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17 Unbelievable Facts about UNESCO We live in an increasingly fascinating world! Copyright 2020 Visit Dorset. Further erosion was coraited until it formed an arch. If you think the Jurassic Coast is all about fossils, think again! If you think the Jurassic Coast is all about fossils, think again! Mary Anning was the archaeologist who discovered the Ichthyosaurus in 1811. The Jurassic Coast also has an amazing array of places to eat such as restaurants, cafes and gastro pubs, many with fantastic views of the coast. It is about 153 kilometres long. Location: Handfaft point, near stood land. To provide you with the best experience, cookies are used on this site. With more than 185 million years of geological history spreading across the sea, offers scientists a clue into what has happened to the world through the many years of existence. They alos organise fossil walks where you can dig up you own fossils to take home in a safe environment with a guide to help. During the Triassic age a mass extinction caused 95% of animals and plants to disappear. The Jurassic Coast is living breathing history walk with evidence of times gone by when giants roamed the earth waiting to be found. The first birds began to appear. The Jurassic Coast begins in Exmouth, East Devon, and continues for 95 miles to Old Harry Rocks, near Swanage, Dorset. Thanks to the work of groups such as UNESCO, our rich history and … If you are thinking about what you will do for accommodation, you are in luck as the Jurassic Coast has accommodation perfect for any taste or budget. Dorset’s Jurassic Coast is world renowned for being one of the richest heritage sites for prehistoric remains. At Lyme Regis and Charmouth bay there are Excellent Heritage Centres with lots of information about fossils and how the coasts were formed. More information about landslides and rock falls can be found on the. Here you can take part in an supervised fossil hunting guided walk and learn the skills that Mary developed over 100 years ago. 1 wwwultracallengeco ultracallenges A Poole Harbour start, then along the spectacular Jurassic Coast - a World Heritage Site since 2001. between the limestones and the chalk cliffs lie the softer wealden beds, forming the low saddle to the left of the arch. Residents and visitors to the county are encouraged to follow safety advice along the coastline as landslides and rock falls can occur quickly and without warning. The Jurassic coast is the coast line from Exmouth in east Devon, to Poole in Dorset. The land was in one big clump called a supercontinent which was named Pangaea. See the fossils, learn about how they were collected and if you're lucky you'll even see them being cleaned and conserved in the museum lab and workshop. When to visit: On a clear day so you can spot the Isle of white. Tides have also re-shaped and stripped beaches around the coast meaning it is easier to be cut off by the incoming tides. For families, the Dinosaur Museum in Dorchester will excite any young dinosaur fan with life sized replicas and lots of interactive fun! It is a barrier beach which runs parallel to the coastline and connects to Portland Bill (see photo). The first dinosaurs began to appear along with the first mammals. For this reason it is a hot bed for fossil hunting with hundreds of specimens having been unearthed from the cliffs and beaches. Dorset’s Jurassic Coast was granted its UNESCO status for its outstanding geology revealing 185 million years of Earth's history. Jurassic Coast at Dorset is truly a gift of nature to mankind. The world renowned Jurassic Coast is definitely one of the places to visit during your stay in Dorset. This stretch of coastline provides some of the most jaw dropping scenery and views that will live long in your heart, and is a favourite destination for walkers and nature lovers alike. From Lulworth cove you can follow the footpath over the cliff to Durdle Door, following the footpath around the bay you will find signs of the famous "fossil forest". The Jurassic coast was giving a place as a world heritage site because of its numerous British fossil finds.

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