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Despite all this, Gothel was actually pretty charming, so in an incredibly dark and twisted way, it's easy to see why Rapunzel would have fallen for her ruse for so long. His diabolical tendencies aren't just scarily realistic, aside from the fact that he's a cartoon. So, they've understandably come to be some of the most beloved of all time. That's really low. There's no way around it, though: Scar is the best villain that Disney ever devised. The "Night on Bald Mountain" segment of Fantasia makes a regular appearance in every kid's nightmares...and even some adult's as well. Edgar is more known for his clumsiness than his villainy. Elitist, glamorous and sociopathic, she puts vanity first -- even if it means she has to murder to get the look she's after. 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She is also currently working on her first novel. One of the main antagonists in Monsters Inc., he's a chameleon-like creature with a serious case of jealousy when it comes to those who outperform him. Maybe it was because he used his charm and good looks to convince an entire town to go after the Beast as an angry mob. She's been after Cinderella from the start. The one-armed pirate basically existed solely to seek revenge on Pan for feeding his arm to a crocodile back in the day -- which, you know, is kind of valid. Peg Leg Pete earns some street cred for being the OG Disney villain. The Emperor's New Groove never quite got the attention it deserved, because in retrospect, it's one of the most light-hearted and purely entertaining animated flicks that Disney's ever given us. The Headless Horseman, who appeared in a segment of Disney's 1949 animated special, Ichabod and Mr. Toad, was only on screen for a few moments, and he still managed to scare the crap out of us. Plus, the god knew how to pick his henchmen -- namely the raucous imp dup Pain and Panic. He certainly dresses like a diabolical villain, black cape and all. The villains are the best part of any Disney movie. What's worse, especially in the eyes of the film's Native American princess, he has zero respect for nature and doesn't see the effect that his greed has on the world around him. Chernabog, the Slavic god of darkness, calls forth ghosts, skeletons, and demons from the depths of the underworld on Walpurgis night for a black magic bacchanal on Bald Mountain. Some villains are driven to evil after a single, life-changing event, but Randall Boggs' turn toward maniacal was years in the making. We have ours, too. 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To make matters worse, she's still one of the most entertaining characters from Disney's '90s animated renaissance -- one we absolutely love to hate, even when she's at her worst. He's violent.

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