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I don’t believe I can accept her apology and forgive her yet, because un-doing something like this can’t happen overnight… But I want all the bullies to learn from this… I pushed Kim Yoo Jin to reach out to me first and apologize because it is the right thing to do. Her family found her unconscious at home. Kim Yoo Jin on the left, Lee Won Il on the right. Kim recently starred in a reality TV show as the fiance of celebrity chef Lee Won-il. I’m going to disappear, taking all that has been unfair to me with me. When the online exposé went viral, producer Kim Yoo Jin and chef Lee Won Il apologized to A on April 23, 2020 and voluntarily withdrew from the TV program. I asked him what he thought and he responded really casually, saying he liked it. Jisook watched in awe as her boyfriend focused on his game and proudly cheered him on after discovering his name on top of search engine charts because of an app he had made. I am so thankful for Lee Doo Hee for being by my side and helping me out. Plus, my fiancé went through so much because of me… When he shared his handwritten apology for something he didn’t do, I felt my heart shatter. Kim Yoo Jin told me, ‘I never meant to do this to you, but my friends are wild. Lee Doo Hee also revealed an app that he created in order to make Jisook fall for him, that transformed her into a star. Kim Yoo Jin concluded the post, asking netizens to “stop judging” so easily. In 2008, Lee earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management at the University of the Philippines Diliman in Philippines.. Career. Thinking about it, I think I got more messages than when our dating news initially came out.”, She added, “Since we have a lot of similar interests and hobbies, I think we will be able to show a lot of us enjoying those things together. Plus, the fact that she has the chef apologizing with her… I feel like they are putting on a show. As we will continue in the future with positive feelings, please look upon us warmly and enjoy watching.”. Even I was unknowingly fulfilled watching us, thinking, ‘This is what it looks like when we are together.’ It was also really fun to see through the broadcast little moments that I would’ve missed from my perspective. Lee Doo Hee is so cute.”, After the episode, the couple even hit No. You messed with the wrong person. The couple came out together on the show 'Don't Be Jealous' where real-life celebrity couples showed an inside look at their relationship. 4/21/2020, 9:29:20 PM. Don’t come out to the city for a while.‘ After the bullying incident, I was diagnosed with depression. Following the broadcast, Jisook shared with Xportsnews, “I really like that the more we film, the more memories I feel like we are making. However, Lee Doo Hee took everyone by surprise, even Jisook, when he pulled out his own laptop. A claimed that in 2008, the 16-year-old Kim Yoo Jin and friends “ physically abused [her] at Aotea Square in Auckland, New Zealand because [she] talked about Kim Yoo Jin’s … He also shared that he tried a multitude of methods in order to date her, which took close to four years. Just think of it as bad luck. I can’t stop thinking if she meant to be sincere with her apology, she would have called me first. I’m doing it because of Lee Doo Hee.”. In the final update of the exchanges that went on between the couple and her, A concluded that though she is yet to forgive the bully, she had accomplished “the right thing to do” by making the story public and having Kim Yoo Jin apologize. Korean producer Kim Yoo Jin, who received a lot of attention for being AOA Seolhyun‘s doppelgänger after being introduced as the famous Korean chef Lee Won Il‘s fiancée…, Kim Yoo Jin on the left, Lee Won Il on the right, … found herself in an alleged bullying controversy on April 21, 2020 — when a victim “A” shared her story online, following the episode of Real Love Story in which the couple appeared together. Former Rainbow member Jisook revealed what made her choose to appear on MBC’s “Don’t Be Jealous”! More accusations followed, prompting the couple to post handwritten apologies on their Instagram accounts. I’m sorry, everyone. Even after I fell to the floor, she kept beating me up. It is known that Chef Lee Won-il and Kim Yu-jin, who will be married in August, tried to make extreme choices. Meanwhile, the news of Kim Yoo Jin’s hospitalization has not changed how Korean netizens feel about the incident. Shortly before attempting to take her own life, Kim Yoo Jin is said to have uploaded a will-type post on her private social media, sharing that she “will take full responsibility for everything” because she doesn’t “want any more damage done to chef Lee Won Il and our families.”, I don’t think I’m going to exist in this world anymore. Their response appeared to backfire, however, and was followed by even harsher condemnations as both Lee and Kim had begun their apologies with the phrase “Regardless of the truth.” Later, media updated that Kim Yoo Jin has regained consciousness but has not become verbal yet. Then on May 4, 2020, Korean media reported that Kim Yoo Jin had been found unconscious at home by her family members and rushed to the hospital. But before I leave, I want to share what I hadn’t been sharing… I apologized for the bullying because regardless of what actually happened, I thought there might be people whose feelings I’ve hurt unintentionally. Thankfully, there were many compliments for Lee Doo Hee. We’re doing well and having fun so I was scared that we might run into some obstacles. The fake online posts and malicious commenters pressured her to admit to bullying, but she was only trying to protect her loved ones from criticism. During the March 9 premiere of the program, Jisook introduced her boyfriend by saying, “He’s a programmer who runs a coding training company and he is the person I admire most.”, Lee Doo Hee responded, “My girlfriend is Rainbow member and entertainer Kim Jisook and is the person I cherish the most in this world.” Regarding their appearance on the show, Jisook shared, “I wasn’t going to do it. NOTE: In December, Chef Lee Won Il announced his engagement to Kim Yoo Jin, a freelancer PD for the variety show 'Omniscient Interfering View.' My sister is not a bully. I don’t think anyone would have believed me though…. During the March 9 premiere of the … For their date, the two met at an internet cafe. Going through, Kim Yoo Jin’s family is said to have declared to “take legal action” against all malicious commenters. Jisook is currently dating programmer and businessperson Lee Doo Hee. Those of you sitting in front of a computer criticizing everyone with the keyboard… Please don’t believe everything and judge based on your personal opinions. Amid the suspicion that PD Kim Yu-jin was involved in school violence in the past, Chef Lee Won-il apologizing for the marriage and apologized, saying he would drop off from the program he was appearing on. The show also stars actress Choi Song Hyun with diver Lee Jae Han and chef Lee Won Il with PD Kim Yoo Jin. On the 4th, Yonhap News reported, "I told Kim Mo's foreign cousin, Lee Mo, that 'Kim PD was found by his family and tried to make an extreme choice at 3 am today, and was taken to an emergency room at a university hospital by an ambulance." 1 on portal site search engines. Today at 3PM, Kim Yoo Jin messaged me on Facebook… I doubt she would have ever reached out to me and apologized for what she did to me if I didn’t write about it online. Jisook continued, “I received a lot of supportive messages from people I know saying that we looked good together. 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