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The latest science news and developments about space, animal behavior, plant life, the brain, genetics, archaeology, robots and climate change, along with Carl Zimmer and the weekly Science Times. By Sarah Crespi, Jennifer Couzin-FrankelNov. Scientists have identified five locations that the extinct predator Megalodon used as "nurseries" for young sharks. These Osmo kits can turn screen time into tactile time, helping kids to learn about numbers, shapes, coding and more. On this week’s show: What we’ve learned about keeping schools safe during a pandemic, what triggers the timing of fall leaves, and a book about what nature does when confronted with crisis, Its version of Warp Speed aims not just to stem the COVID-19 pandemic, but to build diplomatic and trade ties, Many institutions decline to participate in Dutch study, fearing bad press on a sensitive subject, Researchers wonder why lower dose prompted better efficacy in study of vaccine candidate from the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca, Study could spell trouble for the already vulnerable pachyderms, Researchers warn secrecy could harm public trust, Intense x-ray beams detect unusual artifact and a misleading portrait, Tooth analysis provides strongest evidence yet that these monster sharks commonly used nurseries, Sputnik V vaccine still has more than 90% efficacy in second interim analysis, COVID-19 and repeated storms and wildfires have shaped how people perceive risks, Scientists engineer new material to help craft nimble, multipurpose machines, Celestial reference frames built from Gaia star-mapping satellite promise better planetary navigation and telescope pointing, Prominent family of highly selective journals expands open-access option, Native American rock art appears to depict the psychoactive flower, rather than the experience of getting high, Finds from the Saqqara necropolis suggest a society trying to revive the past, After a decade, National Ignition Facility nears a self-heated, sustained reaction, though net energy gain is still elusive, AstraZeneca/University of Oxford vaccine uses a chimpanzee virus to deliver coronavirus gene and had better efficacy, 90%, when given as a half dose followed by a full dose, Journalists discuss what it’s like to live the stories they’re reporting, Vaccine successes raise doubts even as planning for first “human challenge” trial continues, Analysis of early cosmic evolution points to dark matter’s importance and casts doubt on modified theories of gravity, On this week’s show: Giant open-ocean salmon farms and triploid oysters amp up seafood production, and how we might influence our skin microbiome for healthier skin, Preserving natural fires and managing out-of-control blazes helps ecosystems, Companies poised to see big gains from high-tech breeding, but questions remain about gene editing and engineering, Stacked carbon sheets used to make switches that some quantum computers rely on, Podcast: Coronavirus in schools, triggering leaves to fall, and a book on how nature deals with crisis, With global push for COVID-19 vaccines, China aims to win friends and cut deals, Largest ever research integrity survey flounders as universities refuse to cooperate, After dosing mix-up, latest COVID-19 vaccine success comes with big question mark, Elephants can lose two bathtubs full of water in a single day when it gets hot, India needs more transparency in its COVID-19 vaccine trials, critics say, Atom smasher unearths surprises hidden with 2000-year-old mummy, With more data on its COVID-19 vaccine, Russian institute offers new evidence of success, For scientists studying ‘disaster fatigue,’ this has been a year like no other, Magnetic spray transforms inanimate objects into minirobots, Precise maps of millions of bright quasars show our place in the cosmos as never before, For €9500, Nature journals will now make your paper free to read, Californian cave artists may have used hallucinogens, find reveals, ‘Death has become a big business.’ Elaborate coffins illuminate hidden history of ancient Egypt, Laser fusion reactor approaches ‘burning plasma’ milestone, Another COVID-19 vaccine success? Read the Latest Issue of Science… Find coverage of the latest technology trends & headlines and science breakthroughs & discoveries at MSN News. Get the latest BBC Science and Environment News: breaking news, analysis and debate on science and nature in the UK and around the world. © Governments are implementing more targeted restrictions like limiting restaurant capacity to slow a fall surge. High-energy X-ray scans of an intact Egyptian mummy mapped a detailed glimpse of the bones and objects inside. NY 10036. November 21, 1970 New York, Live Science is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Subscribers, enter your e-mail address to access the Science News archives. Headlines and summaries of the latest Science News articles, delivered to your inbox. A fearsome bird from ancient Madagascar had the face of a Velociraptor and the beak of a toucan. Here’s what it will take to gain control, We still don’t know what COVID-19 immunity means or how long it lasts, Sign up for e-mail updates on the latest coronavirus news and research, On a cool night in Malaysia, scientists track mysterious colugos across the treetops, How environmental changes may have helped make ancient humans more adaptable, Sea butterflies’ shells determine how the snails swim, Ogre-faced spiders catch insects out of the air using sound instead of sight, X-rays reveal what ancient animal mummies keep under wraps, Cheap, innovative venom treatments could save tens of thousands of snakebite victims, Monarch caterpillars head-butt each other to fight for scarce food, An ancient amphibian is the oldest known animal with a slingshot tongue, A glowing zebrafish wins the 2020 Nikon Small World photography contest, The longest trail of fossilized human footprints hints at a risky Ice Age trek, Drones find signs of a Native American ‘Great Settlement’ beneath a Kansas pasture, Puberty can repair the brain’s stress responses after hardship early in life, Once hurricanes make landfall, they’re lingering longer and staying stronger, By 2100, Greenland will be losing ice at its fastest rate in 12,000 years, Global warming may lead to practically irreversible Antarctic melting, Turning space images into music makes astronomy more accessible, The Milky Way’s most massive star cluster may have eaten a smaller cluster, LIGO and Virgo’s gravitational wave tally more than quadrupled in six months, New Pfizer results show its COVID-19 vaccine is nearly 95% effective, Moderna says its COVID-19 vaccine is nearly 95 percent effective, STEVE may be even less like typical auroras than scientists thought, These are science’s Top 10 erroneous results, ‘Great Adaptations’ unravels mysteries of amazing animal abilities, Easy interventions like revamping forms help people show up to court.

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