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The longest know lifespan in the wild is nine years. at http://www.audubon.org/bird/stateofthebirds/grasslands.html. On the ground, their brown-and-black dappled upperparts camouflage the birds among dirt clods and dry grasses. "State of the Birds: Grasslands" 2005. ("Western Meadowlark", 2003; "Birdnature.com", 2002; Campbell, 1973; "Demography and Populations", 2005; Grossman and Hamlet, 1964; Lanyon, 1995; Stark, 1940; Taylor, 1969), Sturnella species eat kernels of sprouting grain, which can destroy portions of newly planted crops. Cornell Lab of Ornithology. A familiar bird, known by the black "V" on its chest when it sings from a fencepost, or by the flash of white tail feathers when it flushes from the grass. The Dictionary of Birds in Color. The World Book Encyclopedia, Vol. November 13, 2005 Sturnella magna bathes in puddles and wet grass. juvenile eastern meadowlark (Campbell, 1973; Lanyon, 1995), Sturnella species eat kernels of sprouting grain, which can destroy portions of newly planted crops. Geographic Variation. Bill-tilting and tail- and wing-flashing are used in territorial disputes, as is expansion posturing. When summer comes they eat insects, primarily beetles and grasshoppers. November 19, 2005 Cattle have been documented destroying nests, sometimes by accident but also by crushing eggs and nestlings with their muzzles and by removing nestlings from the nests. Grossman, M., J. Hamlet. Pittsburg, Kansas: Kansas State Teachers College. Ways that people benefit from these animals. New York: Bonanaza Books. "Demography and Populations" Sturnella magna. at http://bna.birds.cornell.edu/BNA/account/Eastern_Meadowlark/DEMOGRAPHY_AND_POPULATIONS.html. They are not threatened, likely to become threatened, or endangered. These chases usually carry the participants well beyond the boundaries of the male’s territory. (Campbell, 1973; "Behavior", 2005; Francq, 1972; Lanyon, 1995), Female eastern meadowlarks gather nest materials and build the nest. We used the log-rank test, (Cox and Oakes 1984) to compare survival estimates Return to Pat's Backyard BirdCam Males are slightly larger than females, from 21 to 25 cm in length, females are from 19 to 23 cm. The whistle indicates intense excitement in males or females, such as the presence of a predator, just before a flight song, or immediately after an aerial chase or copulation. Heavy streaking on their backs help Eastern Meadowlarks to hide from predators when foraging or walking on the ground. at http://www.birdnature.com/meadowlark.html. Their flight is a distinctive sequence of rapid fluttering and short glides, usually low to the ground. During the breeding season the territories change in size and shape depending on population densities, relocations of female activity centers, and changes in habitat suitability. ("Behavior", 2005; Lanyon, 1995), Sturnella magna do not migrate, except for those in the northernmost parts of their range. Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The tails are short and have rigid rectrices. 345 in R Zeleny, ed. Eastern meadowlarks fall into the Audubon Society's green conservation status, which means that it is of low or no conservation concern. Chunky, medium-sized songbird with a short tail, and a long, spear-shaped bill. Eastern meadowlarks are generally found in habitats that are more mesic than their close relative, western meadowlarks (S. neglecta). Jump-flights are used to ward off males that are intruding on another male’s territory. Wilson Bulletin, 117: 56-62. Taylor, R. 1969. Kansas: Kansas State Teachers College. Instead they are located in prairies, meadows, pastures, golf courses, harvested croplands, and abandon fields. Eastern meadowlark eggs are white, speckled with reddish-brown. The white outer tail feathers are especially visible in flight. Washington D. C.: American Ornithologists' Union. Pp. Breeding birds are bright yellow below with a black V on the chest.

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