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Top it all off? Apparently, they have a goal of planting one million trees by 2025. The first Leesa Platform Bed that they delivered was broken. The Studio by Leesa will probably release some off-gassing odor after you unbox the mattress. It's as if they've shut down their organization. The mattress may absorb and trap heat for some, particularly those who run hot regardless of which mattress they use, but most people will notice less heat retention and a cooler surface temperature compared to other memory foam mattresses. I did not and have not used my mattress in any way other than what it was made for: sleep. It’s 10” thick, constructed entirely of foam and has three layers: We see a similar design with the Casper Element mattress, Cocoon by Sealy and plenty of others. . Even so, the feel and design of the Leesa mattress is nice. UPDATE: Leesa refunded our white glove delivery fee and is sending the foundation, but it will unfortunately be Wednesday or later. Use Code: SLEEPFOUNDATION. They said he was on route and there was only 1 customer before me. It's very clear.What I am NOT able to do is rip apart my bed to show them the structure underneath. You don’t have any special bells and whistles, no cooling textiles, no coils and nothing to turn off the average consumer. The hybrid versions will cost more. The material has a density of 2.5 pounds per … I did not hear back from them until 4 days later. Its full construction specs are listed below. Technically, the cover is removable, but it’s not worth it because it’s not machine washable. Leesa's 'white glove service' which takes the mattress out of the box and assembles the Leesa Platform Bed is XPO logistics. This is the worst service I have ever received! Additionally, Leesa’s employees are encouraged to participate in their local communities by volunteering at kids foundations, food banks, and outreach centers. Average wait time for standard ground shipping is three to six business days. Stomach Sleepers: After testing the Studio by Leesa, we’ve found that stomach sleepers feel a bit less comfortable on this mattress than side or back sleepers. The cover on the mattress is made mostly of polyester, viscose and lycra. Leesa beds can be found at certain West Elm locations. I have to work! This particular mattress is made in the USA. I ended up sleeping on the floor it was so bad. The material has a density of 2.5 pounds per cubic foot (PCF), which is considered low density. Get the kind of sleep you’ve only dreamed of with some help from our team of mattress experts. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. . Leesa is also renowned for a strong social impact characterized by charitable donations and volunteer-based efforts. Nowhere on Leesa's website does it say I am obligated to use only a certain type of structure lest I void my warranty; this kind of effort on MY, the customer's, part is beyond unnecessary. Leesa uses FedEx for deliveries. You get free shipping and free returns in the contiguous USA. Sleepfoundation.org is reader-supported. Other defects include physical flaws in the mattress that cause materials to split or crack, and manufacturing defects associated with the cover (such as unraveling seams or cracked zippers). This produces very little bounce-back on the surface, allowing you to move in bed without disrupting your partner’s sleep. Thankfully, the Studio by Leesa has a medium firm feel and sinkage will be minimal for people who weigh up to 230 pounds. I have a feeling we are screwed without a place to sleep until Monday at least. The comfort and transitional layers have lower densities and won’t completely eliminate motion transfer, but you and your sleep partner should notice very little movement on the surface when the other person changes positions or gets on and off the mattress. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. I've had a LOT of trouble actually getting them to respond, but when I did they asked for photos of something like 5 different set ups of my bed. Conservatively, you can expect to get the queen bed for around $850-$900 during one of these sales. They scheduled a pickup two days later, 1800 Junk, and they came and hauled it away, and then two days later I recieved a full refund. Learn more here. On top of that, they also sell a platform bed with wooden legs, a mattress foundation, and the Leesa Adjustable Bed Frame. Apparently there were some "fraudulent" activity going on that they detected in THEIR systems. Now I am stuck with an overpriced piece of junk. All you have to do is drag the box inside your house, tear off all of the plastic wrapping, and allow Leesa a while to decompress. Yes! The transitional and base layers still provide good overall support, but more sinkage and added pressure may occur around areas where they carry a disproportionate amount of weight. Almost funny if it wasn't pathetic. I bought at the time of having spinal surgery so wanted to be sure of comfort. Browse our mattress comparisons. The Studio by Leesa is an all-foam mattress containing a 1.5-inch comfort layer of memory foam. In fact, we can’t recommend any 10” all-foam mattress for that matter. A friend referred me to Lessa and Lessa has not paid him for refering me. Again, almost funny. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the brand’s newest mattress model, the Studio by Leesa (also known as the Leesa Studio). Leesa offers a 100-night sleep trial for the Studio by Leesa. In addition to standard shipping, Leesa offers White Glove delivery for a flat fee of $150.

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