copyright© 2007-2012 B-West All Rights Reserved. The Golden Boy is based on the Bluesbreaker/King of Tone circuit, so the resulting tone is very open, uncompressed and transparent sounding. STND BOOST – Our version of the MOSFET boost. The 12:00 position is totally flat with +/-12dB boost/cut on either side of center. Two symmetrical silicon diodes give the classic drive and compression that the Tube Screamer is known for. Take your pick. Think John Mayer overdriven tones. Marrying 21st century technology with classic guitar tones of the past, we are elevating our players tonal experience and reestablishing what people should expect from a guitar pedal. I have three, prob only need one or two. This is the cable that we have used with great success and can't recommend it enough.https://www.disasterareaamps.com/shop/mj-5p-cableFor those building their own cables, the GOLDEN BOY receives MIDI information via the RING connection on a TRS (Tip, Ring, and Sleeve) connector. However if you are a purist, or you just want to hear the difference, I have good news for you. So now you can select between all four clipping options, your volume level will remain constant. Here’s a perfect use case! Jackson Audio —the Texas-based pedal makers that place premium effects in working artists' sonic arsenals—has just released the Golden Boy Overdrive.

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