john 17:17 sermon

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(1) Antagonism is needed to build up a manly piety. In this sense creation is a word of God. Will they eventually be glorified? Those who belonged to God were separated from others. Will eventually be complete in the happy abode of "the spirits of just men made perfect."II. (2) But He spoke as Divine; and if the Word of God were not truth, as of so many other matters, He "would have told" us. The heart being changed, corresponding effects will be seen in the conduct. (1) By its realization. The truth concerning God.4. Is it not, taking the average, the rule that a man's morality tallies with his creed? It presents a right rule of action, adapted to every period and circumstance in human life. Christian experience is but human experience interpreted and controlled by Christian faith. What degree of sanctification do you possess?(T. Christians are set apart —(1) To dignified and important characters. (1) All its doctrines are calculated to promote holiness. How many millions have verifed them. Other motives there are and other results. HAS ITS ORIGIN IN TRUTH. It is necessary that these springs of action should be purified before true holiness can be exhibited in the life.3. Burn. He does not lead into fancies and conjectures; but brings us to this standard, that we may judge whether what we have received is the truth or not. It was to impress on His disciples the connection between consecration and sanctification that Christ spoke of sanctifying Himself. ITS MEANS. He knows everything, has no interests to serve in perverting the truth, and by the laws of His own Being "cannot lie." On account of the Holy Scriptures being the standard by which He works. What you do to the least of mankind you do to the greatest God. But truth seems to so work through the mere intellect that it hardly occurs to us to look at it as the secret of consecration. (1)He is the Truth of its symbols. THE REVELATION OF GOD IN THE SCRIPTURES. This work is —1. THE MEANS BY WHICH THE LORD SOUGHT THE ANSWER TO HIS PETITION. From all this we might say, without looking at its internal evidence, its moral effects, "Thy Word is truth."2. Glover. Lovers of the truth.3. Burn. The knowledge of it. We may not be able to consecrate ourselves to God with an intelligence as clear and a purpose as single as was His; but we can be His with a loyalty and love like that with which the disciples followed Christ. And all that it makes known of Him — His ways, character, will — is truth. We may not be able to consecrate ourselves to God with an intelligence as clear and a purpose as single as was His; but we can be His with a loyalty and love like that with which the disciples followed Christ. "I will be thy exceeding great reward." He tells us that by believing in Him we shall have remission; we believe and are saved. The fact is we are indifferent to truth. A whole host may be defeated because of one Achan in the camp; and this is our constant fear.3. We mean by it to make holy, its frequent meaning in the New. He pleads for it in heaven (Hebrews 7:25). Designation. Official consecration. God's life is self-sacrifice; and in the degree in which we are lifted up into that life, that character marks our lives, and Christ's aim is fulfilled. Lovers of the truth.3. (2) The truth about Christ, His work, love, humanity, Godhead, intercession, &c., is all quickening. (Congregational Remembrancer. All the truth that sanctifies men is in God's Word. The Gospels are the story of His life, and show how He was the Truth in —(1)His character;(2)His influence;(3)His teaching;(4)His death. He does not lead into fancies and conjectures; but brings us to this standard, that we may judge whether what we have received is the truth or not. Are we bringing our souls into close and frequent contact with the truth? But no man is sanctified by the study of the differential calculus, or the spots on the surface of the sun as such; and unless he brings to those studies a disposition to study the Author of the universe through the works of His hands the result will be purely intellectual. Brown, D. D.)Sanctification by means of the truthCongregational Remembrancer., C. Hodge, D. D.I. The supreme self-consecration of the will of Jesus on the cross fixes the idea of Christian sanctity. Thy Word is truth. It is far too narrow an interpretation to say that by "truth" He meant to contrast inward spiritual sanctification with the formal ceremonial sanctifications of the Jewish law. We cannot bring a clean thing out of an unclean. Whoever believes the Word of God, and participates of the truth as it is in Jesus, is brought into a new state. Burn. (4)To our hopes. He who inspired the truth must Himself interpret it.(R. (2) But in an equally important sense Christ's sanctification is the example and motive of ours. ITS OBJECT IS TO MAKE TRUE MEN.1. It is "that they may be presented holy and unblamable and unreprovable in His sight." Where shall I flee?" But the truth which Christ had imparted to them abode, the seed of a higher life, and the power of their recovery. Christ died for something more than the erasure of the penalty due to man from heaven's statute book. By stimulating hope. If we know anything of the sanctifying power of truth we should desire that others may know it too. "(3) To encourage us in the pursuit of holiness the promises of God's Word are given. Infidels in general have bowed respectfully to the purity of the Bible. Perfect consecration would be absolute holiness. ITS SUBSTANCE IS TRUTH It contains —1. 19): —I. (Isaiah Birt. How many millions have verifed them.6. (5) To immortality and eternal life. The Word of God is the perfect standard of holiness. Lovers of the truth.3. True poetry. By "truth" Christ means a body of facts having reference to God and the highest interests of men. Why are we not one? "To this end was I born," &c.3. "To this end was I born," &c.3. Such must be the meaning of the word when we read, "For their sakes I sanctify Myself." If He did not know, and accepted the truth of the Scriptures on trust, then He was credulous and forfeits our confidence in Him as the supreme Teacher and Guide. Mere ecclesiastical ordination is valueless, where it is not based on personal holiness, and where it is not preceded and accompanied by a spiritual consecration to the service of Christ in the gospel. -------------------- In this passage, which is Jesus’ final moments with his disciples before being arrested, Jesus prays for his disciples. (1)He is the Truth of its symbols. People may say that there are difficulties in the way of the Christian faith; but there are a thousand times more difficulties in the way of not believing. Now revelation is the unfolding of Divine love, and the measure of that love is the death of Christ. Where would be the room for the exercise of meekness, patience, self-sacrifice in a society when all was favourable to us? THE FORCE OF THIS PRAYER. No, we can only get the hallowing truth from God. It gives every man a future. It is compared to the progress of light. A certain tent was sanctified to the service of God, and hence it became a sanctuary; and the vessels that were therein, the fire, bread, oil, animals, were all sanctified (Numbers 7:1). It is not make believe that will give you sanctity. Lovers of the truth.3. THE INSTRUMENT THROUGH WHICH CHRIST EXPECTS THIS CHARACTER TO BE DEVELOPED — the truth.1. Man, by nature, is a violator of God's law; this is taught him with the greatest effect by the Word of God. Spence, D. D.I. They enlighten his understanding, form his judgment, and enrich his heart. Light is ever pure and purifying. True history, and corroborative evidence is being discovered year after year.4. a. Sometimes he may resemble the corn checked by the frost of winter, and at others the same corn revived by the gentle showers and warmer influences of the returning spring.5. Sin is the great dividing element.4. The temple sanctifieth the gold, and the altar the gift. Outside of revelation there have been such ideals, but they have been vague and varying, and have failed to supply the demands of even the natural conscience. And in the measure in which we do this will the energy and sanctity of Christ's life be reproduced in us.II. (1) The whole object of many is to become faultless, and they may pursue this end as selfishly as any other, in order to reach complacency. What He reveals, therefore, must be as it really is, and what He has revealed is in the Bible. To this end "all things are ours."(A. 2. It is important to insist on this connection between truth and high moral improvement in view of the idea that morality is independent of religious doctrine, and that, consequently, what a man believes is of little importance. All of the vessels used in the temple worship were to be sanctified; i.e., they were not to be used for any other purpose than in the worship of God. It accords exactly with what God is, and what it teaches may therefore be relied on.

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