javascript interview questions 2019

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Negative Infinity is a number in JavaScript which can be derived by dividing negative number by 0. In the above example, var ‘a’ will be of type ‘Number’ and var ‘b’ will be of type ‘String’. This can be worked using toString() as follows: An object is a value in memory referenced by an identifier. Strict Mode imposes a layer of constraint on JavaScript. It is similar to any class-based language. JavaScript supports the following three ways to create objects. A JavaScript object is an entity having state and behavior (properties and method). It can dynamically update the contents of the webpage, which is the beauty of this language. Answer: Using External JavaScript in our code has many advantages. But JavaScript Hoisting will allow it. This code will not throw an error. Q #18) In the following code snippet can you please predict the output or If you get an error, please explain the error? history.go(number): number may be positive for forward, negative for backward. Here the variable ‘num’ is used before declaring it. Let’s take an example that calculates the perimeter of a rectangle. Please refer to previous Q #11, as explained there, the interpreter will take all the variables declared except initialization to the top. Q #9) What is the use of the ‘debugger’ keyword in JavaScript code? once a string is created, it can’t be modified. All of them are equally useful in their ability to enable composition. Whenever the DOM receives an event, it calls the JavaScript event handler function bind to the event. The same set of JavaScript Codes can be used in multiple pages. This method is only applicable to the declaration of a variable and is not applicable for the initialization of a variable. Gradually, it moves up the prototype chain, until it reaches the i.e., the root delegate for most of the objects. It returns a string indicating the type of the operand. By using a test (), we will search a string for a given pattern, if it finds the matching text then it returns the Boolean value ‘true’ or else it returns ‘false’. Q #27) What is a Closure and how do you use it? The operand can be any variable, object or function. Answer: There are a total of 7 basic … Answer: Answer: Both keywords represent empty values. Since the nested function is just a regular function and not an object method, it’s “this” refers to the global namespace. Let’s see an example. In this method, we create a function with arguments. This is one of JavaScript’s primitive values. By the help of try/catch block, we are able to handle exceptions in JavaScript. The function is used to set the text property of the

tag having ‘display_num’ as Id. If not, then what is the difference between Java & JavaScript? Java is a general-purpose programming language. In the case of a function call, ‘this’ refers to the global object. JavaScript is a scripting language. If you have a variable declared anywhere inside the code, then it is brought to the top. Refer Ques No: 5 for more details, This is an example of debugging keyword (Browser used: Chrome). To delete a Cookie, we have to set its expiry date to a time that occurred in the past. New JavaScript version doesn’t have this error, Value is outside the range of types used. Q #15) What is the syntax of ‘Self Invoking Function’? It is called a factory function. String can also be created using ‘new’ operator. Answer: Both ‘==’ and ‘===’ are comparison operators. emp={id:102,name:”Rahul Kumar”,salary:50000}. If you are preparing for an interview, here are the most frequently asked JS Interview Questions and answers for your reference. Top JavaScript Interview Questions (2019 Edition) Web Development Interview; Meenakshi Agarwal; We’ve listed down the top 30 JavaScript interview questions and answers for web developers. Practice as many questions as possible and be confident. Property values are accessed using objectName.propertyName, For Example,  car1.type or car1[“type”] , returns ‘BMW’. It is widely used for client side validation. Answer: Array items can be joined using the join() method.

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