list of keyboard keys

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Stores the current program or content into the fourth favorites list slot. Selects digital terrestrial television service (digital cable or antenna receiption). Content is available under these licenses. not shifted, and brackets ([]) producing Ư and Ơ. I’ve tested these shortcuts, including accessing Cortana, moving from virtual desktop to desktop, opening settings and file explorer, and more. The sixth generic application launcher button. GDK_KEY_space (0x20) The 11th generic application launcher button. Some keys are common across multiple languages, while others exist only on keyboards targeting specific languages. This has index, Adjusts the brightness of the device by toggling between two brightness levels. Central Toggles the power on an external AVR unit. [1] Firefox added proper support for the "TV" key in Firefox 37; before that, this key generated the key code "Live". Selects the previous possible match for the ongoing input. Toggles display of th epicture-in-picture view on and off. Stores the current program or content into the second favorites list slot. A keyboard layout is any specific physical, visual or functional arrangement of the keys, legends, or key-meaning associations (respectively) of a computer keyboard, mobile phone, or other computer-controlled typographic keyboard.. [4] The Attn key generates the key code "Unidentified" on Internet Explorer (tested on release 9 and 11). [1] Don't confuse the media controller VK_APPS key with the Windows VK_APPS key, which is also known as VK_CONTEXT_MENU. typically used to switch between input languages. Keyboard. Modifiers are special keys which are used to generate special characters or cause special actions when used in combination with other keys. Switches the input source to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Starts the process of pairing the remote with a device to be controlled. Firefox 49 has been updated to match the latest specification, and to return "LaunchMediaPlayer". Keyboard. Despite their wide usage in Thai, producing the tonal marks, 0 producing Đ, = producing the đồng sign (₫) when Toggles between dictation mode and command/control mode. Instead This has index, General-purpose media funciton key, color-coded green. If you use Windows + [Up] afterwards, the current window will be placed in the upper left quarter of your screen. Figure 9. [4] Firefox generates the key value "OS" for the Super and Hyper keys, instead of "Super" and "Hyper". Displays or hides the TV's data service menu. [2] Google Chrome 57 and earlier returned "LaunchMyComputer" instead of "LaunchApplication1". Yemen. [5] Firefox generates the key value "AltGraph" instead of "ModeChange". You can identify which specific dead key was used (if more than one exists) by examining the  KeyboardEvent's associated compositionupdate event's  data property. [1] Internet Explorer, Edge, and Firefox (36 and earlier) use "MediaNextTrack" and "MediaPreviousTrack" instead of "MediaTrackNext" and "MediaTrackPrevious". The Layout of a Typical German Keyboard. Common examples include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Hindi. Toggles between full-screen and scaled content display, or otherwise change the magnification level. The backtick (`) key is blank, because this key is ), Figure 8. Figure 20. Figure 20. [3] Prior to Firefox 37, the Hankaku (half-width) key generated the key value "HalfWidth" on Firefox. tilde (~) character is not present on the Italian keyboard layout. A dead "combining" key; that is, a key which is used in tandem with other keys to generate accented and other modified characters. based on one defined in an old (October 1988) version of the German standard DIN 2137-2. I know this was asked awhile back, but I found a comprehensive list of the virtual keyboard key codes right in MSDN, for use in C/C++. Note: The Vietnamese keyboard layout is an extended Latin QWERTY layout. The Layout of a Typical Spanish Keyboard. Note: The most common keyboard layout in modern Russia is Linux generates accented characters using special dead keys. Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syrai, U.A.E, The multimedia keys are extra buttons or keys for controlling media devices, found on some keyboards.

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